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7-Bedroom 2-Story Rich European French Country Style Home With Grand Staircase (Floor Plan)


  • 8,933 Sq Ft
  • 7 Beds
  • 5.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Picture this: nestled in the embrace of the French countryside, yet devoid of any need for international travel, stands an enchanting French Country house.

A luxurious abode, sprawling over 8,933 square feet, infused with the charm of Europe and the tranquility of rural France.

Let’s embark on a whimsical tour of this dream home, shall we?

Imagine stepping through the front door into a grand foyer so majestic it could easily take your breath away.

It’s not just an entryway; it’s the start of a fairy tale.

And right there, a stunning staircase spirals upwards – a staircase that seems to whisper, “Welcome to your very own castle.”

As we glide through the house, the dining room beckons.

It’s a room that seems to echo with laughter and the clinking of glasses, a perfect setting for grand feasts and intimate dinners alike.

Imagine a table laden with sumptuous dishes, the air scented with rosemary and thyme, as your loved ones gather around in awe.

Next, we find ourselves in the study.

It’s a cozy sanctuary designed for quiet moments, be it with a classic novel or the latest gossip magazine.

This is your retreat, a space to unwind and indulge in your little pleasures.

But, my friends, our journey through this architectural gem is far from over.

The house, with its arched openings and barrel ceilings, is not just a treat for the eyes.

It’s a canvas for life’s moments – from high tea under the afternoon sun to impromptu dance sessions in the vast living space.

Yes, this house invites you to dance, laugh, and create memories.

On those quieter evenings, imagine yourself in one of the three fireside rooms.

Whether it’s the family room, the great room, or the master suite’s cozy corner, each offers a unique ambiance for relaxation.

Picture yourself there, fireside, with a warm drink, lost in the dance of flames and the comfort of your thoughts.

And let’s not overlook the breakfast nook.

This sunlit corner, with its inviting banquette, is perfect for morning reflections with a cup of coffee, contemplating the day ahead or simply enjoying the view of the meticulously landscaped yard.

Choosing a favorite spot in this house is an impossible task, akin to picking a favorite star in the night sky.

Each room, each corner, has its own unique charm and story to tell.

So there you have it – a journey through a slice of French paradise.

This house isn’t just a structure of bricks and mortar; it’s an 8,933 square foot experience, a testament to luxury and elegance.

With seven bedrooms, numerous baths, and ample space for your vehicles, it’s a sanctuary of comfort and opulence.

As we conclude our tour, the question arises – are you ready to step into this dream?

While we might not all be able to claim such a magnificent abode, we can certainly dream, can’t we?

And perhaps, invest in a beret, just to keep the dream alive.

Au revoir for now, until we meet again in the next dream home.

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