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Can You Put a Box Spring on Top of Slats? (Answered)

The wooden or metal base used in a bed is known as slats. Similarly, box springs are also a bed base covered with a wooden frame consisting of spring and fabrics. Basically, both box springs and slats are used as bases interchangeably. But can you put them together on the bed? Let’s find it out.

Can you put a box spring on top of the slats?

Box springs and slats are two types of bases for bed, which one can use interchangeably or together. When one uses a box spring on top of slats, the bed become a little higher than usual. Some of the beds are built with wooden slats. Using both doesn’t help the bed to support more.

Though you can use them together, that doesn’t mean it will allow you extra weight support. Still, you tend to use them together you can surely place them on the bed.

When people need extra height, they can use a box spring and wooden slats. It will not harm the bed but add extra size and weight.

Wood slats:

Wood slats have several usages. Wood slats are used to make walls or interior designing and sometimes wooden furniture and wooden houses.

Moreover, one can easily give aesthetic architectural touch inside of their home using wood slats. Typically, wooden slats are used as a base of a bed.

Traditionally wooden slats were popular. But now metal slats are becoming popular day by day.

When someone puts a mattress on the wooden slats, it stays perfectly over them. The height of wooden slats is not as high as the box spring beds.

Between these wooden slats, two types of planks are used for better durability. The functionality of both the planks varies as per the weight is applied.

Some good things about slats are wooden slats are not expensive. These slats can be replaced without any hassle.

Slats can provide some space underneath the bed and are suitable for your mattress. Lastly, the wooden slats’ design is enduring and attractive.

On the other hand, the bad thing about slats is wooden slats need to be assembled initially. So, assembling can be tricky as slats have to fit all over the bed. A thick mattress is required in order to reduce the rugged feel.

Do you need slats with a box spring IKEA?

For IKEA beds, slats are essential. The IKEA bed frame is made in a way so that the slats can be set easily.

On the other hand, standard-sized slats are highly affordable and available in IKEA. There are options for you to choose whether you want to buy some costly slats or not.

Before buying box springs for the IKEA bed, one needs to know that the IKEA beds are perfect for a mattress or slats, not for an extra box spring. The box spring will not match the IKEA bed’s frame.

Another important thing while buying an IKEA bed is that the IKEA mattresses are designed for a slats bed.

However, it will be unnecessary to purchase box springs for IKEA bed mattresses. As IKEA mattresses are comfortable enough, you can buy a mid-beam from IKEA to raise the height.

When it is ok to put the bed spring on the slats?

Box springs are usually used to give extra support and comfort to the bed. But these days people use slats and comfortable mattresses. While the mattresses are thicker and can absorb considerable shock, box springs are unnecessary.

However, if you still want to include box springs in your bed, buy a bed spring suitable for the bed frame and mattress.

When your mattresses are thinner and cannot stand firm to a certain level of shock, then you should buy box springs. Also, to increase the height of your bed, you put the bed spring on the slats.

5 reasons why you can put box spring on slats

There are several reasons why you can add a box spring on slats. Let’s get to know them.

Traditional Mattress Requires Box Springs:

Traditional mattresses are thin, and most of them have innerspring in them.

Foam mattresses such as memory foam mattresses, gel foam mattresses, hybrid foam mattresses, and latex foam mattresses are not suitable to use on a box spring.

Box Spring Can elevate your bed for some Inches:

The best thing about the box spring is that it will elevate your bed some inches upper than usual. You can quickly get up from the bed and do your work. Moreover, the higher the bed, the better airflow will pass through. So, the sleeper will get fresh and cozy sleep from the bed.

Supporting Your Bed Frame:

Box spring is required for some bed frame designs. Box spring gives support to those bed frames. Generally, a collapsible bed frame requires to have box spring.

To have central support, a collapsible bed frame needs to have a box spring. A collapsible bed frame needs a box spring to have central support.

Shock Absorber:

There are literal springs inside of the box spring, which is covered with different fabrics. The springs inside the box spring absorb most of the shock your mattresses take.

The shock-sharing capability increases the longevity of your mattress, and it helps you sleep and do things without any strain.

Increase Mattress Sustainability:

Selected mattresses on a box spring stay more extended time. The shock-absorbing capability of the box spring helps the mattress and your bed.

How to fix box spring on slats?

To place the box spring on slats, you need to make sure that you follow the proper steps. Check the below-given instructions to do it properly.

Prepare Your Bed Frame:

There are mainly two types of bed frame slats. One is solid, and another is sprung. The solid slats are made from strong pine wood.

On the other hand, sprung slats are highly flexible, and they are kind of functional. Nowadays, metal slats bed frames are available too.

So prepare your bed frame so that you can set both the box spring and slats. Solid slats are mostly recommended to put box springs over them.

Put the Box Spring:

Box springs and Slats work as a base. Here both are used, so both will work as a base of the bed. Some of the bed is made to take box spring, some are not.

As you will add box spring over slats, then take a box spring adjusted with the frame size of the bed. So that the box spring doesn’t move anyway and create any discomfort.

After adjusting the box spring on the slats, make sure to see enough room for airflow. Box spring will help you keep the slats stain out of your mattress.

Put Mattress Over the Box Spring:

After all, the last step is putting a mattress over your box spring. Not all mattresses are suitable for box springs.

If you doubt placing your mattress, check it online or talk with the retailer before purchasing. To see if the mattress is ideal for putting on the box spring or not.

Can you use a box spring without slats?

There are different types of box springs. One is box-based, and the other has the spring material covered. The box-based one needs to have slats under them, but the other type doesn’t need any slats.

Without slats, the bed will not be strong and durable. If there are no slats, the box springs frame may not pull the weight properly. Slats are designed to distribute the weight throughout the bed, which ensures durability.

Moreover, box springs frames are not strong enough without any support from the slats. Slats are used to keep the bed frame strong to stay firm. To conclude, box springs are good but not good enough to use without any slats under them.

Do I need a boxspring if I have slats?

Box springs give extra support, longevity, height, absorption of shock, maintaining proper airflow, and avoiding molds to grow outside of the mattresses. Mattresses nowadays can provide all these things quickly.

As for you do not need a box spring if you have slats.

Extra inclusion of box spring is a burden as the weight increases. Many beds manufacturer doesn’t recommend box springs.

Beds manufacturers nowadays provide all the information on their website or in the retailer shop.

So, before buying a bed, make sure to check all the necessities. Box springs are recommended only you use metal slats, need to raise the height, and your mattress needs to have box springs underneath.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, foam mattresses don’t require to have box springs. But innerspring mattresses require a box spring bed. On the other hand, slats are a strong base, which may stain your mattress. So, the box spring and slats help your bed elevate and give better airflow. You can use box springs over slats.