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2-Story 2-Car Barn-Style Garage with Tractor Port and Vaulted Loft (Floor Plan)


  • 3,100 Sq Ft
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Hello fellow home lovers!

Are you prepared to explore a space where functionality meets style effortlessly?

Let me introduce you to a house plan that’s stirring up excitement as much as a kid in a candy shop would feel – the majestic Expanded Barn-Style Garage with Tractor Port.

Envision this: a grand total of 3,100 square feet of sheer space, artfully arranged over two levels, crafted to accommodate not just one or two, but eight vehicles!

Yes, that’s correct—eight vehicles!

And we’re not just talking numbers here; the quality of this space is sure to leave you in awe.

Picture a massive 48′ by 48′ garage.

This isn’t just any garage; it’s a veritable palace for your vehicles!

This barn-style giant is the perfect solution to your storage needs, whether you’re a car aficionado, a hobbyist who enjoys weekend projects, or simply someone who needs ample space for the plethora of items we all tend to gather.

But that’s not all!

The exterior, with its board and batten siding, exudes rustic appeal, yet with a modern twist.

Capped with a ribbed metal roof, it adds a sleek, contemporary flair.

It’s reminiscent of your favorite pair of jeans—timeless, comfy yet undeniably stylish.

Now, let’s highlight a standout feature: the tractor port.

Nestled under a charming shed roof at the back, this port is a haven for your heavy machinery.

Think of it as a spa retreat for your tractor, offering protection from the weather and keeping it in prime condition.

Because, let’s be honest, even tractors deserve a little pampering.

As we ascend to the second floor, you’re greeted by the vaulted loft.

This loft isn’t merely a space; it’s an expansive area that can transform according to your needs.

Looking for storage?

Got it.

A man cave?


Or perhaps a secret retreat when you need some time away?

It’s yours.

This loft acts like a blank canvas, ready to be personalized.

Whether you want to store your holiday decorations, establish a workshop, or carve out a snug corner for reading, this loft can accommodate all your desires.

With its towering ceilings, the sense of space and liberation is simply breathtaking.

So there you have it.

The Expanded Barn-Style Garage with Tractor Port isn’t just a building; it’s a way of life.

It caters to those who value a perfect mix of practicality and design, for dreamers who need ample space to bring their visions to life.

This structure isn’t just a garage; it’s a bold statement.

A declaration that says, “Yes, I own a tractor, and yes, I have an amazing spot for it.”

If you’re in search of a house plan that not only sparks envy among your neighbors but also offers all the room you could dream of, this might just be the perfect pick for you.

Here’s to building your dream space!

Plan 68835VR