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Can You Spray Lacquer Over Enamel? (Answered)

Lacquer is one of the most common clear coats that we use on different surfaces. Generally, we use lacquer over indoor and outdoor furniture. But sometimes, the surface we want to use lacquer already has another paint. 

For example, we paint over a surface and provide a topcoat with lacquer.

So, you might be confused about whether you can spray lacquer over enamel or not. Well, lacquer and enamel both are coating elements. So, you have to know whether these two will react with each other or not. 

Moreover, knowing the consequences of spraying lacquer over enamel is essential.

Can you spray lacquer over enamel?

You can spray lacquer over enamel. Generally, lacquer is a clear coat that you can apply on most surfaces. Sometimes, lacquer might lift the enamel surface. If the enamel is cured enough, the lacquer will stick to the surface. You should better patch test before applying lacquer over enamel.

However, enamel can be of different types. Each of the types might have different reactions to using lacquer over it. So, let’s see whether you can spray lacquer over different types of enamel or not.

Enamel paint:

Generally, enamel paint is used vastly over furniture and kitchen wares. So, many manufacturing companies use a clear coat over enamel paint. Because a clear coat will provide a shiny appearance. So, you can spray lacquer over enamel paint.

If you compare between applying lacquer or not applying lacquer over enamel, applying lacquer will provide more benefits. Because lacquer dries fast over enamel paint. Besides, it will preserve the enamel well under the lacquer coat.

Moreover, when you apply lacquer over enamel paint, it will make a transparent layer and protect the enamel paint from weather effects. For example, a lacquer surface will protect the enamel paint from rain, temperature, humidity, etc., effects.

Sometimes, the lacquer might lift the enamel paint surface. This happens especially when the enamel paint is not cured enough. So, whenever you want to use lacquer on enamel paint, you have to ensure that the paint is dry and cured.

Enamel primer:

You can also apply lacquer over enamel primer. Generally, when you apply lacquer over the enamel primer, the enamel tends to lift. So, people often use a primer before applying lacquer. Primer will help the lacquer to stick to the enamel surface.

Generally, different types of primer might be useful before applying lacquer. But if you want to use enamel primer, you can use it. Enamel primer will prevent the lifting of the enamel surface after using the lacquer.

Moreover, after using the lacquer, the surface will be durable and long-lasting. The hardness of enamel is generally greater than the lacquer. But when you apply enamel primer and then lacquer over it, the surface will be hard enough. 

So, you can spray lacquer over enamel primer also.

How to spray lacquer over enamel?

Now that you know you can spray lacquer over enamel, you might want to know how you can do it. Because without appropriate way, the lacquer coating might get damaged. So, let’s see how you can spray lacquer over enamel.

Enamel coating:

At first, you have to enamel the required surface. If you have new furniture or element, you don’t have to sand the surface. You can directly use enamel paint over a clean surface. But if the surface is old, you have to remove the old enamel or other coatings first with sandpaper.

Then you have to apply a layer of enamel coating. You can use a soft brush to apply enamel or you can also spray the enamel coating.

Drying and curing:

Then you have to dry the enamel coating well. You can leave the enamel-painted element overnight for drying. But it will be better if you put the enamel-painted element for curing at least 24 hours. 

Otherwise, drying or curing will not be well and the final finish will not be durable.

Using a primer:

After drying the enamel coating, you have to use a primer. The primer might be enamel primer or something else. But it will keep the lacquer stuck to the enamel surface. Make sure the primer is dried well before applying the lacquer.

Spraying lacquer:

Now you have to spray lacquer on the surface. You can use a spray lacquer to apply it on the enamel surface. Otherwise, you can also use a soft brush to give a thin layer of lacquer.

You can also give multiple coatings of lacquer so that the topcoat is thick and hard. But each time you have to dry the lacquer well before applying another layer. You can spray 2 to 3 coats of lacquer to have a long-lasting final finish.


Finally, you have to allow the surface to dry and cure. Leave the element for at least 24 hours for curing.

Can you paint enamel over lacquer?

Yes, you can also paint enamel over lacquer. Generally, lacquer and enamel can be coated with each other. But the underlying surface must be clean enough. Otherwise, the enamel or lacquer will not adhere to the surface.

Generally, the enamel is a durable and hard coating. So, if you paint enamel over lacquer, it will create a hard surface. Moreover, it will protect the lacquer from the air, humidity, temperature, and many other weather effects.

Appling enamel paint over lacquer is pretty safe. So, you can apply enamel paint over the lacquer surface.

What’s the difference between lacquer and enamel?

Lacquer and enamel are different coating materials. Though they both might give transparent coating, they are different from other perspectives. Let’s see some differences between lacquer and enamel.


Generally, the enamel is more durable than lacquer. Because, when we put enamel over anything, it creates a hard coating. But lacquer coating creates a thin and transparent layer. So, the hardness of enamel makes it more durable.

Because of the hardness, enamel remains hard and long-lasting for a long time. But after some days, the lacquer will become soft and might damage over time.


Another difference is the solvents of lacquer and enamel. Generally, enamel paints use spirit as a solvent material. On the other hand, lacquer doesn’t use spirit. Sometimes, lacquer thinner is used as lacquer solvent.


Generally, lacquer dries up pretty fast. Enamel paint also dries pretty quickly. But enamel dries a little bit slower than the lacquer.


Lacquer is pretty costlier than the enamel.

Can I use lacquer thinner for enamel paint?

Yes, you can use lacquer thinner for enamel paint. Generally, when we use enamel paint, we use spirit as solvents. But sometimes, the spirit might not be available.

So, you can also use lacquer thinner for making enamel paint thin. But you have to make sure that the surface should be dried before using thinner and enamel paint. Otherwise, the action of thinner will not work well.

Can you spray acrylic enamel over lacquer primer?

Yes, you can spray acrylic enamel over lacquer primer. Generally, lacquer primer will not react with spray acrylic enamel badly. Moreover, the acrylic enamel is pretty suitable to use over lacquer primer.

But when you are spraying acrylic enamel over lacquer primer, make sure the primer is dried and free from dirt, dust, grease, etc.

Final Thoughts

You can spray lacquer over enamel because these two materials are safe to use on each other. But you have to spray lacquer over the dried and cured enamel. Moreover, the surface must be clean. If you spray lacquer over enamel, it will create a shiny top coat over enamel.