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Can I Substitute Ricotta Cheese for Sour Cream? (Answered)

Ricotta cheese is an Italian cheese made from cow, goat, and sheep milk. It’s a famous cheese people use to make different delicious dishes. On the other hand, sour cream is cream made with lactic acid along with the cream.

These are the two most essential ingredients in today’s world. Therefore, people want to know whether they can substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream. We will try to figure out the facts in our writing.

However, you will find different substitutes for sour cream; even you will find better options if you search for a bit. If you have time, keep going and find some excellent ways to make your cooking more delicious and fun.

Can I substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream?

You can substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream. It will be the best substitution. However, there are some differences between these two. Ricotta cheese is made with milk. At the same time, the sour cream is made with milk and lactic acid bacteria. To get the best substitution, add some yogurt.

Cooks also asks what they will use to make cheesecake, baking, Lasagna, baked zilt, and ravioli instead of sour cream. We came up with a great solution in this regard. So, you don’t need to worry about the fact.


To make the cheesecake, you can use Greek yogurt as the best substitute for sour cream. You will find it better than the cream. Here the Greek yogurt comes all the cream and bacteria needed to make the cake perfect,

Moreover, if you use Greek yogurt, it will enhance the taste and make it more delicious. So, you will not miss the taste and flavor by using yogurt instead of sour cream. Though ricotta cheese might not be a ideal substitute.


Plain yogurt is the best thing to use in baking instead of sour cream. It makes it delicious too. Therefore, plain yogurt is the best substitute for sour cream in baking.

If you need to use 1 cup of sour milk, you can replace it with one cup of yogurt. That will do the job correctly. You can use ricotta and yogurt also.


To make Lasagna, you can use cottage cheese. It’s the best option you will ever find. And cottage cheese can perfectly substitute for sour cream. Ricotta is not ideal.

Baked ziti:

In baked ziti, ricotta cheese is the best option. But you are here to get the perfect substitution. In that case, any cheese would do.

But the best one would be the cottage cheese. It will make a great taste of it. And it’s the best substitute for sour cream as well.


Buttermilk is an excellent substitute for sour milk. Also, you can use it to make ravioli too. Therefore, it will not be an issue anymore. Ricotta might not give the texture.

5 reason why ricotta cheese is a good substitute for sour cream

You will find many reasons why ricotta cheese is a good substitute for sour cream. Here we have found the 5 best reasons to show. They will be enough to answer why ricotta cheese is a good one in this regard.


Ricotta cheese comes with healthy ingredients, including low fat. At the same time, the sour cream has more fat.

In this case, if you are worried about your health, you should choose ricotta cheese instead of sour cream. That’s the first reason why ricotta cheese is a good substitution for sour cream.

Grainy texture:

Ricotta cheese has a grainy texture. If you don’t like the sticky and creamy texture, you should go with the ricotta. It’s a good substitute for sour cream in every sense.

Time saving substitute:

If you are running out of sour cream and don’t have time to go to a retail store and buy some, you will find the ricotta cheese a time-saving way if you have it in your kitchen.

You can add a cup of yogurt with the ricotta to get the sour cream taste and flavor. From this scene, you can say that ricotta is a good substitute for sour cream.

Same outcome:

Ricotta and sour cream are different from each other. But they have the same job, which is to make the food delicious. So, you can easily substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream. There will not be any big issue anymore.

Doesn’t change taste:

Some people love to have ricotta cheese to make baking or other bakery things; in that case, you do not use sour cream. It might change the entire taste or the formula as well. Here the ricotta cheese is the best substitute for sour cream.

What is the difference between sour cream and ricotta?

There are some fundamental differences between sour cream and ricotta. Let’s know them in detail.


Ricotta has a grainy texture, whereas sour cream is creamy. That’s the first difference you will find if you use those ingredients regularly.


Ricotta cheese is a sweet ingredient, but the sour cream does not come with any sweet taste. There they are entirely different.


Sour cream comes with a smoother texture because of its cream. On the other hand, the ricotta cheese doesn’t give you the smooth texture anymore because of the cheese.

Add-ons needed to compliment:

To get the perfect taste of the bakery item or other dishes, you need to add an extra yogurt with ricotta cheese. But you can use the sour cream directly without adding anything else.


Sour cream is moisture that works nicely on the cake. In contrast, you will not get the moisture texture if you use ricotta cheese.

How do I substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream?

Ricotta Cheese is the best substitute for Sour Cream. But you need to know how you can substitute it perfectly. If you only use the ricotta cheese, you will not get the actual taste. However, you can easily substitute ricotta cheese for sour cream. In this case, follow some steps to make things practical and more effortless.

Add ricotta:

First, add the ricotta cheese instead of sour cream. You need to mix the things with the cheese. If you want the layer, mix it later before finishing cooking.

Add yogurt:

You can add some yogurt if you like the smooth texture or cream. It will give you the authentic taste of sour cream as well.

Mix and taste:

Now, it’s the final step. Here you need to taste the recipe before you end the cooking process. If you find the taste is slightly sweeter than the sour cream, you can add some more yogurt. It works like magic.

What is a good substitute for sour cream?

There are some excellent substitutes for sour cream. First comes the ricotta cream, And then comes a hundred more. But we will show you the best substitutes for sour cream below.

Cottage Cheese:

Some users find cottage cheese is the best one. They claim that it is far better than sour cream. However, you can use cottage cheese if you don’t have sour cream. It will be a good substitute for sour cream as well.

In most cases, cottage cheese can also substitute ricotta cheese; it will not be a big deal. Make sure you follow the correct method for the perfect substitution.

Greek yogurt:

Here comes another excellent substitute for sour cream. It works like magic. If you add it to your baking or other recipes, you will love the texture, like the sour cream.

Usual Cheese:

You can easily substitute for sour cream with regular cheese as well. Sometimes you will get better results and taste from the usual cheese rather than the sour cream.

In some cases, the sour cream doesn’t go with the recipe. Therefore, you have to use casual cheese. Thus, the usual everyday cheese becomes a good substitute for sour cream.


It’s time to know how buttermilk can substitute sour cream. It’s easy to get to the main point here. Keep in mind; you cannot use buttermilk for every recipe.

Mainly, both the sour cream and buttermilk are from the milk. So, you will get a similar main ingredient. So, using buttermilk instead of sour cream will give you a similar taste and flavor.

Creme Fraiche:

Here comes the best and similar substitute for sour cream. Creme fraiche is also a great one to use in place of sour cream. Since both are cream, you will surely get a creamy texture on the food.

However, the taste might be slightly different, but it won’t be a big deal since you get the main texture here.

Final Thoughts

Ricotta cheese can perfectly substitute sour cream. You will get almost the same taste and flavor in both cases. Add some yogurt if you want to get the 100% result by using ricotta cheese. Sour cream only gives you a smooth texture, whereas cheese will not provide you that unless you add yogurt.