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Can You Store Clothes in the Attic? (All You Need to Know)

Attic plays an important role in keeping the house cool as well as reduces your energy bill to a great extent. The attic keeps the temperature of your house to a balanced level as it doesn’t let the hot or cold airflow inside the house. 

Therefore, proper insulation of the attic can save you from abnormal expenditure on energy bills. 

However, many people have stated that they have been using the attic as a storeroom too. As the temperature in the attic always remains at a stable level, therefore, a lot of people have been using the attic for storing different household materials. 

That is why in this article we are going to discuss whether you can store clothes in the attic or not.

Can you store clothes in the attic? 

Storing clothes in the attic depends on different situations. If your attic is cool and dry then you can certainly store clothes in your attic. But, if your attic always remains highly heated all the time then you can’t store clothes in them as clothes need to be stored in a cool and dry place. 

Well, the attic plays an important part in keeping your house at a stable temperature by not letting air flow in the house. Therefore, especially in the summertime, the attic becomes the most heated place in the house. 

As the attic doesn’t let the hot air flow inside the house which is why it becomes a heated place by storing the hot air. Therefore, storing clothes in a hot space is not a great idea, however, you can store the clothes whenever the temperature of the attic goes down. 

Clothes are made of sensitive fabrics which is why you need to be very careful in selecting the place where you will store them. Storing the clothes in the loft will not be a great option especially in the summertime. 

Because the heat in the loft will damage the fabrics of the clothes. Therefore, the best option will be to store your clothes in the loft in the wintertime. As in wintertime, the condition in the loft will be suitable for storing the clothes. 

Also, the cool, dry and dark environment will help you to store the clothes for a longer period of time.

Is it safe to store clothes in the attic?

Yes, it is safe to store clothes in the attic. Though it is not recommended to store new clothes, still you can store your old and vintage clothes in the attic safely. Some guidelines tell us about how to keep the clothes free from dust, heat, moisture, insects, etc.

So, the attic can be an very nice place to store clothes. 

Free from dust and well ventilated:

An attic is a dry and clean place. But, if air does not flow in the attic, then there is always a chance for the pests and insects to grow quickly. So, proper ventilation is mandatory. In addition, the bugs and insects can be easily controlled using pesticides once a month. 

Also, if the attic is properly ventilated, it is suitable to store your old and rarely used clothes. Remember to wrap each cloth individually while storing it, it will do no damage to the clothes. If possible, store the clothes in a container or hard bags. 

It will keep clothes free from damage as well as the attic can be very hot and very cold sometimes, therefore, try to control the temperatures. 

Attic has no chance of flooding:

As the attic is at the top of the house, there is no chance of flooding. Most importantly, a clean and dry environment is a must to store clothes. It keeps clothes free from dust and bad odours. Clothes may damage due to contact of water and liquid.

Many people store their clothes in the basement which is not safe at all. In the basement, there is always a risk of flood and other natural disasters.

What clothes be stored in the attic?

It is recommended not to store new clothes in the attic. The attic can be a suitable place to keep old clothes safely and free from dust, bugs, and insects.

Vintage baby clothes: 

The attic is a good and safe place to store vintage baby clothes. When the clothes become old and are not used, it is safe to store them in a dry place. In addition, baby clothes can be stored by wrapping them individually and placed inside a plastic container that is airtight. 

Thus no mould will grow. You should keep the package or container away from direct sunlight. 

Old wedding dress:

Old wedding dresses can be stored in the attic as they are of no use. The attic can be an very hot and very cold place depending upon temperatures. But still, it is a dry and clean place to store old and memorable wedding clothes. 

If you can keep your old wedding dresses by wrapping them inside a hard package or containers, you can keep them safe. 

Old Suits:

If you are thinking about your suit that has gone old and it does not have any practical value, you can store it in the attic. Just wash it, wrap it inside a plastic container, and put it in the attic.

What clothes should not be stored in the attic? 

The attic is mainly used to store old clothes that are of no use. The old and vintage clothes are preferred to be stored in the attic. However, some clothes can be seriously damaged if they are kept airtight for a few days. 

So, we must be aware of that. Below we have identified which clothes should not be stored in the attic: 

Winter clothes:

Winter clothes that are made of leather, fur, and wool should not be stored in the attic. These clothes are not recommended to store inside a vacuum or airtight containers or bags for a long time. 

Also, due to lack of ventilation, clothes made of leather and furs get damaged after a few days. 

Expensive Fashion Clothes:

Expensive fashion clothes that bear emotional value should not be stored in the attic. Damage caused by moisture is a concern here. 

Also, if your stored clothes are mistakenly not airtight enough, mildew and mold will grow and it will destroy your favorite clothes.

Off seasonal clothes:

The off seasonal clothes like jackets, suits, cotton dresses should not be stored in the attic. These clothes might be needed at any time of the year.

Can you store clothes in a hot attic?

Yes, clothes can be stored in a hot attic. The attic can get very hot at high temperatures. It may be bad for new clothes but storing old clothes won’t be a bad idea as they need a lot of space in our wardrove and almirahs. 

But, still is recommended to avoid storing clothes that are moisture friendly, burnable, bear emotional values, etc.

How to store clothes for the long term in the attic?

Clothes can be stored for a long term in the attic. Therefore, there are some guidelines that should be followed so that no damage is done to the clothes when stored in the attic.

Wash the clothes to be stored:

Before storing your clothes, it is mandatory to wash all of them. This will remove dust, odours, etc. If possible, take your clothes to a laundry house.

Use pesticides around the attic:

The attic can be a good place for pests and bugs to grow. So, pesticides should be used around the attic to keep the place free from pests and bugs. Then you should place the bins or containers and the attic.

Make sure the attic is dry and comparatively cool:

A dry environment is a must to store clothes. A cloth will remain damage-free for a long period if it is stored in a dry and comparatively cool place. In addition, if the weather is sometimes too hot, try to control the temperature of the room by taking the necessary measures.

Store in vacuum-sealed bags or plastics bins or containers:

Clothes must be stored in vacuum-sealed bags or plastic bins or containers to store for a longer period. The clothes should be properly wrapped individually and kept inside a bag or container that is airtight. 

Because plastic containers or vacuum airtight bags restrict airflow and keep the clothes free from dust, damage, pests, and insects. Finally, the bags or containers should be kept in such a place which is clean and there is no sunlight

Final Thoughts:

Well, you can certainly store clothes in the attic but make sure the temperature of the attic is low. Also, you can store your old and vintage clothes in the attic but you need to be careful with the new clothes as the heat in the attic can damage the fabric of your new clothes.