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Can You Lacquer Over Chalk Paint? (Answered)

Chalk paints are used by many people to give their decorative pieces or furniture a vintage look. This type of paint looks matte and chalky when applied also it’s very smooth to use. 

But if you want your chalk-painted furniture or décor to be more durable you have to rely on something else too.

That’s when people think of a finishing to layer over their chalk-painted pieces, for example, lacquer. Lacquers these days are getting much attention as it protects paints from damaging and getting dull.

You may want to cover your chalk-painted surfaces with lacquer too but can you do that? Does lacquer over chalk paint give a satisfactory result?

Let’s know if you can lacquer over chalk paint!

Can you lacquer over chalk paint?

Chalk-painted surfaces can be covered with lacquer. Lacquer creates a layer over the paint so the paint lasts longer and becomes less vulnerable to damage and spots. Lacquer over chalk paint doesn’t ruin the matte effect of the paint since there are both matte and gloss lacquers available.

Chalk paints are great for creating an aesthetic vibe. They give a matt finish to your décor items, furniture. But when it comes to longevity they are in the back seat.

Chalk-painted surfaces have a tendency to get damaged or fade time. Moreover, when wiped regularly they gradually lose their vibrant color and finishing. So it’s important to seal chalk paints.

Lacquer is a good option to apply over chalk paint. It’s a strong, durable coating that you can use over chalk paint. It’s transparent so doesn’t interfere with the color but creates a fine strong layer over it making it brighter.

Now let’s know what lacquers can be used over chalk paint:

Gloss clear lacquer:

Gloss clear lacquer is a clear enamel that creates a hard layer on surfaces. You can apply Gloss clear lacquer over chalk paint if you want a glossy look on the painted surface. 

It will change the matte finish of the chalk paint to glossy but won’t ruin the color.  


Rustoleum lacquer is a transparent coat that can be put over matte paint such as chalk paint. It will secure the painted surface from fading out. Besides, the color will look much more vibrant with it.

Food-grade lacquer:

Food-grade lacquers are perfect for applying over furniture like a dining table or tea table that has chalk paint over them. Since it’s safe around edible things, those surfaces won’t react negatively. 

Rather it will be safe from stains or damages done by crockery or food items.

Annie sola lacquer:

Annie sola lacquer is famous for its long-lasting finish over chalk paints. Its’ strong coating protects the color from tarnishing and fading. It’s also suitable to use on outdoor surfaces that have chalk paint over them.

Can you spray lacquer over chalk paint? What lacquer to use on chalk paint?

Lacquer can be sprayed over chalk paint. It will give the similar smooth finish that a lacquer gives when brushed over chalk paint.

Lacquer is applied over any painted surface to make that long-lasting. Other than protecting the painted surface lacquer seals the color of the surface and keeps it vibrant for a long time.

Chalk paints are not that durable thus coating them with lacquer is needed. Just like brushing over, you can spray lacquer over chalk paint. It will give a smoother and matte finish as there is no risk of overlapping.

For chalk-painted surfaces, most people select lacquer that gives a matte finish. Some even use glossy ones to give the paint a little shine and make the paint stronger. You can choose from brands Annie Sloan lacquer, Rust-Oleum Furniture Lacquer, etc.

Three reasons why you can use lacquer over chalk paint

Lacquer is used a lot over paints to keep them sealed. But a lot of people don’t feel the urge to use lacquer over the chalk-painted surface. Even if a few people want to, they hesitate if they can apply a coating over chalk paint.

Here are three reasons to let you know why you can give your chalk painted surface a lacquer finish:

Lacquer protects the texture: 

Chalk paints aren’t durable comparing other paints. They surely offer a nice appearance but get damaged too soon when coming in contact with water, dust, or sunlight frequently.

Using lacquer over a chalk-painted surface secure the texture of the surface thus fluid, heat or weather can’t damage it.

Lacquer prevents the color from fading: 

Colors on any surface fade over time but chalk paint is a bit fast in this case. The soothing matte paint looks dull too quick if not sealed with a coating.

Also as lacquer creates a thin yet strong layer over the paint, water, sunlight or foul weather can barely affect the color.

Lacquer makes the paint vibrant: 

When you use lacquer over chalk paint it enhances the shade. Usually, chalk paints that are lighter in shade look whitish after some time. Lacquer layered over the paint don’t let that happen instead it makes the surface look more vibrant.

Lacquer over chalk paint preserves its brightness and keeps it shiny as new.

Is wax or lacquer better over Chalk Paint?

Wax is an oil-based coating. Wax, when applied over chalk paint, darkens the color slightly. Moreover, Wax leaves a shiny finish which many people don’t want on their matte finish done by chalk paint.

To cover a piece with wax sometimes more than one application is needed. So it’s time-consuming. Again, too many layers can ruin the smoothness of a surface.

Lacquer on the other hand is water-based. It’s much lighter than any other finishing so doesn’t make a surface uneven. It’s transparent so hardly ruins the original shade of the chalk paint.

Lacquer is available both in matte and glossy format. So people can use it over chalk paint and still can have a matte finish.

Now if you want a matte, quick and smooth coating over chalk paint, it’s better to go for lacquer rather than wax.

How do you apply lacquer over chalk paint?

Putting lacquer over your chalk-painted pieces is an effective way to protect them from damage and keep them new-looking for years. But to get the best result you must apply lacquer properly following some basic steps.

Here we’ve shared four easy steps in brief so that you can lacquer over chalk paint perfectly!

Choose your tools: 

To coat lacquer over chalk paint first you have to choose what tool you will be using. You can use a brush or sponge roller according to your convenience.

But it’s better to use a roller for a spacious surface.

Stir the lacquer: 

Before dipping the brush into the lacquer pot stir the liquid well so that you can apply it smoothly.

Pour the lacquer on a smooth surface: 

For easy application pour some lacquer into a tray or on a flat surface.

Charge the roller with lacquer

Load the roller using lacquer. Don’t take a lot at once. Remove access lacquer to avoid over-lapping.

Roll it over the surface evenly: 

Roll the sponge roller all over the chalk-painted surface. Try different angles for better coverage. Make sure you are covering every portion evenly.

Put lacquer in the corners: 

Using a small brush apply lacquer over the edges and corners. Don’t leave any part uncovered.


Repeat the whole procedure after the first layer is dried for the best result. Applying lacquer twice all over the surface makes it more durable and smooth.

Final Thoughts:

You can lacquer over chalk paint without ruining its matte appearance. Lacquer when applied over a chalk-painted surface creates a thin yet strong layer over it. Thus this coating protects the chalk-painted surface from various damage. It also seals the paint, brightens it, and makes it durable.