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15 Organizing Hacks for Bathroom Drawers & Cupboards That Will Make Your Life Easy

My bathroom is the place where I both start the day as well as end the day. So, its an important room for me in the house.

And trust me, no kidding. It’s the place where my imagination runs wild.  To give my imagination a sidekick, I decided to reorganize it, including the drawers and cupboards.

Here are some of the bathroom drawers and cupboards organizing hacks that you might like too.

15 Organizing Hacks For Bathroom Drawers And Cupboards

1. Insert a pull-out towel rack in the cupboard

Don’t have enough space on the counter to keep damp hand towels or washcloths? Not to worry, you can insert a pull-out towel rack in the cupboard to dry them off out of the way.

You can find such a rack at your nearby discount store or simply order online.

2. Role away your extra towels inside

If you want to make space for all your extra towels, then roll them tightly and put it on a shelf inside your cupboard.

3. Install a metal mesh bin on a cabinet door

Using the cabinet doors is a smart way to make some extra space. Install a metal mesh bin on the back of your cabinet door and can keep anything that you want in there.

4. Want to hide the trash

If your bathroom is small, then this is the perfect solution for you to keep your trash bin. An open trash bin does not even look nice. You can pin the container behind your cabinet door.

Screw two plastic wire shelf anchor clips to the inside of your cabinet door and hook a small wastebasket on top of it.

5. Shop a lazy susan

For your convenience and to save some time finding your desired product, place a lazy susan under your sink cabinet where you can put your cleaning supplies.

6. Use small jars to keep things

To keep the things tidy, use small mason jars. You can put your makeup brushes, cotton balls, makeup sponges, etc. there. You can label them to make it look pretty.

7. Install magnetic strips behind your mirror door

Losing your bobby pins is the easiest; just take off from your hair, and it’s gone. Sometimes I forget where I’ve kept them, sometimes I find them luckily on the floor.

To manage this problem, I attached a magnetic strip behind my mirror door. Now I don’t lose any bobby pins of mine. You can also keep your nail cutter or tweezer there.

8. Swing a hair tool caddy

To keep your hair tool organized, you can swing a hair tool caddy in front of your cabinet door. In that way, after use, you can cool them off quickly.

Never keep your hair tools plugged in all day; you never know when an accident might occur.

9. Add an extra cabinet

To expand your storage area, add an extra cabinet in your bathroom. You can make it solely your medicine shelf or makeup shelf, whatever you like.

10. Use plastic storage containers to keep accessories

To keep your accessories like nail polish collection or makeup spray bottles, use clear plastic storage containers.

You can take out the entire box and sit down to decide which nail paint to put on as I get confused often, which one to choose.

11. Take help of spray bottle hanger or hooks

To keep your most frequently used cleaner at hand, stick on a spray bottle hanger beside your bathroom cabinet. You can also add some hooks to hang your gloves beside.

12. Insert multiple tier shelf rack

By inserting a multiple tier shelf rack in your cupboard, you can bring simplicity to your bathroom organization.

Multiple levels will give you separate space for keeping different things.

13. Keep a basket

The basket gives you a bulk space to keep things organized. You can save some extra shower curtains, mats, large towels, or cleaning supplies in a bucket inside the cupboard.

14. Put in a drawer organizer

Drawer dividers simplify your life. Because they prevent makeup items like lipsticks, eye pencils, and other favorites or extra paste, toothbrushes, mouth fresheners from rolling around when you open or close your drawer.

Drawers can quickly become cluttered as we usually open it and dump small things there. You can use your kitchen organizer in your bathroom drawer, too, if it’s convenient for you.

15. Group like items together

Do not break the grouping; otherwise, you won’t be able to find a specific item when you need it. Don’t stash away one thing in the drawer and another part in the cupboard.

Keep your brushes in one place, cosmetics in one and medicine in one.

Even if you have a small bathroom like mine, the organization of it is what matters the most. You can make your bathroom look prettier by not cluttering it but organizing it.

You don’t necessarily have to follow all the ideas mentioned above but adopt a few which you think will suit your bathroom the most.

Let me know which ones proved to be the most helpful for you.