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Can Laundry Detergent Freeze? (All You Need to Know)

Detergent is an essential ingredient in cleaning. When you go for deep or hard floor cleaning, you must use detergent. Detergents can clean strong stains and dust.

On the other hand, detergent needs to be stored. In that case, you can go different ways. But most of the users ask if they freeze the laundry detergent.

To get the best answer to your query, we researched and found a practical solution. Also, we will cover other factors that will help you in some ways. So, keep reading and find all the practical solutions regarding laundry detergent and the best ways to keep it safe.

Can laundry detergent freeze?

Laundry detergent can freeze. It’s not an issue anymore. If you keep the detergent at 12°F or less, the laundry detergent will stick together and freeze. To freeze your laundry detergent quickly, you can put them in your refrigerator. It’s the best way to freeze the laundry detergent.

You can store it in your refrigerator if you have tide laundry detergent. But it will not stick together, and you will not get the tangible item. If you keep it and try to make it freeze, it will be something like jelly.

So, the answer is that Tide laundry detergent will not freeze, but you can store it.

Additionally, if you have dawn laundry detergent, you can also put it in your refrigerator. There will be no issues at all. But the fact is, dawn laundry detergent will not freeze either.

Liquid laundry detergent:

Liquid laundry detergent can be frozen. Therefore, you can put the liquid detergent in your refrigerator and make it stable. You will ideally store it there.

However, you need to ensure that your food departs from the detergent. Otherwise, it will be a mess. Mainly, when you put the liquid detergent in the refrigerator, keep them safely and separately from the foods.

Powder laundry detergent:

You cannot freeze the powder laundry detergent. But you can put them in the refrigerator and store them. But never expect them to get solid and freeze.

It’s not good to freeze the powder laundry detergent. All you can do is put them and make them safe if you have a bulk amount. It will also be good practice to let them outside in a container.

Laundry detergent pods:

Laundry detergent cannot freeze. In most cases, you can freeze the laundry liquid detergent, but you cannot freeze the pods.

Mainly, the pods don’t allow the detergent component to get frozen. Therefore, if you put them at a very low temperature, they will not freeze. Instead, they will stick together.

What happens if laundry detergent freezes? Is it ok or does it go bad?

If you put the laundry detergent on the refrigerator, it will freeze in days or hours. However, you will need to use it soon. What happens then?

When laundry detergent freezes, it will look like an ice ball. In that case, all the components stick together. To make it every day, you need to keep it at room temperature and let it depart.

After an hour or so, you will get the detergent as you buy it. Now you can use it safely. But it will not lose its effectiveness. And it will be okay.  

But if you freeze liquid laundry detergent, you need to be a bit careful. Since the liquid detergent will completely freeze, you will lose some of its effectiveness. But that’s not a big deal.

In that case, you might find some watery texture that might not be there when you buy it—nothing to worry about the water. You can still use them and get the things cleaned.

What to do if laundry detergent freezes?

If laundry detergent freezes, you don’t need to panic. It’s a usual fact. However, you need to follow some steps and make it defrost quickly. After that, you can use it again.

Keep in room temperature:

The first step is to keep your frozen detergent at room temperature. It might be around 20 to 30F. Avoid using any heater to defrost the detergent. It will ruin the components.

Don’t heat them:

Don’t hurry; you will need to wait for hours. Let it defrost naturally. Don’t use your heater or anything to defrost it quickly.

Your detergent components can’t bear the high temperature. If you heat them, they will lose their effectiveness. So, you need to make sure that you use room temperature to defrost the frozen laundry detergent.

Don’t use in hot water:

After getting the defrost detergent, try to use it in the usual ways. Don’t use them with hot water. You can use the normal water here. If needed, you can and some warm water that is not too hot.

Don’t use directly after defrosting:

If you freeze the pods and powder laundry detergent, you need to avoid using any hot water. Also, you should avoid using it directly after defrosting. At least, wait for some time until the pods and powder get to the average temperature.

What temp does laundry detergent freeze?

Usually, laundry detergent freezes at a very low temp. If you make the temperature 10-12 degrees F, it will turn into an ice ball. However, you can only follow this method to freeze the liquid laundry detergent.

If you have other kinds of laundry detergent, pods, or powder, you need to use different temperatures. Sometimes, it would be better if you kept them at room temperature. In particular cases, you cannot freeze the laundry detergent if it comes as a powder.

However, you can use the refrigerator as the best place to keep your detergent safe and sound. Laundry detergent doesn’t lose its effectiveness. Instead, you will find it helpful after months or weeks.  

How long does it take for laundry detergent to freeze?

Usually, laundry detergent takes about two days to freeze. Sometimes, the time will vary depending on the types of laundry detergent. If you keep it in your refrigerator for weeks, it will be safe and get frozen.

As we said before, the liquid detergent will freeze sooner than the powder or pods laundry detergent. If you want to freeze your powder laundry detergent, it will take around seven days. But in most cases, you cannot wholly freeze the powder.

On the other hand, you cannot freeze laundry detergent at all if you have laundry detergent. They will remain the same. But, if you keep them at a shallow temperature, let’s say minus temperature, they will stick together.

Will laundry detergent freeze if left outside, left in a car, or stored in the garage?

Laundry detergent will not freeze if left outside. It will only freeze if it is left at a very low temperature. Now comes the exciting part.

Laundry detergent will freeze if your outside is covered with snowfall and ice. The same goes for the car. If your car has an average temperature, laundry detergent will not freeze. Laundry detergent will not get the lowest temperature to be frozen.

However, if you store laundry detergent in the garage, it will not freeze. It’s impossible to keep your garage cool enough to make the detergent freeze. If you want to freeze the laundry detergent, put it in your fridge.

Can you use frozen laundry detergent?

You can surely use the frozen laundry detergent. But you need to avoid using hot water. If you use it for normal cases and cleaning purposes, it will be perfectly okay to use the frozen detergent.

Before that, you need to defrost the frozen laundry detergent. Here you must follow our steps to make it useful and save it from losing effectiveness. In our previous section, we described the four best tips for defrosting the frozen detergent.

Follow those steps and use your frozen laundry detergent easily. There will be no issues at all. Keep in mind; you cannot use the same formula or method to store and freeze all types of laundry detergents.

What should be the laundry detergent storage temperature?

The laundry detergent storage temperature should be around 12-25 F degrees. You cannot use the high temperature here. You must keep the temperature very low. Otherwise, you will fail to store the laundry detergent.

However, the temperature varies from detergent to detergent. If you use powder detergent, you need to lower the temperature. In some particular cases, keeping your laundry detergent at room temperature is advised.

Furthermore, you cannot store the laundry detergent at a high temperature. The hot weather or the heat will destroy the effectiveness of the ingredients. That’s why you should avoid using a heater or hot temperature to store the laundry detergent.

Final thoughts

Laundry can freeze if you keep them at a very low temperature. However, laundry detergent can bear a low temperature since it comes in liquid or soap. However, you should avoid using any heater or hot temperature to store them. The detergent will lose its effectiveness.