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4-Bedroom 2-Story Mountain Craftsman House with Luxurious Spa Master Suite (Floor Plan)


  • 3,691 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

The saying goes that a house is simply a spot to stash your belongings while you’re off acquiring more, but anyone who believes that has clearly never set foot in this breathtaking 4-bedroom Mountain Craftsman masterpiece.

Tucked away amid the serene and untamed beauty of the mountains, this residence is far more than a mere dwelling.

Spanning 3,691 square feet, it serves as a haven that gently narrates stories of comfort, style, and a distinct, rugged sophistication.

Allow me to escort you through the wonders of this architectural gem, and feel free to kick off your hiking boots; you won’t be needing them here.

As you make your way to the entrance, a strikingly sturdy and beautiful exterior greets you.

Imagine robust timbers paired with a stunning mix of wood and stone, coming together to craft a facade that commands attention yet warmly invites you in.

It’s as if Mother Nature herself took up a career in real estate and, believe me, she’s outdone herself.

The entrance, supported by stone and timber, isn’t merely a way in—it’s a grand declaration of arrival, one that quietly whispers of the envy it will inspire among your friends.

Upon entering, the vaulted great room unfolds like a grand, panoramic vista, offering views so breathtaking you might mistake your living area for a high-end resort lookout.

The beauty of the open floor plan is how effortlessly one can transition from admiring these views to engaging in culinary exploits in the kitchen, without skipping a beat.

The great room, with its cozy fireplace and chic built-ins, strikes the perfect balance between comfort and fashion.

It’s a space where style and comfort come together for a lasting embrace.

The master suite, deserving of its own accolades, sits conveniently on the main floor.

It grants access to a private patio—ideal for those quiet morning coffee moments, whether you’re pondering life’s great mysteries or simply savoring the calm.

The walk-in closet is vast enough not only for your wardrobe but perhaps even a small sovereign state, while the spa tub and walk-in shower introduce a slice of everyday luxury, turning each day into a personal spa retreat.

But there’s more to this Craftsman wonder.

Venture to the other side, and two additional bedrooms await, each redefining the very idea of a sleeping area.

These rooms brim with unique charm, ensuring every household member has a special nook of their own.

The third bedroom, perched upstairs, offers a lofty sanctuary for tranquil sleep under the stars.

The crown jewel?

The upstairs bonus room.

Far from ordinary, this space adapts to your heart’s desires—be it a joy-filled playroom, a home cinema that rivals the best theaters, or even a clandestine base for world conquest (or perhaps a quiet home office).

This residence celebrates a lifestyle that honors both the grandeur of the outdoors and the elegance of the indoors.

Included in the home’s generous living area, this room showcases the house’s commitment to not just fulfilling but surpassing every imaginable need.

Every window frames views worthy of being immortalized as art, blending the raw allure of nature with meticulous design to create an living experience that transcends mere shelter.

Residing in this 4-bedroom Mountain Craftsman home is like engaging in an ongoing dialogue with nature.

This home is not merely a house; it’s a 3,691 square foot dream sculpted from the very essence of the mountain.

So there it is.

It’s where elegance intertwines with the wild, and every day is an invitation to adventure.

Whether luxuriating in the grandeur of the great room, seeking solitude on the master suite’s private patio, or exploring the boundless potential of the bonus room, this home affirms that the greatest treasures are those in which we live.

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