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4-Bedroom 2-Story Barndominium Home with Massive Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 2,776 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 4 Cars

Picture this: a home that combines the practicality of a farmhouse with the soul of a loft apartment.

This is where the barndominium shines, a unique blend of homey comfort and expansive, adaptable space.

Imagine a place where the essence of home meets a vast playground for your hobbies and passions, all wrapped up in a package that’s as eye-catching as it is functional.

Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through a barndominium that redefines spacious living with its blend of cozy living quarters and a garage so large, it’s practically begging for your next big project or party.

This barndominium stands out not just for its looks but for the sheer scale and versatility it offers.

Spread across 2,776 square feet of living area, it boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and rises majestically to two stories.

The heart of this home, however, is its gargantuan 3,570-square-foot garage.

Whether you’re a car lover with a collection to store, a hobbyist in need of ample space, or simply someone who loves the idea of expansive room to play and create, this garage is your dream come true.

Let’s peel back the layers of this architectural marvel.

The garage alone is a realm of possibilities.

Picture hosting a lively dance event with cars parked inside, or transforming it into your personal fitness studio, woodworking shop, or the ultimate haven for your automotive treasures.

The beauty lies in its flexibility, ready to cater to whatever your heart desires.

Stepping into the living area, you’re greeted by a breath of openness and light.

The combined dining area, kitchen, and great room unfurl under a stunning 26-foot-high cathedral ceiling, offering a sense of grandeur and freedom.

This open floor plan invites gatherings, heartfelt conversations, and culinary experiments in a kitchen that any chef would envy.

With a snack bar for casual dining and a spacious walk-in pantry, it’s a stage set for both cooking masterpieces and intimate moments over a glass of wine.

The master bedroom is a retreat positioned thoughtfully on the ground floor for easy access.

It’s a sanctuary designed with comfort in mind, featuring dual vanities and a walk-in closet that might just make choosing an outfit the highlight of your day.

Another bedroom on this floor offers convenience for guests or family members, enhancing the home’s warm and inviting feel.

Venture upstairs to discover a loft overlooking the grandeur below, a perfect spot for reflection or leisure.

This level houses two more bedrooms, ensuring privacy and comfort for everyone.

The genius of the Barn dominium’s design lies in its seamless blend of shared and personal spaces, fostering both community and solitude.

The true charm of this home is how it perfectly marries grandiosity with intimacy.

Whether it’s hosting a grand gathering in the expansive living room or finding peace in the plush master bedroom, this design caters to every whim with elegance and ease.

In essence, this barndominium isn’t just a structure; it’s a lifestyle statement.

It promises a living experience that’s as multifaceted and dynamic as its residents.

It’s a place where every day is an opportunity to create, share, and enjoy life in ways big and small.

For those who dream of a home that’s as boundless as their imagination, this barndominium might just be the key to a new chapter of adventurous, stylish living.

Welcome home, where every corner tells a story of possibility and every space invites you to dream bigger.

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