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Can Diamond Blade Cut Metal? (Read This First!)

You might mess up between diamond and diamond blade. A diamond doesn’t have an edge to cut through anything, but a diamond blade has. If you have a saw, you can use different blade types on it. But the blade size and type will depend on the cutting object.

You can cut wood, concrete, and more materials with the help of a circular saw and a suitable blade. The diamond blade is high-quality and durable and can cut through almost anything among all the blades.

Can a diamond blade cut metal?

The diamond blade can cut metal and other abrasive materials with the diamond edge. It is so sharp and intense that it can be used to cut most metals, including steel. You will fail to cut metal with a regular circular saw blade; you must use a high-quality diamond blade to do it.

Since different types of diamond blades are available, you can’t use them all to cut the metal. Remarkably, the diamond tile blade is for cutting the tiles. You should never try to cut the metal with a diamond tile blade. The metal will damage the tile blade edge and sharpness.

Moreover, the diamond concrete blade is created for cutting concrete. You cannot use it for anything else. They are designed for cutting the concrete wall or similar surfaces. If you try to cut the metal with a concrete blade, it will be damaged.

So, you have to choose the diamond blade wisely if you want to cut the metal. Typically, the regular and high-quality diamond edge can cut metal since they are sharp enough. When you make a buying decision, you should consider the purpose of that blade.

If you have a flexible budget, you should buy a high-end diamond blade. It will allow you to cut anything. It can cut metal, concrete, tiles, and wood. When you buy the diamond concrete blade or any particular blade, you can’t cut the metal.

So, it’s concerning that you choose the diamond blade wisely, and it must be a multi-cutter. Don’t buy the tile or concrete cutter. It will not allow you to cut any metal.

Is diamond blade good for metal?

Diamond blades are perfect for cutting metals, but the effectiveness may vary based on how you use them. Every blade is usually made to cut a particular material, depending on its hardness.

In the beginning, you should carefully choose diamond blades that are designed especially for cutting your selected metal. You may use them if you are looking for a smooth, efficient cut and long-lasting blades. 

If the goal is to cut hard metals, then go for a ferrous metal cutting blade. But if the metal is soft, the non-ferrous metal cutting blade will be most appropriate for you.

Many people are using traditional diamond blades successfully.  So, choose a diamond blade most suited to the metal you are working with.

Will a diamond blade cut these metal?

Although diamond blades can cut through different metals and concrete, it’s not suitable for all. Let’s see if your diamond blade can cut these metals.

Sheet metal:

Not every blade can cut the sheet metal. It has to be sharp and strong. But the high-quality diamond blade will cut sheet metal. You should buy an original diamond edge that can cut ferrous metal.

It’s a sign that it will cut the sheet metal and won’t break during the cutting process. Since sheet metal is robust, you must use a solid and high-end diamond blade that will cut it.

Cast iron:

A diamond blade can cut the cast iron. But it has to be a reciprocating saw blade; otherwise, you cannot cut the cast iron pipe or materials using a regular blade. It’s hard and strong and requires a sharp edge to cut it.


The diamond blade can cut the aluminum without any issues. You need to use the same diamond blade that can cut the metal. Only it will cut the aluminum; otherwise, the regular blade will fail to cut it smoothly.


You can cut the rebar with a diamond blade, but it’s not suitable and ideal for the blade’s life. If you want to get the optimum using life from your diamond blade, you need to be careful while cutting the rebar with your diamond blade.

Stainless steel:

The diamond blade can cut stainless steel; there will be no issues. It’s a regular metal where you can use the diamond blade without any issue. But the thing is, your blade life will be reduced if you regularly cut the stainless steel with the diamond blade.

Hardened steel:

Since diamond blades can bear almost any pressure and heat, you can use them to cut the hardened steel; it means the diamond blade will cut the hardened steel without being damaged.

It’s sharper and stronger than the hardened steel, so it can quickly go through that surface.

What type and size diamond blade to use to cut metal?

The ferrous type, and regular size diamond blade is perfect to cut metal. Mainly, each diamond blade is not suited to cut everything. Most of the time, each blade is designed to cut a specific type of material or a particular hardness of the material.

It’s tricky to answer what will be the appropriate type and size of the diamond blades for you to cut metal. At first, you need to find out the type of metal you are willing to cut. This should lead you to choose an appropriate bond because they hold the diamond and keep it tightened with the blade.

They also keep them in place. If you intend to cut a rock-solid material, using a diamond blade with a weak bond will be more beneficial. Again, if the purpose is to cut a soft material, you should go for a harder bond diamond blade.

Very few tools are as powerful as a diamond blade for cutting materials. It will provide more safety, greater efficiency with its speed, and extended-lasting capability.

Can I put a diamond blade on a circular saw?

Yes, you can. You can have a lot of small tasks done if you put the diamond blade on a regular circular saw. Keep in mind that you cannot use a particular circular saw for every material. Depending on whether you are using it for hard, medium, or soft materials, the choice of the blade or circular saw may vary.

Sometimes a single circular saw may require more than one blade type according to its usage. A diamond blade in a circular saw is the most popular type of diamond blade.

How long do diamond blades last?

The lasting time of diamond blades may vary, ranging from a couple of hours of non-stop cutting time to a week of non-stop cutting time.

How long the diamond blades will last depends on the quality of the blade, the type of metal you are cutting, and the cutting technique. Low-quality diamond blades last for a couple of hours of cutting. On the other hand, slightly higher quality diamond blades can offer you cutting time up to a week.

So, how long your diamond blades will last depends on their quality.  Some additional factors may affect the duration of your diamond blades.

If you use the wrong blades for the faulty materials, it’s most likely that your diamond blades will not go to last long. Dry-cutting diamond blades might offer you a longer cutting time than wet-cutting diamond blades.

What other types of blades is used to cut metal?

Other types of blades are there that you can use to cut metal instead of using diamond blades. Let’s see what those blades are.

Ferrous Blade:

If you want to know about the best metal cut blade, you must first consider the ferrous blade. It’s more robust and stronger than the diamond blades. Some diamond blades are also made with ferrous components to ensure the best quality.

TCT Blade:

You can use the TCT blade on your circular saw to cut the metal, aluminum, and any strong and hard materials. It has the strongest quality to cut pretty much anything. You can cut the wood, metal, tiles, and many more with a single TCT blade.

Metal Cutting Blade:

You can use the metal cutting blade to cut the metal or any hard surfaces. You can place the metal cutting blade on your circular saw and cut the metal perfectly. It will not damage the blade or the metal at any angle; instead, the metal cutting blade will cut the metal.

Final thoughts

The diamond blade has all the features and ability to cut the metal. You have to buy a high-quality diamond edge that you can use to cut anything. Moreover, the quality diamond blade can cut the aluminum, steel, rebar, and any metal surfaces. So, you can use the diamond blade to cut the metal.