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2-Bedroom Single-Story Cottage Style Home with Bunk Room and Front Porch (Floor Plan)


  • 1,070 Sq Ft
  • 1 – 2 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 1 Stories


Ever caught yourself daydreaming about an idyllic retreat, small yet infinitely cozy?

Let’s chat about a cottage, small in stature but brimming with charm, sprawled over 1,070 square feet of pure delight.

Picture a quaint sanctuary where simplicity cozies up with comfort, and each corner has a story to whisper.

Dive with me into a tale of a cottage escape that stands as a testament to the idea that size truly isn’t everything.

Visualize a charming 1,070-square-foot haven tucked away in a picturesque setting.

It’s modest in size, yet it’s packed with the kind of wonders that could rival your favorite storybook.

This isn’t merely a house.

It’s a refuge, a serene escape from the ceaseless pace of daily life.

What catches the eye first?

Imagine a welcoming front porch, upheld by four elegant columns, crowned by a shed dormer that serves more beauty than function.

This isn’t merely an entrance; it’s a gateway to tranquility.

Picture yourself here, cradling a warm cup of coffee, as nature serenades you with its morning hymns.

Cross the threshold, and you’re enveloped in warmth.

To the left stretches an open space, unfurling from the front door to the back like a welcoming embrace.

Here lies the heart of our cottage: a living room, dining area, and kitchen merging into one seamless, harmonious expanse.

It’s a space where pajama dances are mandatory, where meals are seasoned with nostalgia, and laughter echoes until dawn.

To the right, we discover the beauty of privacy distilled into a snug layout.

A bedroom and a bunk room lie discreetly apart, linked by a bathroom and laundry room.

This arrangement is perfect for moments of solitude or when welcoming guests.

The bunk room, in particular, is a canvas of possibilities: a playroom, a storage solution, or even a quaint home office.

The bathroom transforms into a personal spa, offering solace with quick showers or leisurely baths, designed to melt away the strains of the day.

And yes, there’s the convenience of a laundry room.

It may seem trivial, but consider the luxury of having this amenity right at your fingertips—no more treks to the laundromat.

Every inch of this cottage narrates its own tale.

Its single-story layout eliminates the need for stairs, ensuring everything is accessible and easy to navigate.

That shed dormer?

It’s not just an architectural feature; it’s a sprinkle of magic, lending the cottage a fairy-tale aura.

Living here is an education in itself, revealing that happiness doesn’t hinge on the grandeur of your space. It’s about cherishing quality over quantity.

Within these walls, every item must justify its presence, whether it’s a piece of furniture or a knick-knack.

It’s minimalist living, yes, but with soul.

The narrative extends outdoors.

Beyond the front porch, envision a quaint garden or a cozy fire pit, creating additional ‘rooms’ under the open sky.

Here, stories unfold, marshmallows turn golden, and stars are admired in their celestial dance.

This 1,070-square-foot cottage embodies more than a house plan; it’s a manifesto for a life of simplicity and fulfillment.

It’s a snug haven where every square inch is valued, every nook cherished.

It stands as proof that sometimes, the most precious things come in the smallest packages.

So, if you’re contemplating a simpler life or yearn for a cozy hideaway, keep this cottage in your heart.

It might just be the key to transforming those dreams into a tangible, heartwarming reality.

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