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Can You Spray Drylok? (Answered)

Paint covers a room and hides all its imperfections. Moreover, applying paint requires time and effort. The thinner the paint, the easier it is to paint it. Meanwhile, you can use a roller, brush, and spraying machines to paint the surface. But not all paints are suitable for spraying due to their formula.

Following below tips and information regarding if drylok can be sprayed or not would give you an idea of how to apply it.

Can you spray Drylok?

You better not spray drylok. Well, some formulas of Drylok may go with spraying yet some may not. It is wise to not use spray for Drylok as you would rather destroy the sprayer especially if it is an airless sprayer. You should rather use a roller for Drylok as it would hide off all the marks.

Drylok is a durable paint that goes with the wall and floor. Especially concrete walls or stone walls. The security this paint provides is indeed appreciable. Moreover, it provides a barrier to water leakage. It resists water as a result water can not seep into the wall.


Drylok-extreme is known for its water resistivity. It protects the wall not from just water but also strong wind. You can undoubtedly use it in basement areas. Moreover, using Drylok in places that are susceptible to getting damaged by rain or strong wind.

Well, unlike other drylok paints, you can spray drylok-extreme. Though using a roller is always the best option, you can also try spraying it. But spraying will not give you a smooth finish as using the roller. Roller would give a smooth and uneven texture.

Drylok pro:

Drylok pro can be sprayed over the concrete, yet better using a brush or roller. Well, Drylok paints mostly have a high consistency. It can be applied by spraying yet sometimes can cause damage to the sprayer. It can clog the system and cause the system to fail.

You would have to go through a lot to clean the sprayer. Well, it will be a disaster. Instead, use a brush to apply the paint. You would need two coats of Drylok to give the wall desired water resistance. Once the application is finished, you would get a beautiful texture with security.

Pros and cons of using Drylok paint on sprayer:

Drylok paint is suitable for both exterior and interior. Its main function is to provide resistance to water and protect the wall from water and mold damage. The basement and concrete walls are especially suitable to use Drylok paint or you can also use it on stoneworks.


  • It is easier to apply Drylok or any other paint with a sprayer as it saves your time. The airless sprayer will not help as the Drylok paint is thick. But Graco sprayer may work to spray drylok. Spraying can cover up all the hidden parts properly.
  • Distribute the color evenly. You can also use a brush or roller to apply drylok. Yet, the sprayer would ensure all the small parts are also covered. It will not miss any hidden parts.
  • Requires less effort. Using a brush or roller would need manual effort. It is tiresome and you have to check every single coat. In the case of spraying, it is machine work and you do not need to apply the paint by yourself. Moreover, proper air pressure is required for the process.


  • All drylok paints are not suitable for spraying. To spray paint, you would need paint that is thin in texture and their formula only contains chemicals. Meanwhile, Drylok has a thick texture. It would be difficult to spray the paint all over the surface due to its thickness.
  • The spray machine can get damaged by using Drylok paint on it. Drylook paint is really thick in nature. It gets clogged in the system of a spray machine. Moreover, you can not even clean the system properly. As a result, the machine will get damaged and unusable.
  • Should not use random sprayers. Using an airless sprayer would be of no use. Instead, you have to spray the paint with particular pressure. The paint is thick and you need the pressure to push it out. Better not to use a sprayer as there is a high chance of damaging the sprayer.

How to spray Drylok?

Drylok paint is thick and the consistency of the paint is higher. It is like applying a pudding. Drylok is not thin at all, it also contains cement in it. As a result, the paint becomes thicker and can easily get clogged in the spray systems. That’s why it is not recommended to be sprayed.

Nevertheless, some of the Drylok paint like Drylok-extreme or Drylok pro can be sprayed according to the manufacturer. To spray drylok you can follow the rest.

Choose a spray:

Drylok is not actually sprayed supportive. But Graco might be suitable for them. An airless sprayer is forbidden to use. You would need a particular air pressure of almost 1500 to 2000 psi. It may vary with the consistency of the paint. The thicker the paint, the higher pressure it would need.

Better if you do not spray thick paints. The nozzle of the sprayer has to be large. Otherwise, the paint will clog and will not come out.

Apply the coats:

Apply a thin coat of paint. You can either use a sprayer machine or brush. Fill up all the holes. Then spray a second coat. You do not put the sprayer too close to the surface and keep that moving. Also, look for places where paint can not reach. Apply the coat evenly and let it dry.

The first layer should always be a thin one that covers up holes. Any imperfections should be covered up with this coat. The second is the perfect finish on the surface without exposing the marks and holes.

What to Use to Spray Drylok?

Graco sprayer can go well with drylok. Well, still there is a high chance that the Drylok can destroy the sprayer. You should definitely not use a new sprayer while spraying drylok. You must follow precautions in that case.

Rather find an old one or something you are going to soon replace. Moreover, an airless sprayer is not suitable for drylok. You would need air pressure to pull out the paint. Electrical sprayers are best for that. Nevertheless, better not to use a sprayer as you can get it ruined. Instead, use a roller or brush to give a smooth finish to the wall.

What is the best way to apply Drylok?

You can use a roller or brush to apply drylok on the wall. Well, the brush can get the paint clogged too and make it a bit tough to apply. But the roller would do the work smoothly. You can dip the roller on the paint.

Apply paint equally on both sides of the roller and roll on the wall. You should start from up to down. But to fill up holes go for zigzag strokes. It would benefit you the most. Though it is manual work, still better than spraying.

Is Drylok paint supposed to be thick?

Yes, Drylok paint is supposed to be thick. It works as a strong barrier to water. Moreover, it is like a sealant that seals the walls and makes them water-resistant. Drylok paint is normally thick and creamy.

Not just that, it can clog up on the sprayer as well. The thicker texture makes it impossible to apply by using a sprayer. But there is no doubt about its effectiveness.

Can you thin Drylok paint before spraying?

You better not try thinning drylok paint before spraying. Well, Drylok has a high consistency and it is the nature of the paint. Thinning would make the paint less consistent and the paint will not be as effective as before. You can rather tint it.

If you only want to focus on appearance, you can go and tint it. But for a water resistance capability, you should apply Drylok as it is. With the high consistency and in two coats. At least two coats are a must to apply Drylok. In the case of spraying, the first coat can be made with a roller or brush.

Final Thoughts

Overall, spraying Drylok is not a wise option. Though some paints of Drylok may support spraying, others may resist. Moreover, spraying can damage the spray machines. You should rather go for a brush or roller to apply drylok. Nevertheless, some of the paints can be sprayed with proper pressure.