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3-Bedroom 1-Story Barndominium House With Drive-Through Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 1,600 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories

The moment my eyes met the blueprint of this house, a thought raced through my mind, sparkling with excitement: “This is the moment. I’ve found ‘the one.'”

Imagine stumbling upon a gem—a breathtaking, single-story 1600 square foot Barndominium, complete with a drive-through garage that promises to steal your heart!

Now, if the term “Barndominium” has you tilting your head in curiosity, buckle up for an enchanting journey.

Envision the quaint, rustic allure of a barn seamlessly blending with the sophisticated comforts of a condominium.

Captivated yet?

Let’s explore further.

A cozy 1600 square feet may not sound grandiose, but believe me, this abode is a masterclass in style, efficiency, and sheer delight.

Housing three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it’s as if it’s been plucked from a fairy tale—not too grand, not too humble, but simply perfect.

The beauty of it all being on one floor cannot be overstated.

Say goodbye to daily stair climbing battles, a win not just for your knees but also for your elderly pet and your trusty Roomba.

The lack of stairs fosters an unparalleled sense of unity, ensuring you’re always within the heartbeat of your home’s activities and warm conversations.

Diving into the aesthetics, the house’s vertical siding is a deliberate stroke of genius, designed to turn heads and elevate your home’s street appeal to the status of neighborhood envy.

And that ribbed metal roof?

It’s the crown jewel that not only looks magnificent but promises enduring quality and makes a bold statement of style.

The porch is a dream realized—a sprawling 40 feet by 10 feet oasis where rocking chairs, swings, and joyful gatherings find their perfect setting.

It’s an inviting entrance that warmly welcomes all who step onto it.

Venture inside to discover an open-concept living space that epitomizes contemporary design.

The kitchen, living, and dining areas merge effortlessly, crafting an environment ideal for intimate family nights or grand celebrations.

This layout ensures you’re always in the moment, never missing out on memories or conversations.

Now, the showstopper—the drive-through garage.

Measuring an impressive 19 feet by 38 feet 4 inches, it’s a haven for your vehicles, a sanctuary for your gardening tools, and even a potential workshop for the DIY enthusiast.

Its drive-through feature means you’ll never find yourself trapped or juggling cars again.

But the magic doesn’t stop there.

Storage in this house is nothing short of miraculous.

A walk-in pantry that every cook dreams of, abundant closet space to keep your belongings organized.

And a strategically placed laundry cum mudroom for optimum convenience.

The bedrooms, nestled peacefully at the back of the house, offer private retreats for all.

The primary suite, deserving of royalty, features a sumptuous bathroom and a walk-in closet that could easily be mistaken for a boutique.

Crafted with a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) in mind, this house is a testament to innovation and speed.

PEMBs are the unsung heroes of construction, offering quick assembly and the flexibility to be shipped worldwide, ensuring your dream home is sheltered swiftly.

And for those who cherish customization, you’re in for a treat.

The option for 2×6 exterior framing allows you to tailor this Barndominium to your heart’s desire.

In essence, this 1600 square foot, one-level Barndominium is a beacon of style, space, and soul.

It’s a call to those who love their cars as much as their quiet porch evenings, or those who value an open, inclusive living space.

This isn’t just a house plan; it’s the first step towards realizing your dream home.

So, why wait?

Let’s bring this dream to life!

Plan 777040MTL