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1-Story 2-Bedroom Rustic Mountain House With Private Ensuite (Floor Plan)


  • 681 Sq Ft
  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories

Ah, the mountains!

Imagine the crisp scent of pine filling your lungs, the soft whisper of leaves underfoot, and the tranquil symphony of nature’s chorus enveloping you in its embrace.

Picture a snug haven nestled within this idyllic setting, a cozy refuge from the relentless pace of urban existence.

Welcome to the Weekend Mountain Escape, a quaint 681-square-foot sanctuary designed to soothe the soul, offering comfort, serenity, and breathtaking vistas.

In a realm not too distant from the frenetic heartbeat of the city, I stumbled upon a house plan that seemed plucked from a dream.

Its log siding, with a dignified timber’s whisper, proclaimed, “Here lies rugged beauty.”

Despite its modest footprint of 681 square feet, its traditional 2×6 framing is a testament to the adage that the finest treasures come in the smallest packages.

What truly captivated me were the ample windows gracing the front facade.

Imagine lounging with a warm cup of cocoa, wrapped in a cozy blanket, basking in the flood of natural light, and perhaps, lost in thought or a good book, pondering life’s little mysteries.

The essence of the living area transcends its physical space; it’s an architectural marvel with a vaulted ceiling that rises from 9 feet to an impressive 11 feet 6 inches.

Envision the laughter, the stories shared, and the warmth of family gatherings in this deceptively spacious room, under the expansive embrace of the vaulted ceiling.

Venturing further, the home unveils two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, defying the spatial constraints with a 2-bed-2-bath layout that seems nothing short of an architectural feat.

Say goodbye to the awkward bathroom queue dance.

This is pure genius.

Each bedroom, nestled at the rear, offers a private sanctuary where dreams unfold.

Whether it’s stargazing through the window, indulging in a peaceful nap, or disappearing into a book, this is your secluded haven, metaphorically extending open arms.

Wandering back to the front, step onto the vaulted porch.

Listen to the crickets’ serenade and feel the caress of the mountain air on your skin.

With stone foundations as solid as the mountains themselves, this porch witnesses the dawn’s first light and the evening’s graceful descent into night.

Envision yourself here, swaying on a porch swing, immersed in the majestic mountain landscape, lost in peaceful solitude or sharing laughter and songs with dear ones.

One might ponder, how does this structure transcend being merely a house?

The magic lies in its thoughtful design, where every square inch is not just utilized but celebrated.

The allure of the Weekend Mountain Escape goes beyond its aesthetic charm or its spatial efficiency.

It’s about the moments it hosts, enveloped in nature’s tranquility, framed by the meticulous craftsmanship of a space designed for joy and repose.

The Weekend Mountain Escape is more than a house; it’s a serene bubble, a temporal oasis where time meanders a tad slower, and every nook is soaked in potential memories.

Be it a family retreat, a writer’s sanctuary, or a haven for the contemplative soul, this rustic gem, cradled in the mountain’s embrace, is where stories take root, and heartfelt tunes are crafted.

In the timber’s gentle creak, the pine’s soft rustle, and the mountains’ silent vigil, lies your invitation to escape.

It’s a retreat where simplicity and comfort converge, where daily bustle fades into the vibrant hues of sunset, and each moment is a splendid journey enveloped in peace, underscored by nature’s melody.

So, here’s to the glorious weekends that lie ahead in your mountain hideaway, where each visit feels like nature’s embrace, and every goodbye leaves you longing for the next return.

To the Weekend Mountain Escape – your slice of paradise, nestled among towering trees, under the mountains’ solemn gaze, and within the enchanting whispers of the wandering wind.

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