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4-Bedroom Single-Story New Acadian House With Brick and Board and Batten Exterior (Floor Plan)


  • 3,175 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Imagine stepping into a realm where tranquility meets charm, where every brick and batten sings a song of welcome, all nestled within the embrace of Acadian elegance.

Let’s embark on a journey through a home not just made of walls and roofs, but of dreams and possibilities.

This is not just any home; it’s a 3,175 square foot sanctuary featuring four cozy bedrooms, three baths, all designed to weave tales of comfort and warmth.

Picture yourself walking up to a 33’6” by 8’ porch, where the air is filled with anticipation.

Above the welcoming French doors, a charming false dormer peaks out, a prelude to the architectural beauty that lies within.

This porch isn’t just a threshold; it’s a space where late afternoon teas taste better as the sun dips below the horizon, blending elegance with the simplest pleasures of life.

As the French doors swing open, you’re greeted by the grandeur of 19-foot ceilings, creating an atmosphere of openness, inviting you to breathe in the space and the stories it wants to tell.

The foyer, a gracious host, unveils the heart of the home: a family room and dining area where laughter rings out and memories cling to the high ceilings.

To your right, the kitchen unfolds like a culinary stage, boasting a generous island that’s more than just a workspace—it’s a gathering spot for morning huddles, late-night heart-to-hearts, and culinary adventures.

With a butler’s pantry ensuring a seamless flow to the dining room and a walk-in pantry that bids farewell to clutter, this kitchen is the heart of not just meals, but moments.

Beyond the mundane, tucked behind the garage, lies a game room.

Adorned with French doors, it beckons with the promise of joyous evenings filled with games and laughter.

Nearby, the fourth bedroom offers not only a peaceful retreat but a walk-in closet that dreams are made of, marrying practicality with the luxury of space.

The journey through this abode leads us to the master suite, a realm of comfort with its expansive layout and dual walk-in closets, setting the stage for a life of organized luxury.

The en-suite bathroom, a sanctuary of its own, whispers tales of bubble baths and serenity, offering a retreat from the world.

At the home’s forefront, two additional bedrooms stand ready, offering solace and shared stories through a Jack and Jill bath, perfectly blending privacy with companionship.

This one-story Acadian marvel is more than a house; it’s a canvas where every brick, board, and batten is meticulously placed to create a home that cradles dreams and fosters moments.

From its inviting exterior to the false dormer that speaks volumes of architectural grace, and the spacious interiors designed for both celebration and relaxation, this structure transcends its physical boundaries.

It’s a dream in waiting, a space where every nook and cranny is imbued with the potential for joy, comfort, and the making of memories.

As we step out, leaving behind the echoes of what could be, the home remains a testament to the power of design, standing as a beacon of hope for those yearning to create their own sanctuary.

So, as we part ways with this architectural gem, let it be a reminder of the beauty that lies in the journey from blueprint to reality, a process where homes are not just built, but lovingly crafted to host lives, stories, and dreams.

May this tour inspire you to dream, to aspire, and to embark on your own journey of creating a haven where every brick and batten is a chapter in your story, waiting to be written.

Ah, the magic of transforming spaces into homes—it’s a dance of imagination and reality, forever intertwined within the walls that witness our lives.

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