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12 Awesome Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Try Today

Whenever I walk barefoot at my house, I feel warm and cozy. The reason behind this is the beautiful carpet I have laid on my floor.

Also, you can’t afford to live without a carpet during Winter. Whereas carpets are cozy and comfortable, they can become your worst enemy while cleaning.

Carpets need thorough and regular cleaning. You need to invest a significant amount of time and energy once in a while to keep your carpet clean and new.

If you dislike cleaning your carpet, give a look at these 12 awesome carpeting cleaning hacks that will make your life easier.

12 Awesome Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Try Today

1. Take full advantage of the lint rollers

Well, when it comes to cleaning carpets, lint roller will become your best friend. Sometimes, the hairs and pet furs don’t want to go off easily by vacuuming.

That’s when a lint roller will come in hand. Using a lint roller will help you to take off these unwanted hairs and furs. Also, make sure that your carpet is not sensitive to lint rollers.

2. Use a window squeegee to remove the stubborn pet hair

If you have a pet, you will know how hard it can become to remove pets far from carpets.

These pet hairs somehow manage to stay in the carpet and don’t want to come out easily no matter how many times you vacuum.

That is why I use a window squeegee to clean the pet far from my carpet. It easily pulls out all the little pet hairs sticking on the carpet.

3. Blot your carpet in case of any accidental liquid spill

Don’t panic! If you have accidentally spilled wine or any other liquid in your light-colored carpet, act fast, but don’t panic.

Take a piece of cloth and blot the area lightly by pressing. Never rub, which will make the situation worse.

Squeeze off the excess liquid each time before you blot.

4. Get rid of any oil stain from your carpet with baking soda

If you accidentally get an oil stain on your carpet, don’t worry anymore. You will be able to get rid of it by using baking soda.

Apply a significant amount of baking soda in the stained area. Let it sit overnight. The process will let baking soda absorb the oil.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly in the morning. You will see the magic yourself.

5. Don’t worry if your pet accidentally pees on your carpet

Well, it is normal to panic. And it takes a decent amount of time to train pets.

However, if they accidentally pee in the carpet, you can get rid of the smell as well as clean the carpet.

Apply a good amount of baking soda in the urine. Let it absorb the urine and wait for the powered to dry. Then vacuum the mess.

You will see that both urine and odor has gone for good.

6. Apply rubbing alcohol to remove nail polish stain from carpet

I love to apply nail polish by sitting comfortably on my carpet while listening to my favorite music. Once I had accidentally spilled my red nail polish in my mustard color carpet.

The rest is history. Luckily, I had my friend over, and she helped me to get rid of the nail polish by applying rubbing alcohol.

At first, she scrapped the dried nail polish and used a little amount of rubbing alcohol to remove the stain by dabbing on it.

7. Remove chewing gum from your carpet with ice

Once I had this little devil kid over my house, and he literally put chewing gum on my beautiful carpet. The next thing I did was panic for at least 1 hour.

Then I decided to put some ice on the gum. I let it sit for 10 minutes and scrapped it off. Yes, it was that easy.

8. Make your own DIY carpet cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your rug, you can buy any fancy cleaning products you want. But I will suggest you make one yourself which will save you a lot of money.

Make a mixture with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of lemon essential oil, 3 tablespoons of fabric softener, and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Place the mixture in one gallon of warm water.

Keep it in a large bottle and use it for deep cleaning.

9. If your carpet smells bad, use baking soda to get rid of it

You might not even be able to trace why your carpet smells bad. Well, it can be hard to detect sometimes.

Forget about finding the reason and think about how you can get rid of the bad smell. What I do is, I sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in my carpet once in a while.

I also add a few droplets of essential oil. Baking soda absorbs the odor, and the essential oil provides a nice smell.

10. Take special care of shag carpets

If you have a shag carpet, you should be a bit more careful. One thing I will suggest you do is to vacuum your shag carpet only with the hose.

It will perhaps take you more time than regular. But it will be worth it. Also, vacuum your shag carpet more frequently.

11. Clean your light-colored carpet with shaving cream

If you have a light-colored carpet, you should be very careful. There is a huge possibility that your light-colored carpet will get dirty way sooner than the others.

If you see any dark spot in your light-colored carpet, apply some shaving cream. Wait for some moment and clean the area properly.

You will see that the dirt has gone easily.

12. Spray essential oil in your carpet twice every week

If you want your carpet to smell pleasant, a great hack is to use your favorite essential oil.

For example, if you have a party, spray a little amount of essential oil in the corner of the carpets. It will provide a nice fragrance to your room as well.

These are the 12 carpet cleaning hacks that I love. It is always better to be careful. These hacks will help you just in case you have fallen in such a situation.

Let me know what you think about these hacks.