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4-Bedroom Dual-Story Barndominium Home with Side-Entry Triple Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 3,569 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Hello there!

Ready for a journey that could end at the doorstep of your dream home?

Picture a delightful Barndominium featuring a side-entry garage and a breathtaking two-story great room.

You might be wondering, “Barndo-what?”

It’s a unique blend of a barn and a condominium, and it’s just as enjoyable to live in as it is to say out loud!

We’re exploring a grand abode that spans 3,569 square feet, delivering comfort and style in abundance.

Imagine a house so roomy you could swing a cat or even a horse—though let’s stick to the former for safety’s sake.

This home boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms across its two stories, offering ample space for your family, pets, and even that friend who overstays their welcome after game night.

As you approach your new Barndominium, the first standout feature is the majestic side-entry garage, large enough to comfortably fit three cars.

Say goodbye to the daily hassle of car shuffling!

The exterior is impressively clad in corrugated metal siding, combining style with low maintenance—think of it as your home’s protective armor.

Stepping inside, the great room truly lives up to its name.

With soaring ceilings and a spacious layout, it offers an airy, open vibe that’s just perfect for unwinding.

Imagine lounging here, gazing up at the high ceilings, and daydreaming about space exploration.

Adjacent to this stunning room is the island kitchen, your new culinary battleground.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a takeout expert, this kitchen is designed for you to whip up delicious meals and maybe even a mess now and then.

Off the dining room, there’s a covered porch that’s ideal for those who enjoy dining outdoors or love a spontaneous barbecue.

The grill awaits, and it’s calling your name!

On the main level, you’ll find the master bedroom—a true sanctuary.

It features a four-fixture bathroom, a walk-in closet (go ahead, do a happy dance!), and access to a safe room. Yes, a safe room!

It offers a 7′ by 8’5″ slice of secure space right in your bedroom.

Venture upstairs to discover a generous loft, a perfect secondary living area that’s ideal for family movie nights or karaoke challenges.

This loft isn’t just another room; it’s a backdrop for life’s many scenes, both dramatic and comedic.

Up here, you’ll also find three charming bedrooms, each one just right, much like Goldilocks’ perfect bed.

Across the hall is a compartmentalized bathroom, ensuring morning routines are smooth with no more waiting lines.

Don’t overlook the grand entrance through the 1,559 square foot garage—a vast space that could double as a workshop or your very own superhero hideout.

Enter through this portal to be welcomed by a practical mudroom, the unsung hero that keeps your home pristine.

Adjacent to this is the laundry room and a powder bath, making the mudroom a multi-functional space akin to a Swiss Army knife—compact, efficient, and surprisingly versatile.

Returning to the porch, this 7′-deep welcoming space is not just a transitional area; it’s a bold statement.

It’s where you affirm, “I’m home, and it’s spectacular here.”

Ideal for morning coffees, evening teas, or star-gazing sessions, this porch invites you to unwind and ponder life’s mysteries, like the eternal question of the missing sock.

And the great outdoors?

This Barndominium is perfectly situated to offer the best of nature’s charm with the conveniences of modern living.

Whether you’re an avid nature lover, a star gazer, or a sunset aficionado, this home promises a serene retreat.

So here it is—more than just a structure, this Barndominium is a canvas for your life’s stories, a place as unique as you are.

Every corner promises a new adventure; every day is an opportunity to craft unforgettable memories.

Now, who wouldn’t want to call a place like this home?

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