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Can You Put Dresser in Front of Window? (Quick Answers)

Want to add a stylish and relaxing touch to your home décor, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps the dresser is the right choice for you!

Versatile and easy to adapt, this piece of furniture can be used in a variety of ways. In case of lack of space, you might consider putting it in front of a window. How realistic is that? Let’s figure out the answers.

Putting dresser in front of a window

A dresser can be positioned in front of a window. Ensure that the dresser is not too tall so that it does not obstruct your view. Ensure that the window has enough clearance below so that objects on the floor will not strike the panes. Consider hanging curtains or blinds in front of the dresser.

However, this can vary depending on the specific window. As long as the dresser is securely attached and does not obstruct sunlight or airflow, you may be able to place it in front of the window.

You should make sure that any furniture you purchase is compatible with your windows and climate conditions to ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

A dresser in front of a window can add some style or storage to your home. Make sure the dresser is not too tall so it won’t obstruct your view, and that there is enough clearance below it for objects on the floor not to hit the window panes.

Before buying a dresser, decide if you want curtains or blinds in front of it.

Is it ok?

The placement of a dresser in front of a window can be an option. However, it is important to ensure that the furniture does not obstruct your view and that there is adequate clearance beneath it.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider covering the dresser with curtains or blinds.

A dresser’s and window’s style will determine how it looks. If you have a standard-sized dresser that can fit in front of your window, then yes, you can put it there.

However, if the dresser is too large or if it blocks any part of your view from outside, then it would not be appropriate to place it in front of the window.

Things to consider while putting dresser in front of a window

Dressers should be considered for placement in front of windows based on their height, clearance, and type. Ensure that natural light from the outside is not blocked. The requirements are as follows.

The height of the dresser:

When putting a dresser in front of a window, you have to consider the height of the dresser. The dresser might obstruct your view from the outside if it is too high.

The clearance below the dresser:

Objects on the floor shouldn’t hit your window panes if you place the address in front of a window. Additionally, make sure there’s enough clearance on either side of the dresser to let people walk by without bumping into it.

The type of dresser:

Different types of dressers are available on the market. You might not be able to put a tall dresser in front of your window if your room is small. You will either have to get a shorter one or find another place for it in this case.

Natural light:

Ensure that your dresser doesn’t block natural light. Your window should provide a clear view of the outside. It might be a good idea to move a dresser that blocks your window light.

Comfortable with the dresser being in front of the window:

Consider looking for another space if you don’t like having a dresser in front of your window. Make sure you are comfortable with the height and clearance if it must be placed in front of the window.

Saves space:

You might be able to save some space on your dresser if you can find a place closer to the window. By doing this, you can conserve floor space in your room and free up more for other things.

Create balance and practical:

When putting a dresser in front of a window, make sure it creates balance. Putting a dresser in front of a window can save you space.

Finding a way to do so without compromising your room’s layout or aesthetic is what you should focus on if you can. Nevertheless, if the dresser takes up too much space or creates too much imbalance, it might not be worth it.

How to put dresser in front of window?

Getting a dresser to fit in front of a window is easy if you know what measurement to use. You can put a dresser in front of a window by following these steps.


Take a look at your room’s blueprint first. Determine how much space you have in front of your window. You can use a tape measure for this.

After that, measure your dresser’s height. Subtract the height of your dresser from the measurement that you took from the blueprint. Using this measurement, you can approximate the clearance below the dresser.

Attach the railings:

For attaching the railings, you will need to drill a hole in your wall and fit the railing into it. After that, you can screw it in place. Make sure your dresser stays straight during installation by measuring and marking the holes with a level.

Install the dresser:

You are now ready to install your dresser. First, turn it over so that the top faces south and mark where the railings will go. Measuring your dresser should take both height and width into consideration.

After marking the location of the railing, remove the old furniture by hand or with a ladder. Ensure that your dresser can be accessed from both sides by moving everything out of the way.

Bring the dresser closer to the window by slowly moving it. Ensure that there is a minimum 5-inch gap between the window and the wall.

Final Touch:

Afterward, screw the railings into the wood of your dresser. When screwing them in, ensure that your dresser is straight by using a level.

Where should you place a dresser?

When placing your dresser, consider a few things. Make sure you have enough counter space and storage in your space.

Additionally, consider whether sunlight will hit your dresser directly and if any furniture may obstruct the light. Based on those factors, here is where a dresser should be placed.

Next to the bed:

Placing a dresser near the bed is a great way to use it as a makeshift nightstand. Additionally, you will have easy access to your travel bag and other necessities while sleeping. However, it also gives you plenty of counter space for beauty products.

In an open floor plan:

Instead of cramming your dresser against one wall or under low-hanging furniture. Place it in an open floor plan so that people can walk by without bumping into it.

Everyone can easily access their clothes this way, without getting tangled up in piles of clothes.

In the front room:

Consider placing your dresser in the front room of your home if you have an open floor plan and wish to maximize your storage space.

Thus, everyone will be able to easily access their clothes without having to take up valuable counter space on top of their clothes. Furthermore, it will make it easier to see what is inside if you’re looking for something in particular when you open it.

Near a window:

It is a good idea to place your dresser near a window if you have natural light coming in from the outside. You will be able to maintain a crisp and clean appearance for as long as possible by doing this.

Across the bed:

When there isn’t enough counter space in your bedroom and your dresser is too big to fit anywhere else, consider placing it across the bed. You will still have plenty of space to store clothing and accessories, but they will be just out of reach when you need them.

The corner of the room:

Place your dresser in a corner of the room that needs some extra storage. Furthermore, it will create an attractive focal point in the room as well as plenty of counter space.

Final Thoughts

Dressers can be placed in front of windows if they do not block natural light. The dresser should be able to be walked past without bumping into it. Alternatively, you may place the dresser across the bed. Make sure it fits well in the corner and does not obstruct the view.