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3-Bedroom 2-Story Barndominium House with Sun Deck and Horse Barn (Floor Plan)


  • 1,578 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories

Picture this: you’re daydreaming about a home that perfectly blends the earthy allure of a countryside barn with the sleek, modern conveniences we all crave.

Well, dream no more because I’m here to guide you through a home plan that’s about to stir your interior design soul like never before.

Imagine a barndominium with three cozy bedrooms, sprawling across 1,578 square feet of pure charm.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill home; it’s a haven that boasts living quarters on the second floor, transforming it into a regal retreat.

Picture living in a space where you reign supreme, complete with a four-stall horse barn and a staircase that outshines my Aunt Patty’s dramatic Thanksgiving entrance.

Now, let’s saunter over to the covered porches.

These beauties aren’t just for show; they’re your sanctuary from the blazing sun, letting you sip your iced tea in peace, minus the sunburn that glows brighter than a neon light.

Step inside to the second level, and you’re welcomed by a living room with a vaulted ceiling so lofty, you might wonder if it’s renting out that extra vertical space.

This area seamlessly flows into the kitchen and dining space, ideal for those times when you’re playing chef while still catching up on the latest juicy stories.

Picture cooking up your signature dish, all while the chatter and laughter swirl around you.

And then, there are the French doors leading out to what I like to call BBQ heaven.

This is where culinary magic happens, where burgers sizzle to perfection, bringing tears to the eyes of meat lovers and causing vegetarians to ponder their choices.

The deck becomes your stage for those idyllic summer dinners under the stars, minus the need for a snowsuit.

The kitchen itself is a marvel, featuring an island that’s perfect for cozy breakfast banter over whether to binge-watch “The Great British Bake Off” or “The Mandalorian.”

And the pantry?

It’s so spacious, it could very well encourage an extra cereal box or two, just because it can.

Venture down the hallway to find the sleeping areas, including three bedrooms and a laundry room that redefines convenience.

The master suite is a sanctuary designed for unrivaled rest, removed from the living room’s hustle and bustle.

Imagine a room with its own vaulted ceiling, a private deck for those quiet moments, ample closet space for an enviable wardrobe.

And a luxurious bathroom that invites you to indulge in extra showers, just because.

But let’s not overlook the horse barn.

This space is more than just a shelter for your horses; it’s a declaration of style and comfort that rivals city apartments.

With a convenient 3/4 bath, it’s the perfect spot to freshen up after a day’s adventures before retreating upstairs to your kingdom.

This barndominium stands as a testament to having the best of both worlds: a rural lifestyle blended with modern luxuries and a cozy nook for your horses.

It’s where you can embrace the crack of dawn with a cup of coffee on your deck, even if mornings aren’t usually your thing.

In essence, this three-bedroom barndominium plan is more than just drawings on paper; it’s a recipe for a fulfilling life.

It’s a home that whispers of hay-scented mornings and architectural elegance, a place where memories are forged.

Delicious meals are shared, and horses are treated like royalty.

So, if you’re searching for a home that mirrors your one-of-a-kind personality.

It’s time to consider this barndominium.

It promises to capture your heart with its unique charm and elegance, inviting you to a life filled with joy, comfort, and the occasional neigh of your equine friends.

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