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Can Candles Get Rid of Smells? (Answered)

A foul odor in your house is the most unpleasant thing you might have experienced. Many air fresheners and sprays are available that can eliminate smells. But many of them are toxic and full of chemicals.

Moreover, they are not mild elements. However, you might have seen people using candles to eliminate smells.

So, you might be confused about whether candles can get rid of smells or not. Well, you have to know about the ingredients in candles and whether they can get rid of odors or not. Moreover, learning about different candles to eliminate the smell is also essential.

Can candles get rid of smells?

Candles can help reduce smells, but candles can’t get rid of the smell on their own. Because if the candles don’t have fragrance, they will be just like wax. You can smell less odor from the fragrance present in the candles. So, you can use candles if you smell odors from cooking, paint, smoke, etc.

However, the smell can come from different sources. So, you might not know which smell candles can reduce. Let’s see whether candles can get rid of these smells.

Cooking smell:

Candles can help reduce the cooking smell. Generally, it is pretty natural to spread smell while you are cooking. This smell can irritate the people in your house, including you. So, you can use candles so that you can smell less amount of cooking odor.

Different types of chef’s candles are available for this purpose. If you light the candle before starting cooking, the scent of the candle will already be present in the kitchen. So, when you start cooking, the cooking smell will be less intense.

Smoke smell:

Candles can also reduce the intensity of the smoke smell. For this, you must need scented candles. Otherwise, regular candles don’t have any effect of smoke smell. So, when you light up the scented candle, it will eventually reduce the smoke smell.

But candles can’t eliminate smoke smell on their own. The smoke smell will be felt less when the scented smell of candles appears.

Paint smell:

When you paint your wall or paint something inside your house, the paint smell can be there for a long time. Moreover, the smell can be pretty disturbing. So, you can use scented candles to get rid of the paint smell.

The scented smell might not eliminate the paint smell directly. When you light the candle, it will spread the scent from the candle. So, you will experience the paint smell less.

Fart smell:

The smell of fart is one of the disgusting smells. So, you must eliminate the odor. You might think that lighting up a candle will remove the smell. Generally, the smell-causing elements found in farts will still be present after lighting a scented candle.

But the fart smell will be disguised when you light a scented candle. So, scented candles can indirectly remove the smell of farts.

What candles can eliminate odor?

Like the odors, candles can also be of different types. For example, scented and unscented candles have other properties. All candles can’t eliminate odor. So, let’s see whether these candles can eliminate odor or not.

Scented candles:

People think that scented candles will eliminate odors. But whether the candles are scented or unscented, they can’t eliminate odor alone. Because candles don’t have any compound that can remove the smell immediately.

But scented candles can somehow help reduce the odor. For example, when you light up a scented candle, the candle will spread its own smell. The beautiful fragrance of the candle will disguise the smell of other things.

So, the scented candles might not eliminate the smell, but they can indirectly reduce the intensity of the smell. That’s why you can use scented candles to get rid of different odors.

Unscented candles:

Unscented candles can’t eliminate odor. Unscented candles are normal candles made of wax. 

These candles will burn out and will not disguise the foul odor of other things. The scented candles have an added fragrance that can help disguise the different smells.

But unscented candles don’t have these elements. They will not help reduce odor. So, if you want to eliminate or eliminate odor, you must use scented candles.

What makes a candle odor eliminating?

To make a candle odor elimination, the candle should have some properties. The first property that the candle must-have is fragrance. The fragrance of a candle is the most beneficial property that can help eliminate odor.

Generally, scented candles contain fragrance. So, this can eliminate the odor of different things. However, candles that are made from vegetable wax can eliminate odor.

For example, when you light up a candle made of vegetable wax, the wax will produce negatively charged ions.

On the other hand, the odor will have positively charged ions. So, the negatively charged ions will neutralize the negatively charged ions. Thus a candle from vegetable wax can eliminate odor.

Moreover, some candles can purify the air quality of the environment. You can use these candles to remove foul odor.

So, a scented candle and a candle from vegetable wax can eliminate odor from your house. You can use these candles when you think a bad odor can produce from somewhere.

How to choose candles to get rid of the cooking smell, smoke smell, paint smell, or other bad odors in the house?

Now that you know all candles can’t get rid of smells, you might want to know the parameters. If you can learn the criteria, you can easily choose a candle to eliminate the smell.

So, let’s see how you can choose candles to get rid of the cooking smell, smoke smell, paint smell, or other foul odors in the house.

Cooking smell:

You can use a lemon or citrus-scented candle to get rid of the cooking smell. This candle will help disguise the cooking smell. Generally, lemon and citrus have a distinctive smell that can create a pleasant environment in the kitchen.

Smoke smell:

Smoke odor exterminator clothesline fresh deodorizing candle is one of the best candles to eliminate smoke smell. 

This candle will get rid of the smoke smell. Moreover, the odor will go away from the air. So, this candle is pretty effective in eliminating the smoke smell.

Paint smell:

Scented candles will help reduce the paint smell of the house. The paint smell can be intense and can stay a long time. But if you light up a scented candle for a couple of hours, it can help eliminate the paint smell.

Other bad smell:

To eliminate other bad smells, you can also use scented candles. You can choose candles that are made of essential oils. For example, lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, etc., essential oil candles can eliminate foul odor.

Three tips to use candles to eliminate odor:

When you light up candles to eliminate odor, you can follow some tips. These tips will make the odor-eliminating process effective and fast. So, here are some tips for using candles to eliminate odor.

Light up the candle earlier:

If you want to eliminate odor by candles, you might light the candle after you get the smell. But the odor-removing process will be effective if you light the candle earlier.

For example, if you want to eliminate the cooking smell, you must light the candle before starting the cooking.

So, the candle smell will spread around the kitchen, and you will not get the cooking smell intensely.

Keep the candle lighting up for a long time:

If you want to eliminate a smell, the candle smell should be there for a long time. The scent will not be long-lasting if you light up the candle and put it off after a while. 

So, you must keep the candle lighted up for a long time until the bad odor doesn’t completely disappear.

Put off the candle after the activity is finished:

You should not put off the candle too quickly. Try to keep the candle burning for half an hour after finishing the task. For example, you can light up a scented candle if you get a smoke smell. After some time, the smoke smell will go away.

But you should wait at least half an hour after the smell disappears. Then you can put off the candle. It will ensure the smell is gone completely.

Final Thoughts

Many people use candles to get rid of the smell. This also works pretty well. But candles can’t eliminate odors on their own. Candles have a fragrance that disguises the reason for the smell. It will spread a pleasant scent around the area. So, you can use scented candles to get rid of the smell.