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6-Bedroom 1-Story Luxury Home With Indoor/Outdoor Sports Court (Floor Plan)


  • 7,799 Sq Ft
  • 6 Beds
  • 4.5+ Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3-5 Cars

Greetings, dear readers!

Have you ever allowed your mind to wander into the realm of imagining a dwelling where comfort effortlessly intertwines with opulence?

A place where each day feels like a miniature getaway, and every corner exudes sheer functionality and charm?

Well, prepare yourselves, because you’re about to embark on a captivating journey!

Join me as we explore a magnificent architectural marvel that defines the very essence of luxury living.

This sprawling abode spans a vast 7,799 square feet and boasts such an array of features that it practically deserves its own postal code!

This regal sanctuary of domestic contentment comes adorned with six snug bedrooms, tailored to accommodate your family, a few cherished guests, and even that cousin whose visits seem perpetual.

Not to mention the four and a half bathrooms that ensure no one ever has to perform an impromptu tap dance while waiting for their turn.

Oh, and let’s not forget the single-story layout—a testament to convenience, sparing you from ascending treacherous staircases after a tiresome day.

Now, allow me to indulge your senses in a discussion about the garage.

Picture this: it’s spacious enough to house an entire fleet of up to five cars—your beloved sedan, your spouse’s sports car, the kids’ trusty runabouts, and you’ll still have room for that boat you’ve been eyeing!

Speaking of boats, this plan even includes a dedicated boat storage area.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to own a lakeside property, this house is the epitome of perfection for you.

But here’s the pièce de résistance—an indoor/outdoor sport court!

Now, you don’t need to possess the skills of Michael Jordan to appreciate this feature.

Envision Saturday afternoon basketball showdowns, moonlit badminton battles, or simply a space for the kids to release their pent-up energy (and decibels) without fretting over unpredictable weather conditions!

When it comes to the living spaces, they’ve been thoughtfully designed to offer you the most breathtaking rearward vistas, ensuring that every sunset becomes an Instagram-worthy moment.

Now, let’s talk about the grandeur that is the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen! It’s a paradise for culinary enthusiasts.

The colossal island, capable of seating six, beckons everyone for communal cooking, late-night snack conversations, and even those unexpected Sunday night homework projects.

Craving a bit of solitude after a long and bustling day?

Retreat to the home office or the living room situated just off the foyer, providing a tranquil haven far removed from the controlled chaos of family life.

And of course, we mustn’t overlook the luxurious master suite, with its oversized windows, inviting fireplace, and a bathroom that rivals the most exquisite spa.

Across the hall, the guest suite pampers your visitors with a wet bar and a full bath. Hospitality? You’ve mastered it!

As we descend the grand staircase, our exploration continues.

It unveils a generously-sized family room and a game room that extends onto a lower level patio—a hub for indoor entertainment and enjoyment!

Additionally, there are four more bedrooms scattered across the lower level, akin to hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

But hold on, there’s even more to marvel at!

Yes, you’ll find a home theater for those Friday night movie marathons and an exercise room to shed those extra calories from indulging in popcorn.

In summary, dear readers, this capacious luxury home plan embodies the very essence of dreams come true.

It effortlessly melds extravagant living with pragmatic functionality.

I mean, a home that caters to every facet of your lifestyle—now, isn’t that an aspiration worth pursuing?

So, let’s cease daydreaming and start laying the foundations for your future dream home, shall we?

Your unparalleled abode of the future eagerly awaits your vision!

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