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Can Chalk Paint Be Tinted? (Explained)

Tinted paint or colored paint has become a new trend for decorating our houses like rainbows. You may add different colors painted in white or vice versa. Mainly petal color is the foundation of the tint color; you can also add other colors.

But the fact is a type of paint. You cannot use all the paints and mix the color with them because they might lose their quality and become a mess. Therefore, you should know your paint type and its nature or ingredients.

Can chalk paint be tinted?

The chalk paint can be tinted with different colors, including pastel. You can also add the white in chalk paint and make it a light color. You can also add the gray chalk paint with your existing paint color. It will give you the desired color combination to decorate your entire drywall.

Sometimes, the natural color of the chalk paint might seem dull. So, people don’t love to use it on their walls or to decorate their existing painted walls.

If you want to sort out the problem, you have to know how to tint chalk paint with your favorite color. It might take a few extra efforts to find the right combination.

You don’t need to wait for anything else once you get the consistent color to tint chalk paint. You only need a primer and a ruler. Try to prime over the drywall before applying the tinted chalk paint. It will be durable and give you the best finish on the drywall.

It is also possible to tint your chalk paint with other colors, but it would be a risky task. Gray, white, and different light colors best fit with chalk paint. But if you want to add any dark color, it might create some quality issues. The dark color won’t dissolve properly.

As a result, you will get faulty or damaged paint over the existing paint or drywall. Manufacturers can tell you which paint color you can add with their chalk paint. If there is no instruction, you should ask the seller before buying the chalk paint.

In a word, you can tint your chalk paint with light colors. If you want to add dark colors, you must ask the manufacturer and check the compatibility. Otherwise, you may ruin the chalk paint quality.

Chalk paintCan/cannot be tinted
Behr chalk paintCan be Tinted
Rustoleum chalk paintCan be Tinted
Dulux chalk paintCan be tinted
Kilz chalk paintCan be tinted
Valspar chalk paintCan be tinted

What is tint base chalk paint?

The tint base chalk paint is a compatible paint where you can use different colors and tint it accordingly. You will mostly get two variances of tint base. One is a clear base, and the other is a white base.

The clear base chalk paint will ask you for the dark color, which means you may add the dark color paint here and get the best colorful painting on your drywall. It’s for the dark colors, whereas the white base is for the light colors.

You can add the gray, white, and other light colors in a white base to get the lightest color paint on your house.

When you buy chalk paint, you should check the base and buy the required one. Go for the clear base if you love dark colors; otherwise, a white base would be your great choice.

Can chalk paint be tinted any color?

The chalk paint can be tinted in any color. It will not react or damage the color base, but the condition is based on requirements. You have to choose the base variants of the chalk paint carefully; only then it will be ready to be tinted with any color.

As we said in the previous section, you will get two different vases for the chalk paint: a clear base and a white base. You can add whatever color you love, but it must go with the base. If you love to add dark color, you should go for the clear base.

On the other hand, the white base is for you to add light colors, including white, gray, and different similar colors. So, you can add any color to your chalk paint, but it must follow the base.

Can you tint white chalk paint?

You can tint white chalk paint with any latex or acrylic paint. It will be a great help, and you can consider adding some similar tint colors with it. If your chalk paint is latex, you may add the latex or acrylic paint colors.

But if your paint is oil-based, you need to add the required paint colors. When tinting your white chalk paint, you can only add white, gray, or similar light colors. Otherwise, the tinted chalk paint will become a threat for you since you won’t get the desired finishing.

Can you tint chalk paint with these?

You can tint chalk paint with different paints and colors. You need to consider your paint base and then choose the colors and paint accordingly. It will be the best compatible paint for chalk paint.

Here, we list four different tinted color sources and paints. People love to add them to tint their chalk paints. If you’re one of them, you should have clear ideas about them.

Acrylic paint:

You can tint chalk paint with acrylic paint. It is compatible with all the acrylic paint since it’s water-based paint, and you can easily add it to tint your chalk paint to have a better color effect.

You can also change your color shade and get the best finish over the drywall.

Since acrylic paint is a perfect liquid, you can tint your chalk paint with it. It will be a great combination and give you the best color effect. So, you can tint your chalk paint with acrylic paint perfectly.

Regular latex paint:

Regular latex paint is another perfect paint color that you add with your chalk paint and tint accordingly. Latex paint is a water-based paint that will work best as a tint color. You can add it to most of the paints made for the tint.

You can use regular latex paint to change the color and consistency of your existing chalk paint. It will also help you get a better version of your chalk paint color. You will also love the color effect after adding the regular latex paint.

Food color:

You can also tint your chalk paint with food color, but it has to be minimal. You can roughly use two or three drops of food colors to tint your chalk paint. It will be enough to change the existing color shade and give you the best color effect.

Before adding the food color, you must know whether you should add two or three drops. You should add two drops and see if you get the desired color or not. You may add one extra drop.

Paint wax:

You can tint your chalk paint with soft paint wax. It will mix properly and give you the best coloring effect on the applied surface. Moreover, the painted wax will also give you the best shade in the colors which people mostly want from it.

Therefore, when you buy chalk paint and want to mix it with something else, the paint wax might be an excellent choice. It will give you the best shade and smooth color.

How do you tint chalk paint?

Tint chalk paint is one of the most common processes that has been used all over the world. Assuming you want to change the chalk paint color as per your decision, you can do it without any problem. You can color a white or ash base chalk paint in any shade of your decision.

Choosing the tools:

Pick your desired variety to color your chalk paint. You can pick between chalk paint coloring with acrylic paint or plastic paint. It takes many tools to tint chalk paint like base paint color, tinting color, plain board, brush, spatula, etc.

It is generally prudent to blend a small amount first, so take some extra paint, assuming you have a base tone and blend appropriately.

Mix and apply:

Presently, take your brush and begin blending all of them. Remember that whichever tone is darker, it should be utilized in lesser amounts while mixing to get an ideal shade without squandering assets.

If you get your preferred shade, you can count the drops of variety you decided for coloring. You can blend those as you need and use them appropriately.

Final thoughts

Although the chalk paint can be tinted with different colors, you must check the base first. You will get either a clear base or a white base. The clear base is for the dark tint, and the white base is for the light tint. You should follow this tip and tint your chalk paint accordingly.