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Can You Put Thompsons Water Seal Over Stained Wood?

We have a stained wood area in our house where we typically spend time and enjoy seeping into the coffee. It has become an essential part of our daily life. What if it goes old and loses the shiny look? We should use any sealer to make it alive.

When you search for the water sealer in a local hardware shop, the shopkeeper will give you hundreds of different options. You need to choose the best one regarding the stained wood. Here is the Thompson’s water seal, which is an excellent sealer.

Can you put Thompsons water seal over stained wood?

You can put Thompsons water seal over stained wood. Using such an excellent sealer over the stained wood will be wise to return the shiny look and make it more lively. Moreover, you can use Thompsons sealer in three different ways to get the same result. You can apply it to every wood.

Thompson is such an excellent sealer suitable for both oil-based and water-based stained wood. You will get a similar shining look from all the wood surfaces. It will also protect the wood from damage.

Water-based stained wood:

Since most stained wood is water-based, you must want to know whether you can apply the Thompson’s water sealer on them.

Yes, you can use Thompson’s water sealer on the water-based stained wood. It will be an excellent idea to make the wood look new.

You need to dry the water-based stained wood soon after applying the sealer. And make sure it is dry to get a better result. You can turn the surface into a waterproof surface as well.

Oil-based stained wood:

You can use the Thompsons on oil-based stained wood. It will create a protective layer on the oily wood, which will last for years.

Moreover, the sealer will stick to the oil-based stained wood and make it durable in every way possible.

You can apply the Thompsons sealer with a sprayer or a paint roller. It will be better to avoid the paint pad to use Thompsons on oil-based stained wood.

Spray stained wood:

You might have sprayed stained wood on your house, and you plan to use the Thompsons water seal on it. It’s okay to use the sealer on such a surface. It will not do any damage to the spray-stained wood.

However, you should carefully prepare the spray-stained wood and apply the sealer. You can surely put the Thompson’s water sealer on the spray-stained wood.

3 reasons why you can use Thompson’s water sealer over stained wood

We found three most crucial reasons you can use Thompson’s water sealer over stained wood. Keep with us and explore all of them.

Easy Redecorating:

It might seem difficult to redecorate the old furniture with a sealer if it is too old. Here is the Thompson’s water sealer that will allow you to redecorate or refurnish the old furniture, which will look new and shiny.

Nearly Odorless:

The worst part of applying the sealer on wood is the odor. People sometimes avoid using the sealer due to its pungent smell.

But the Thompson’s water sealer changes the game. It has a mild smell that will not bother you. You will get a very low odor from it.


If you want to durable your stained wood, you should apply Thompson’s water sealer. It will create a protective layer that will last for at least ten years. It will go longer if you take proper care of it.

Can you waterproof wood after staining?

You can waterproof the wood after staining. Thompson’s water sealer turns the stained wood into a waterproof surface. Mainly, it is a waterproof sealer that can turn the wood waterproof after staining.

You need to make sure that there is no water or moisture on the stained wood before applying the Thompson’s water seal. The moisture or water will make it messy, and you will no longer get the waterproof surface.

Does the Thompson water seal change the color of the wood? Does Thompson water seal darken wood?

The Thompson water seal doesn’t change the color of the wood. It is transparent; therefore, when you apply the Thompson water seal on the wood, it comes out with the actual color of the wood with a shiny look.

In addition, the Thompson water seal doesn’t even darken the wood. It remains transparent and takes out the real wood color. If you put too much sealer on the wood, it will remain transparent and darken the wood.

How many coats of Thompson water seal do I need over stained wood?

One coat of Thompson water seal you need over the stained wood. It will be better and will give you the best result as well. If you have old stained wood that looks dull, you can go for the second coat on it.

Remember, you have to put on the second coat within two hours of applying the first coat. You should not use the second coat once the first coat is dry. So, try to give it the second coat within a while before it dries.

How do you apply Thompson Water Seal over stained wood?

You can apply a Thompson water seal over stained wood in three different ways. Paint roller, paint pad, and spray nozzle. These three are all the available ways you can follow to apply the water seal.

With paint roller

Clean The Surface and Dry:

The stained wood needs to be cleaned and dried. If there is any moisture or dust left on the wood, it will ruin the entire seal and finishing. So, deep clean the stained wood, and dry it.

Put the Thompson in a Container:

To apply the Thompson water seal over stained wood with the paint roller, you need to put the entire Thompsons in a container.

You cannot take the seal on the roller and expect to get even paint all over the stained wood. So, take a large bowl or container and put the Thompson in it.

Dip the Roller paint:

You must have the roller paint to the Thompson wood seal over the stained wood. If you put the seal in a container and have the roller paint, you must dip it into the water seal.

Try to get the seal all over the roller to paint and finish. It will be best to entirely dip the roller and get the seal all over it.

Dry it and Avoid water:

After applying the water seal on the wood, you need to dry it soon. You might wait for a few hours and let it dry under direct sun.

In the meantime, you cannot use any water to check whether it is waterproof or not. You should let it dry properly and then apply the or use the water.

With paint pad

Clean the Stained Wood:

The first step is pretty much the same for all the methods. You have to clean the stained wood and make sure there is no moisture. After that, your stained wood is ready for the next step.

Pour the Thompson into a flat container:

You should put all the water seals in a flat container to dip the paint pad.

It will help you to get the water seal more at a time. After pouring the Thompson, you must mix it well and prepare it for the wood.

Apply the Thompson:

Now, it’s time to pay the Thompson using the paint pad. You need to damp the pad into the Thompson and wipe deeply through the entire stained wood properly. Be sure to apply the seal evenly on the surface.

With spray nozzle

Put the Thompson on a Bottle:

You need to put the entire Thompson mixture into a bottle to use the spray nozzle and quickly apply it over the stained wood.

After pouring, you should mix it properly and prepare it to apply. Then close the bottle with the spray nozzle.

Clean the wood and Spray:

You should clean the stained wood by removing dust and debris. Also, be sure to dry it properly. Your stained wood is ready to spray.

You already prepared the Thompsons; it’s time to spray the Thompson all over the stained wood. You should evenly spray and not press the spray for a long time.

Dry & Use:

After successful spraying, you should let it dry for a couple of hours. Make sure water is left and the seal is dried. You can check the surface with your hand.

Final Thoughts

Stained wood can be damaged due to long time use. You might have a dull wood surface, and you want to apply some water seal over that area. You can put Thompson’s water seal over your stained wood. It will protect the surface by creating a waterproof layer on it.