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Bird’s Eye Chili Substitute – What Can I Use Instead?

Birds eye chillies are largely used in Thai, Malaysian,Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisines. These chilies can give you quite a spice hit. To measure how hot a chilli is we use a scoville scale. 

And in terms of bird’s eye chilli it can measure from 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville units.

However, is there a substitute for bird’s eye chili? What can be used instead of bird’s eye chili? If you are wondering about the same questions, then we have your back.

Today we are here with a well discussed post, where you will get to know whether you can use a substitute or not. And if you can, what can you use.

Bird’s eye chili substitute

Bird eye chillies can be small, however they are pretty hot. Instead of using bird’s eye chilies you can use other hot peppers. As a substitute, you can use serranos or cayenne peppers. Additionally, keep in mind that the peppers you’re using can be spicier. 

When we look for substitutes, we must keep in mind that you might not find the exact taste or heat. Bird’s eye chilis can be used in salads, stir-fries, sauces, sambals and so much more.

However, if you do not have much of a spice tolerance, you can use something that is milder but would give away almost. Below are few mentioned options you can use as substitutions:

Red bird’s eye chili substitute

Red bird’s eye chilis can be eat either raw on the sides along with other dishes. However, they are hugely used in dishes. Now what to use when they are not available? Well, there are some options you can use:

Serrano peppers:

Let’s start with the closest substitute, serrano peppers. These peppers have their origins in the mountains of mexico. Additionally, it comes second to jalapenos when you consider its popularity.  

As a substitute to bird’s eye chili pepper, you can use serrano peppers in sauces, pickles, dips or cook them. Along with serrano peppers these peppers also give away a fiery and sharp flavor.

Cayenne peppers:

Another substitute for Bird’s eye chili pepper, you can use cayenne peppers. Cayenne peppers are scientifically known as capsicum annum. They belong to the nightshade family. Potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants are also members of the same family.  

Cayenne peppers have a moderately spicy flavor, which is a great substitute for bird’s eye chilis.

Apart from being hot and spicy, they also have health benefits. They are highly rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A is great for health, as it helps your immune system, growth and development of bones, vision etc. Along with vitamin A cayenne peppers are also enriched with vitamin C.

Additionally, they also have a good amount of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6 and K.

Thai bird’s eye chili substitute

As a substitute for Thai bird’s eye chilis, you can use chilis that has almost the same taste, texture and heat. Now, these substitutes can be either raw or dried. Additionally, it depends on your preference and the recipe if you are following one.

Here are a few options you can use as thai bird’s eye chili substitute:

Habanero peppers:

Habanero peppers are a type of hot pepper. As they are unripe they are green in color and change their color. These peppers are usually seen in red and orange colors.

Habaneros go well as dips, sauces etc. These peppers are South American and work as a great substitute for Thai bird’s eye chili pepper.

Jalapeno peppers:

More or less we all know jalapenos. Jalapeno peppers can be your substitute if you are looking for something that isn’t too hot.

Bird’s eye chili are quite spicy and they can initially give you a kick when consumed. However, jalapenos are considered to be mild to moderate spicy.

African birds eye chili substitute

African bird’s eye chilies are the same as Thai bird’s eye chilies. Therefore, the substitutes you wanna use can be as same as thai bird’s eye chilis.

However, here is a great substitute for african bird’s eye chili substitute:

Scotch bonnet/ Bonney peppers:

Scotch bonnet, also known as bonney pepper, can be used as a substitute for african bird’s eye chilis. They are very hot.

Bonney peppers are closely related to habaneros. You can use them both dried and raw.

Is bird’s eye chili the same as cayenne?

Bird’s eye chili isn’t the same as cayenne pepper. These chillies belong to different families. Bird’s eye chilis are a species of capsicum annum which are native to Mexico.

These chillies are largely used in asian cuisine. Bird’s eye chillies are ten to twenty times hotter than regular chillies.

On the other hand, cayenne peppers belong to the family of nightshade. Therefore, they are not the same. However, you can use them for a substitute.

Additionally, cayenne peppers have multiple health benefits. It consists of vital minerals and vitamins that help us improve our immune system.  

Moreover, it is a great source of capsin. Capsin helps in pain relief, and also maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Are birds eye chili the same as Thai chili?

Bird’s eye chilli is the same as Thai chili. Bird’s eye chillies and Thai chillies are the same thing. They have their origin in the

Mexico and they are immensely used in asian cuisine. These chilies are very hot and they add a spicy kick to the dishes they are added in. These chilies can be used in both raw and dry forms.

They add up an extra flavor to the dish. These peppers can be used in dips, sauces, salads and sides.

You can chop them, dice them or turn them into puree and use them as required. Additionally, keep in mind if your spice tolerance is low, do not over power the dish adding too much chili.

So, if you get thai chillies instead of bird’s eye chilies, its absolutely fine. You do not have to panic , you can work with whatever you have.

Therefore, keep in mind that Thai chilies and birds eye chilies are the same.

How many serrano peppers to use as bird’s eye chili substitute?

As substitute of bird’s eye chili substitute you can use the same amount of serreno peppers.

There is no fixed amount of how much or how to use serrano peppers instead pf bird’s eye chilies.

However, these chilies almost have the same amount of heat and give away the same flavor. Therefore, you may want to use as much recommended by the recipe, if you are following one.

Additionally , remember not to overpower the dish. Although peppers are good for your health and have multiple benefits, consuming a large amount of pepper can lead to health issues like diarrhea or dysentery.

Therefore, you would like you use the same amount of serenno pepper as the substitute for bird’s eye chili.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using bird’s eye chillies, you can use serenno, jalapenos, cayenne etc. Basically, the peppers that have almost the same flavor and heat are ideal. Using this will keep the flavors of the dish intact. However, be sure not to overpower the dish.