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Can Fleas Live on Furniture or Couch? (Read This First!)

Fleas not only annoy pets but are a problem to humans as well. Their bites can transmit diseases. You will find them in your pets and various corners of your home. If you fail to control them properly, they may invade the entire house. Fleas also bite humans. 

What are the places they are likely to be found in a house? It is what we are going to find out today. Stay with us for more information.  

Can fleas live on furniture?

Fleas live on the furniture. The bedding and upholstered furniture are cozy homes for fleas, flea eggs, and larvae. Without food, they may lose life within 5 to two weeks. However, fleas multiply within a short period. You may notice them in every corner if cannot control them from the beginning. 

We brought different types of furniture here to observe if fleas can dwell in them.  

Leather furniture: 

Fleas in leather furniture do not necessarily dwell on the top. Instead, you will find them inside the cracks and underneath the cushions. Adult fleas cannot survive for long without a host. The larvae and eggs, however, can live for several months.  

Outdoor furniture: 

The corners and hiding places in the yard could be a suitable ground for fleas. They are seen in the gaps and cracks instead of in the open places. The diatomaceous earth can terminate the existing ones causing dehydration and cutting into their exoskeleton.

Wood furniture: 

Wood furniture is also not safe from flea infestation. You will find them on the edges, or in cracks, or inside the cushions. Though adults do not last for long, the eggs and larvae will stay for several months. 

Use 90 percent warm water with five drops of lavender oil or cedar oil to get eliminate them.

Patio furniture: 

You can find fleas on the patio furniture as well. Though this furniture may be made safe from insects, fleas are seen in the cracks, and inside cushions. For patio furniture, we can introduce diatomaceous earth outdoors.

How long can fleas live on furniture? How long can they survive without a host?

In ideal circumstances, fleas can live on furniture for almost two weeks. Nevertheless, the eggs, immature fleas, and larvae live for many months. Therefore, even if you treat your pets, they may get re-infested.

Adult fleas can live for only a few days to 2 weeks without the ideal living condition or the host. The standard scenario implies the presence of a host. On short-haired cats and dogs, they survive for about eight days. While on long-haired animals or pets, fleas live for longer days.

The best possible way to prevent them from coming back is to take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

What do flea eggs look like on furniture?

Fleas are tiny insects. The adult fleas are black and can escape fast. It is difficult to catch and terminate them using hands. The eggs they lay are slightly different. They are microscopic.

Under a microscope, they resemble tiny rice grains, have an oval shape, and are whitish. They are 1/50inches or 0.5mm, about the size of a grain of salt or sand. 

The appearance may change over time, especially the color. In the beginning stage, the color may appear almost translucent. But as time progresses, the eggs become bright and solid white.  

Unlike adult fleas which survive for almost two weeks, tiny eggs can survive several months. You can find them in places such as the corners, cracks, and edges of the furniture, inside the cushions, and underneath the beds.

How do you get rid of fleas on furniture?

Flea infestation is a common issue if you have pets. By now, we know the possible places we can see them in our houses. One usual place is the cracks and underneath of the furniture. Here we have explained how to remove fleas from the furniture step by step.  


Start vacuuming every day whenever you notice fleas. Make sure to remove all the cushions, vacuum the corners, the surface, and below the furniture. Use a good quality suction vacuum cleaner. Do not miss the inaccessible spots. If needed, move the furniture for better access. 

Clean and sanitize: 

Take off the covers from the cushions and the furniture. Clean them with soap and water. However, this may not fully work as flea eggs and larvae reside in unreachable areas. 

Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth helps terminate fleas through dehydration and cutting into the exoskeletons. Sprinkle the powder in all of the possible places. Let it sit for a day or two. Then follow up with vacuuming. Dump the dust outside. 

You can also use borate-based powder. Also, do not forget to vacuum over and beneath the carpets and beddings. 

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Will fleas go away on their own? What to spray on furniture to terminate fleas?

Fleas when entering your home are not just one but are numerous in number. If you are lucky, they may go on their own. It is not easy to get rid of them. 

Though adult fleas may go away within a few days to two weeks, the eggs and larvae remain. Again, they may continuously infest the pets and the house when left untreated. Even treating your pets may not suffice. Also, do not only target the areas where your pets reside or sit.

As soon as you notice them, instantly take proper initiatives. There are many spraying options available. One of the DIY sprays mixtures is 2 liters of water with 4 liters of vinegar, 500ml of lemon juice, and 250ml of witch hazel.

Vacuum all the possible places and the corners before spraying. Follow up with sprinkling the mixture evenly.   

Can fleas live on the couch?

Fleas can live on the couch, especially the corners, cracks, and inside the cushions. Whether your sofa is made of leather or wood or is patio furniture, they can survive in any type. Adult fleas live only a few days to two weeks without a host. The eggs and larvae can survive several months.

Leather couch:

Fleas can survive on a leather couch. The material is not offensive to their growth. Fleas can be seen on the crack and underneath the cushions of a leather couch. They do not live on the surface of the furniture. 

Fleas can still invade even if a leather couch is kept on the patio. However, adult fleas cannot survive for long without a host. However, the larvae and eggs can stay for several months. 

It is thus necessary that we eliminate them as soon as we notice their existence. Otherwise, fleas will multiply within a short period and infest the pets continuously. Treating only the pets will not do any good. You do not want your pets to fall into sickness. 

To get rid of them, use spray or powder suitable for leather. Use a borax laundry detergent booster or diatomaceous earth along with vacuuming to get the best result. 

Do fleas hide in couches? How long can fleas live on a couch/sofa?

Fleas hide in the couches. It is a usual place to find fleas as pets seem to use couches regularly. They do not live on the surface, though. You will find them in the corners, on the edge, and inside the cushions. 

Not only do the adult fleas dwell in this suitable place, but you will also find flea eggs and larvae.  

The outside or patio couches are also not again the exception. Fleas seem to live comfortably on them as well. However, since the couch is not a host, the adult fleas won’t survive long. Without a host, they can only live for 5 days to two weeks

However, the flea eggs and larvae seem to stay for a long time, almost for several months. If we do not eliminate the fleas and their eggs thoroughly, we should get ready to welcome them continuously. 

How do you get rid of fleas on a couch?

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to get rid of fleas from the couches.  

Take protection:

Wear a knee-length sock and cover yourself. Adult fleas tend to jump on elbows and the legs of humans. 

Empty the couch:

Remove the cushions and covers. Soak them in soapy hot water and clean them thoroughly. 


Now vacuum the cushions with an upholstery brush. Remember to cover every single part, corner, and crack. Vacuuming every day will give the best result. 

Dust bag:

Remove the dust bag from the vacuum immediately. Dump it outside further away from your house. 


Use a spray or powder to terminate the fleas completely. 

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Final Thoughts

Fleas are harmful to pets and humans. Apart from infesting cats and dogs, they reside on the corners, cracks, and beneath the bedding and furniture. One must take immediate action as soon as fleas are spotted. Otherwise, they spread and could occur on pets regularly, making them prone to sickness.