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4-Bedroom 1-Story Beach House With Open-Concept (Floor Plan)


  • 4,068 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.5 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Welcome, dream-home lovers!

Get ready for an enchanting journey that will have you imagining the sensation of sand tickling your toes and the taste of a refreshing pina colada.

We’re diving into a luxurious beachside retreat that epitomizes coastal living at its finest.

Imagine stepping into an abode that spreads out before you like an ocean horizon – a sprawling 4,068 square feet of seaside heaven.

It’s the kind of place that makes you pause and marvel, thinking, “This is more expansive than anything I’ve dreamed of.”

This home is a testament to the beauty of open spaces.

Its open-concept design is so vast and inviting, it feels like it’s been working out, flexing its architectural muscles just for you.

As you wander through, sunlight floods the interior, an exclusive guest that brightens every corner.

At the core of this sun-kissed paradise is the kitchen, a culinary stage that’s not just a kitchen, but a heart of the home.

Here, the island is not merely an island – it’s a grand stage for gastronomy and impromptu dance breaks.

It’s large enough to host all your gadgets and still offer room for a lively salsa session.

For those who ponder over storing bulky cereal boxes or sneaky snacks, the nearby hidden pantry is a wonder.

It’s like a bottomless pit, ready to accommodate your every storage whim without a fuss.

Adjacent to this kitchen marvel is the coziest breakfast nook, a perfect spot for lazy Sundays.

Sip your coffee and ponder life’s big questions while overlooking the serene lanai and the inviting outdoor kitchen.

This house masterfully blends indoor comfort with outdoor allure, making boundaries a thing of the past.

But let’s not forget the touch of elegance that traditional spaces bring.

The formal dining room is your personal haven for intimate dinners, a place to share laughter and recount fond memories under the warm glow of a chandelier.

For those who believe beach houses are mere vacation spots, let me introduce the study – a serene space that doubles as a home office.

Here, ‘working from home’ transforms into a divine experience.

Just make sure to stay focused during those ocean daydreams in Zoom meetings!

Now, let’s wander into the master suite.

Nestled in the home’s right wing, this private sanctuary offers direct access to the lanai.

The en suite bathroom is a spa-like paradise, boasting dual closets, dual commode rooms, and a luxurious tub-shower combo that rivals a royal bathhouse.

Guests in this home are treated to regal luxury too, with three additional bedroom suites, each featuring its own full bath, rivaling a five-star hotel’s comfort and style.

Even the garage in this home is extraordinary.

It’s not just a parking space but an architectural statement, with a 3-car capacity that forms a magnificent courtyard.

This is where functionality meets grandeur.

After beach adventures, the transition from the sandy outdoors to the indoors is seamless, thanks to the strategically placed laundry/mudroom.

Say goodbye to sandy footprints in your living space!

So, here it is: a home that’s not just about dimensions and statistics.

It’s a 4,068 square feet, 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom sanctuary, with ample space for three cars.

But more than that, it’s a dream realized.

A place where each sunrise is a new promise, and every sunset is a cherished memory.

It’s where luxury meets simplicity, creating a haven where every day feels like a holiday.

To the home that turns the everyday into an endless vacation – here’s to living the beachside dream, not just in the view it offers, but in the lifestyle it promises.

Cheers to this magnificent beachside abode!

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