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Can You Screw into Drywall? (All You Need to Know)

Nowadays drywalls are mostly used for walls and ceilings. To hang something in the drywall you need to screw in it. But can you safely screw into the drywall?

We have tried to answer all your confusion regarding the aspect below.

Can you screw into drywall?

You can’t screw into drywall because it won’t be able to hold. Without anchors, the threads of the screw won’t be attached enough tightly. So, when you hang a picture or anything, it’ll immediately pull out. At least you have to put the screw into the wood stud so it doesn’t come out easily.

Though you can screw into drywall, it’s not an appropriate way to screw. Because it won’t be able to hold the weight of more than 10-20 pounds. You will need to screw it on the wall stud to make it much stronger or at least you need anchors.

Without anchors: 

It’s necessary to put the screw with an anchor to make it stronger and long-lasting. Without anchors, the threads of the screw won’t be attached enough tightly. It will work as a support for the screw to hang sometime with that.

But if you don’t have anchors you must have to put the screw into the wood stud which is the structural support of the wall. It’ll be many times stronger as it supports the wall than using anchors or anything else.

Without a drill: 

You can screw into drywall without a drill by using screwdrivers because they serve similarly. But you have to use a drywall anchor and a right screwdriver. Moreover, the anchors with self-threads don’t need pre-drilling holes.

The anchor will spread both sides of the wall while screwing and it will hold the screw and make it strong enough. You may also use a nail and the nail has to be smaller than the screw.

Without a stud:  

Screwing into a stud is the best way to make screws far stronger than anything else. A wood stud is 16”-24” away from the wall and it gives structural support. You may knock the wall to find the stud on the wall.

Without studs to secure the drywall, you must need drywall clips and screwdrivers. You have to attach the clips to the drywall and secure the clips with screws. You may also use the wall anchors without studs to make the screw a bit stronger.

How to screw into drywall?

You can’t screw into drywall without anchors or wood studs. Fix the screw with the wood stud to make it much stronger and permanent. If you don’t find the wood stud, you must screw with an anchor.

To hang something that’s heavy like more than 10 pounds you must have to put an anchor in your drywall. Anchors are the pre-screw installments that are made for the grip of the brittle and work as a supporter of the screw. To screw into drywall with anchors:

Point the spot to place the anchor:

Point a dot or ‘X’ in the wall where you want to put the hanging. It will be easier to remember where the right place is while drilling or screwing.

Choose the right anchor:

You have to choose the right drywall anchor that’ll be suitable for the amount of weight you are going to put on the screw.

Drill according to the size:

you have to drill the hole in the appropriate size. If the hole becomes a little big than requires, the anchor will come out and it will not work. Or else, if the hole becomes a little smaller, you might not be able to get the anchor. 

So, you have to drill slightly smaller than the size of the anchor.

Drill straightly:

You have to drill at a 90- degree angle to make it straight enough. If you don’t have a drill, you can use a screwdriver, hammer, or nail-set. When you have made the hole, you’ll be ready, you can install any anchor.

Attach the screw into the hole:

Repeat the whole pressure for each hanging. This is the last step in which you have to attach the screw into the hole. You must have to put the screw on the hole with the things that you’re going to attach it with.

How far to screw into drywall?

The screw should be not less than ⅝ to ¾ from the wood. The professionals secure the wall by driving the screws 8 inches on the edges. And from the field of the panels, it has to be every 16 inches. 

Also, if you want to install a few screws in your drywall, you have to give 8 inches of space from one hole to another.

The screw has to hold enough sharply to stick in the drywall. It’s far better if it goes on the wood stud. From the edge of the drywall, the screw has to be at least ¼ inch. If it goes deeper, it might pop, or if it’s less than ¼ it might crush the edge of the drywall.

How much weight can you screw into drywall?

If you only screw to the drywall without anchors or attach it with a wood stud, the screw won’t be able to hold much weight. The screw won’t be permanent and tight enough and if someone slams the door, it may come out.

Without anchors, the screw can not hold more than 10 pounds. And the drywall is also brittle enough to hold much weight, so anchors are needed. Anchors play a great role as a supporter of the screw and can hold much weight. 

Self-drilling anchors can hold up to 50 pounds and pre-drilling anchors can hold up to 75 pounds.

How do you get screws to stay in drywall?

Because of the shrinkage of the lumber, screws might pop out from the drywall. There might be faults in warping, bending, twisting, or improper fastening. Also, it indicates that drywall is not secured, and screwing or nailing again won’t work. 

What you have to do is insert a new fastener in a new spot. To get stay screws in the drywall;

Reattach the drywall: 

You have to put new screws in the wall to secure the drywall and you have to make sure that the screw reaches perfectly on the frame. The new screws will work to prevent the new loosen or popped screws from the drywall. To put new screws the steps you need to follow:

  • Give 1-2 inches gap from the popped screw.
  • Below the loosen screw, put another one.
  • Reset the popped or loosen screw or you can permanently remove it.

Repairing the Wall: 

To give a smooth and perfect finish you have to repair the surface and it will prevent the other loosen screws from coming out. As the drywall is very brittle, you need to repair the walls by the steps:

  • Remove the loose pieces and the holes across the wall have to be filled with a spackling compound with a knife that’ll quickly dry.
  • New screws are also needed to cover the spackling compound.
  • Applying the final coat, sand the dried compound, and repaint the area where you used the spackling compound.

How to fix anchors in drywall?

 Anchors work as a supporter of the screw in drywall. To fix anchor in drywall you have to follow these steps:

Choose the anchor and fix the spot:

You have to mark the spot where you want to fix the anchor. Also, you have to choose the anchor according to how much weight you are going to hang.

Twist the wall anchor with pressure:

To install the drywall anchors, you have to drill on the points and keep applying pressure. Also, you must drill it at a 90-degree angle or you can also use a screwdriver. 

You have to continue the pressure until the lip is flush with the wall but don’t tighten much.

Attach screw into the hole:

The last step you have to do is to attach screw in the hole. This is the same process for each hanging. First, attach the screw and then attach the thing you’re going to hang with the screw.

Final thoughts:

Screw into drywall without anchors or attaching with wood stud, won’t make it tight enough to hold hangings or pictures. When you hang a picture the screw will come out immediately. So, you have to put the screw into the wood stud or you need drywall anchors to make it stronger.