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Can Pine Be Used for Exterior Siding? (Quick Answers)

Choosing the right siding for your home is quite a task. You will have to carefully select the suitable material for the siding in order to ensure that your home lasts long and stays well. 

There are so many varieties of wood that make an appropriate choice for a house siding, that it gets quite baffling when you start researching for your home. 

We have designed this article to make things easier for you. Read ahead to learn more about whether pine can be used for exterior siding and how you can make the best use of it. 

Pine for exterior siding

Pine can most definitely be used for exterior siding. It makes a very durable choice for your home. It is warp and rot-resistant. In addition, pine is quite affordable compared to other exterior siding materials. While there are a few cons to it as well, the pros are likely to outweigh them. 

Pine often makes a good choice for exterior siding. Pine is often regarded as one of the best choices for exterior siding as there are so many advantages to it. You will be able to enjoy a nice rot-free experience when you install exterior siding made of pine. 

In addition, you will be able to maintain a nice siding in your home for a long time. There will be very little to no damage due to the elements of nature if you use pine material for exterior siding. Pine offers a long-lasting service for your home. 

Pine is also warp-resistant. It will not catch rot or warp, which makes it a great choice for your home. Moreover, pine is a rather affordable choice for your home. You will not need to break your bank in order to install an exterior siding made of pine. 

The cost of pine is much lower compared to other wood on the market. But its quality is equally as good. So this is particularly helpful for people who are installing a siding around a big house. It helps your budget. 

In addition, you should note that you will need to inspect your siding every once in a while. You will need to check on your house siding in order to check for any cracks or potential damages. This will help you maintain a nice siding for a long time. 

It is also easy to maintain a pine siding. You can paint it with a solid color stain to protect the exterior siding from UV rays and other weather damages. You can also treat it with some fire-retardant chemicals without causing any issue with the pine exterior. 

Is pine siding durable? How long does pine siding last? 

Yes, pine siding is durable. Pine sidings come with a promise of long-lasting service. You will be able to enjoy the service of these exteriors for half a lifetime. 

Pine siding is durable and can last as long as 20 years. If you can take good care of these sidings, they will last even longer. 

But you will have to make sure that you are using quality pine for this job. Since the material will need to fight against the elements of nature, you will need to make sure that you are getting the best pine for the job. Check the pine well for any cracks or premature damage. 

You do not want to get a pine that has potential damage or small cracks on its surface. Pine is quite affordable and easy to maintain. You will not have to count a lot of money in order for it to last long. 

You can use solid-colored paint that is protected against UV rays and elements of nature. 

Is pine good for exterior siding?

Yes, pine is good for exterior siding. Read ahead to learn more about the types of pine and whether they are good for exterior siding: 

White pine: 

White pine is incredibly well for exterior siding. This material is not only durable and easy to maintain, but it is also quite economical. The material is very commonly used in the construction industry. It is also commonly used to make log homes. 

These pine materials are commonly used in houses that need lumbers that will be able to deal with harsh weather conditions with their strong durability and sturdy quality. 

The material is a standard in and of itself. The wood is great. It also offers a great finish to your home, offering a very lucrative view. You will be able to use paints that offer protection against UV rays and elements of nature, so maintenance is quite easy as well.  

Yellow pine: 

Yellow pine is another popular choice among home builders. This wood offers a beautiful golden color finish. And the texture of this material is a treat to look at. 

So all in all, it makes a good choice for your home. It is particularly useful in building drop siding. 

Pros and cons of using pine for exterior siding:

There are several pros and cons of using pine for exterior siding. Let’s read ahead to learn more about the pros and cons of exterior siding: 



pine exterior sidings have a reputation for lasting a long time. You can expect a long time service from these exterior sidings. The pine exterior has been known to last as long as 20 years. Even more, if you can take proper care of them. 


maintenance of exteriors made of pine wood is relatively easy as well. You will not have to spend a lot on taking care of the exterior when it is made of pine wood. 

So this will help you keep a relatively lower cost when it comes to taking care of the house. This wood will not need many extensive treatments when damaged. 

Cool texture:

the pine wood gives a nice texture to your home. You will be able to paint any solid color on the surface of the exterior. And if you want, you can also keep it as it is naturally. 

The texture that this wood offers is quite brilliant as it is. 

Easy to mold:

pine is rather easy to mold, which will allow you to bring any shape out of the timber as you want. This will help you to design the exterior of the house to match the individual shape and style of the house. 

Traditional appearance:

the pine exterior offers a rather traditional appearance to your home. You can achieve a fusion-type look with it. You can get both a modern look and a traditional look with this timber exterior. 


Shrinks and swells:

the wood is prone to shrinking and swelling rather quickly compared to other wood exteriors. So you will need to use protective layers on top of it if you are living in a region where the moisture level fluctuates too often. 

Not as versatile:

the wood will not allow you to add much of a modern look to your home. So you will not be able to draw as much versatility with it as you can with other wood types. 

How do you protect exterior pine siding?

Let’s figure out how to keep your exterior pine siding well for a long time. There are a few steps that you can take in order to maintain good health for your exterior pine siding. 

You can seal the pine wood exterior with good quality oil. This will ensure a long-lasting service from the exterior. Make sure to seal the wood using linseed oil or danish oil. Repeat this process every once in a while.

This will allow you to maintain a nice texture on the siding as well. In addition, you will be able to keep a light blond color on the surface using this oil as well. 

Does exterior pine siding need to be sealed? 

Yes, exterior pine siding will need to be sealed. Let’s take a look at what would be the ideal time to seal the exterior pine siding. Read ahead to learn more: 

Before painting: 

Make sure to seal the pine siding with water repellent preservatives before painting. This is particularly important because pine sidings are prone to shrinking and swelling. They are reactive to moisture. 

So if you live in a region where moisture level fluctuates too often, you should apply this seal before painting. 

Before staining: 

You can use a polyurethane sealer before staining the exterior pine siding. This will keep the siding in good health for a long time. You can also use a paint job pad for the task. 

Final thoughts

You can use pine for exterior siding. Pine lumber is particularly useful due to its long-lasting service and highly durable support. The lumber also promises affordable siding. Pine is a rather low-maintenance material for exterior siding. However, you will need to seal it every once in a while.