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5-Bedroom 2-Story Craftsman Home with Optional In-Law Apartment (Floor Plan)


  • 2,830 Sq Ft
  • 3 – 5 Beds
  • 2.5 – 4.5 Baths
  • 1 – 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Hello, fellow home enthusiasts, dreamers, and accidental visitors who were navigating the vast ocean of the internet in search of the latest viral cat antics but ended up here instead.

Trust me, your detour is about to be rewarded with something just as captivating!

In our spotlight today is a home that does more than provide shelter; it’s a masterpiece of craftsman-style architecture that seems to gently whisper, “I’m ready for the future, are you?”

This isn’t just any dwelling.

It’s a love letter to generations present and future, intricately penned in wood and stone, stretching over 2,830 square feet of awe-inspiring space.

Complete with the option of an in-law suite for when love and space need to find a happy medium.

Before we step inside, let’s pause and admire the curb appeal.

This craftsman beauty will steal your heart at first glance, radiating the kind of warmth and welcome you’d feel from a grandmother’s embrace or snuggling under your favorite blanket on a chilly evening.

Yet, it’s not just the aesthetics that catch your eye.

The expansive decks and porches are more than just eye candy for your social media feed; they’re the stages on which life’s little dramas and joys unfold, from inventing secret family handshakes to engaging in playful banter with the local wildlife.

Stepping inside, you’re immediately greeted by an interior that combines beauty with utility.

The foyer opens up to a great room, where interior columns stand not just as elegant decor but as silent supporters of the structure, framing the space with a majesty that commands attention.

In this home, the concept of open living isn’t just followed; it’s celebrated.

The seamless flow from the great room into the kitchen and dining areas embodies the fluidity of modern life, where boundaries blur and the heart of the home is everywhere.

The kitchen itself is a dream, boasting a large window over the sink for those contemplative moments between chores and an island that comfortably seats four, or just you and your culinary ambitions spread out over several courses.

As we explore further, the bedrooms reveal themselves not just as places to rest but as personal sanctuaries.

Bedrooms 2 and 3 feature thoughtful built-ins, ensuring that everything has its place.

They share a connected bathroom, ideally fostering a spirit of cooperation rather than competition among its users.

The master suite, however, is where this home truly indulges its occupants.

Imagine a space so tranquil and inviting, with a standalone tub that promises endless relaxation, free from the interruptions of daily life.

The walk-in closet is so spacious it could host a fashion show, smartly designed to keep peace between inhabitants with clearly defined sections.

But the adventure doesn’t stop here.

This home teases with the promise of future possibilities. Imagine an upper floor or a basement tailored to your passions—be it a cozy home theater, a personal gym, or a sunroom that invites you to enjoy the warmth and light, regardless of the season.

And let’s not overlook the optional in-law apartment.

This isn’t just an add-on; it’s a statement of independence and togetherness, offering both privacy and proximity, complete with its own porches.

In conclusion, this craftsman home is more than a structure; it’s a dynamic, living entity prepared to host, adapt, and provide comfort.

It stands ready to impress, ensuring that when the time comes, your in-laws can’t help but be enchanted.

So, here’s to the homes that capture our hearts, anticipating our future needs with open arms.

Cheers to discovering that one special house plan that whispers, “Your search is over; welcome home.”

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