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33 Amazing Bathroom Organization Hacks You Must Know

Organizing can be quite fun until it comes to organizing our bathroom. Fortunately, there are many bathroom organization hacks that will keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized.

I follow these hacks to keep my bathroom clutter-free so that I feel refreshed whenever I go there. After working for the whole day, you probably wouldn’t want to see a bathroom all messy and unorganized.

The great news is; it will not take you days after days to organize your bathroom. You will need to invest a little amount of time and money in order to organize your bathroom.

I will share some of the most genius bathroom hacks available. Let’s see what these easy and amazing bathroom hacks are.

33 Must-Know Bathroom Organization Hacks

1. Get those STACKING SHELVES into work

If you don’t have sufficient space in your bathroom countertop, use a few stacking shelves to store and organizing your toiletries.

2. Make proper use of the space under your sink

You can use mini shelves to place under your sink. Use these shelves to store bathroom towels and extra toilet papers.

3. Install 2 or 3 wired baskets in the bathroom wall

You can easily reach your everyday go-to items in wire baskets. Mount them on one of the walls of your bathroom so that you can reach them while getting a bath.

4. Get a few plastic containers to make your drawers clutter-free

I hate seeing an unorganized and messy bathroom cabinet drawer. That is why I decided to buy a few plastic containers to make separate compartments in my drawer.

5. Make DIY organizers keep your toiletries with cardboards

You can easily make a few DIY boxes with cardboards. Keep your skincare products, medicines, hair care products in those organizers.

6. Attach as many command hooks as possible in the bathroom cabinets

I can’t even count how many command hooks are there in my bathroom cabinets. I have attached a lot to hang my towels and other items. I also have a few on the bathroom walls.

7. Make your own DIY hair accessories holder

You can use plastic containers to make your DIY hair accessories holder. Attach them with one another and use them to store different types of hair clips and accessories.

 8. Keep a basket to store extra toilet paper rolls

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly found that there is no toilet paper after finishing your work? Well, we all have been there.

That is why it is always a good idea to keep an extra basket of toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

9. Use refillable plastic bottles with labels

Want to help the environment? Start using refillable plastic bottles. Make sure you label them because one set of bottles comes all identical to each other.

10. Hang a small shelve in your bathroom

You can make your own DIY hanging shelve, or you can purchase one. Hang it in front of your shower area, so that you can reach the products you want while getting a shower.

11. Store your soap bars in a glass jar

I collect different types of colorful soaps and bath bombs. I use two separate glass jars to store them. It provides a beautiful look to my bathroom.

12. Make a separate drawer to store feminine hygiene products

Keep a separate section or drawer in your bathroom to store feminine hygiene products. I have a spate basket where I keep my pads, tampons, etc.

13. Store all the towels in a basket

I have a beautiful basket in my bathroom where I keep the towels. I have decorated the basket with paper flowers that add beauty to my bathroom.

14. Store all of your hair styling tools in a wired basket

Don’t make a mess by keeping hair styling tools here and there. Keep your hairdryer, straightener, curler in a wired basket. You can hang the basket on the wall as well.

15. Get a cake stand to display beauty products

I have recently purchased a cake stand from my local dollar store. I use the cake stand to display a few perfumes, body mists and lotion.

16. Purchase a spice rack and store all of your nail polishes there

I hardly use nail polish, but I have a lot of them. I have purchased a cheap spice rack and installed it on my bathroom wall. I keep my nail polishes there.

17. Use suction cups and rubber bands to hang shampoos and conditioners

I have placed 3 suction cups attached with rubber bands in my bathroom which I use to hang my shampoo, conditioner, and body gel.

18. Install an extra shower curtain pole in your bathroom

You might be wondering what the point of installing an extra shower curtain rod is? Well, you can hang little baskets or command hooks on the rod to store items.

You can also use it to drape your clothes while getting a shower.

19. Get another shoe organizer for your bathroom

I use shoe organizers to organize my jewelry as well as toiletries. I have hung a shoe organizer on the backside of the bathroom door to keep different toiletry items.

20. Get rid of that large trash can and get a smaller one

What is the point of placing a large trash can in your washroom? I never use large trash cans, which takes a lot of space in my bathroom. Keep a small garbage can in your bathroom.

21. Paint your bathroom with a lighter color

If your bathroom is painted with a dark color, it is time to change it into a lighter color. Why? Because a lighter color will enable your bathroom to look more spacious and organized.

22. Install a rod under the sink to store cleaning products

You can also install a small rod underneath your sink if you have enough space. You can use the rod to hang different types of cleaning products.

23. Store new towels in a separate drawer

If you have new towels, don’t mix them up with the older ones. Keep them in a separate drawer of your bathroom cabinet.

24. Don’t forget to mount a few mason jars in the wall

Well, there is no alternative to mason jars. I use mason jars in my kitchen, closet as well as the bathroom. I have mounted a few to store different accessories and flowers.

 25. Purchase a shower caddy for your bathroom

You will be missing out a lot if you don’t have a shower caddy. It can be quite annoying to reach out to your countertop to get toiletries. That is when a shower caddy will come in handy.

26. Reduce your bathroom clutter by attaching wall magnets

Have you ever thought about how these wall magnets can help you to organize your items? Try attaching a few wall magnets and place your razor, nail cutter, etc. in it.

27. Make full use of those candy dishes

Use your old candy dish to store hair accessories, cotton balls, safety pins in your bathroom. These candy dishes have separate sections, so you will not need any new organizer to store these.

 28. Roll the towels to save space

It is quite a simple hack. You can save a lot of space in your bathroom by rolling your towels instead of folding them. Rolling towels also look better and more organized.

29. Get a few makeup brush organizers from a dollar store

There is no need to spend a lot of money to store your makeup brushes. I have purchased 2 makeup brush organizer to store my makeup brushes.

30. Store your toothbrush and toothpaste in an old mug

I have a cute mug of mickey mouse where I place my toothbrush and toothpaste. There is no need to purchase a toothbrush holder.

31. Make the full use of the ceiling of your bathroom

Install a few hanging racks if you have a spacious bathroom. In that case, you will be able to store a lot of items on the hanging rack.

32. How about using a wire rack to store towels?

I have seen this in one of my friend’s house. She mounted a wine rack in her bathroom to store all the towels.  It keeps her towels organized as well as it looks beautiful.

33. Use mini baskets to organize the drawers

You can get these mini baskets in your local dollar store. Use these baskets to store different types of products and toiletries. There are different types available so that you can easily place them in the drawer.


These are the organization hacks that I have been following for months. Trust me; I no longer feel frustrated whenever I enter my bathroom. I find the exact thing I need at the right time in the right place.

Try some of these and let me know if you need more hacks like this.