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4-Bedroom Single-Story Farmhouse Style New American Craftsman House with Home Office and Game Room (Floor Plan)


  • 4,090 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.5+ Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Imagine the excitement that bubbles up when you’re daydreaming about the ultimate getaway.

Now, swap out the sandy beaches and sunset views for envisioning the perfect spot for your sleek coffee maker and debating the fine line between an ample and excessive number of decorative pillows.

That’s the thrill of poring over house plans!

Dive with me into the allure of an Expanded One-Level New American Craftsman House Plan—a title that practically begs for a spot in a home makeover series.

Envision a home that could grace the cover of a high-end home décor magazine, yet still radiates the warmth and welcome of your grandmother’s cozy living room.

Stay Tuned: Detailed Plan Video Awaits at the End of This Content!

Its painted brick exterior, accented with board and batten siding and wood timbers, effortlessly marries chic style with a grounded, approachable feel.

It’s akin to pairing high-end designer footwear with your most cherished, well-worn jeans—a perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

Stepping inside, the house unfolds in an open-plan design that spans a generous 4,090 square feet, echoing the way families naturally congregate outside of conventional room boundaries, most often in the kitchen, despite the availability of a living room.

The dining area, a dreamy space lifted straight from your Pinterest board, is bathed in light from three generously sized windows and provides direct access to a vaulted, covered patio that practically serves as an additional living room.

Only with the added delight of open-air breezes and an outdoor kitchen.

It sets the stage for memorable summer barbecues and those all-too-familiar, slightly awkward family gatherings.

If there were an award for outstanding kitchens, this one would be on stage, delivering a heartfelt thank you speech.

Boasting not one, but two oversized islands to cater to all your culinary ambitions, a walk-in pantry to house every imaginable snack, and a layout that offers views to both the dining and great rooms.

It’s the heart of the home where midnight mac and cheese creations and gourmet meals come to life.

For those blending work with home life, there’s a secluded home office to tackle tasks or manage finances with the occasional tear.

And let’s talk entertainment—the game room is where family game nights evolve into legendary tales of camaraderie and light-hearted rivalry.

The master suite serves as a private retreat, strategically positioned for solitude and outfitted with a lavish bathroom and a walk-in shower that rivals any spa.

Accommodating the rest of the household, three additional bedrooms are thoughtfully designed, with two sharing a Jack-and-Jill bathroom and the third enjoying its own ensuite, catering to everyone’s need for privacy and convenience.

Whether you’re a culinary genius, a midnight snack aficionado, a dedicated remote professional, or the host of the most anticipated game nights, this house plan is set to become the canvas for your life’s most cherished scenes.

Not to be overlooked, the three-car garage offers more than just shelter for your vehicles.

It’s a versatile space for holiday decorations or doubles as a hobbyist’s haven, leading into a utility room that’s as much about functionality as it is about pursuing passion projects.

This house is the embodiment of the ideal home—striking the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, practicality and whimsy.

It beckons to be transformed from a mere blueprint into a lived-in, loved space that hosts life’s most memorable moments.

Now, if it only included a guide to keeping those expansive islands free from clutter…

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