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Can You Use Baby Oil on Wood? (Explained)

The secret of keeping wooden furniture and wood pieces in a good condition that too for years is nothing but giving the oil finish. Using oil on wood is an old method that’s followed till now to keep wooden items new-looking. 

Oil finish not only gives the wood a glossy and mirror-like appearance but also protects it from damage.

For wood, we usually use linseed oil, olive oil, mineral oil, Danish oil, etc. But beside these many suggest baby oil when asked for an effective yet affordable and easy-to-apply wood oil. 

We all know how great it works on skin and hair but can you apply it on woods? Let’s dive into this topic and know!

Can you use baby oil on wood?

You can use baby oil on wood. Baby oil is similar to mineral oil thus it will give wood almost the same finishing. Though baby oil contains perfume, it’s non-toxic and is free of fumes. Baby oil will not damage wood so it can be applied on wood boards and furniture to finish and seal them.

To keep your wooden boards or wood-made furniture as shiny as new, you have to give them a finishing that lasts. Oiling woods prevents them from drying and cracking earlier. Oil finish to woods is also important to make wooden stuff long-lasting. 

Baby oil is generally mineral oil with some scent. It contains similar qualities and benefits to mineral oil and when applied on woods gives finishing like any renowned wood oil. 

If you’re trying baby oil for the first time on wood, here’s a list of the wooden items you can use baby oil:

Wooden spoons: 

Baby oil can be used on a wooden spoon as it will smooth the finish and make the surface shiny. Baby oil is free of any additives that’s why it is safe to use on wooden cutleries.

Wood furniture: 

Baby oil is nourishing and goes through deep layers of wood. So it can be used on wooden furniture so that they don’t get too dry and crack. 

Wood cutting boards: 

Wooden utensils should be varnished with a non-toxic oil. Baby oil which is another form of mineral oil has no toxic ingredients and is prone to rancidity. So it can be applied on a wooden cutting board.

Wooden bowl: 

Just like other wooden utensils, a wooden bowl too can be oiled with any baby oil. It will lock moisture in wood and give it a shiny finish.

Wooden worktop: 

To prevent scratch and damage on a worktop made of wood, you can use baby oil on it. A decent amount of baby oil hand-rubbed on the worktop will protect it for months.

Wood table:

Wood tables need protective finishing after they are lacquered. Baby oil is a great option for wood tables as it seals the surface and gives a shiny finish 

Wood floors: 

Baby oil when used on wooden floors as a finish gives protection against scratch and tear. But it’s more suitable for dusting floors than finishing. 

Wood cabinets: 

Baby oil is an easy and affordable method to clean wooden cabinets. It can remove streaks and make the cabinets glossy again. 

Can you seal the wood with baby oil?

Yes, you can seal the wood with baby oil. Because it’s no different than mineral oil that’s largely used for sealing woods.

Baby oil is a combination of mineral oil and perfume. It’s commercially marketed for use on babies since it’s non-toxic and very moisturizing. However, baby oil can be used on wood to seal its surface besides taking care of the baby’s skin and hair. 

To seal a wood means to make its surface protection against humidity, dust, scratch, etc. Baby oil can be used as a sealer for woods. 

Baby oil is 98% mineral which makes it suitable for wood coatings. Baby oil can penetrate deep into the wood and keep it moist while preventing cracking. It seals the surface so that no liquid, moisture, or humidity can damage the wood particles. So baby oil can be used to seal woods. 

Does baby oil stain wood?

Baby oil doesn’t stain wood. Rather it gives a transparent finish. Baby oil is used to give wood or wooden furniture the final finish. It’s a lightweight oil with a mild scent that doesn’t harm the wood quality. 

But since the oil finish is often done after painting or coloring the wooden piece, it may make you worry if the oil leaves a stain on the wood.

But luckily, baby oil doesn’t stain wood. It’s a clear oil with no color. So if you give your wood finishing with baby oil, it will not stain the surface.

3 reasons why you can use baby oil on wood

We are used to seeing baby oil applied to babies. And why not since it’s meant for taking care of the delicate skin of the little humans. We barely thought it could be useful for some other tasks.

But now that you know baby oil can be used on wood just like other wood oils, you’d like to know the reasons. So here are three reasons to tell you why you can apply baby oil on wood:

Baby oil prevents wood from cracking: 

Baby oil can go through the deep layers of wood when applied properly. It has a super penetration power thus when applied to wood, it nourishes the wood from deep and keeps the wood grain moisture. 

Thus baby oil prevents dryness in woods and prevents them from cracking. 

Baby oil protects the wood surface from damage: 

Baby oil is a sealer. It creates a protective layer over the wood surface and prevents the surface from water, other liquids, and changing weather. So the wood doesn’t get damaged.

It also protects wood from scratch, tears, and stains for months. So the wood lasts as long as new. 

Baby oil gives a glossy and smooth finish: 

Baby oil is a nice finisher if you use it on wood or wood-made items. When applied accordingly it gives a shiny, smooth finish that lasts long. Baby oil makes the wood surface look glossy while enhancing its color and pattern. 

What does baby oil do to wood?

The main purpose of baby oil, when applied to woods, is to give it a glossy look while making it durable

Baby oil can go deep within the woods. It also seeps into the wood to some extent and also makes a barrier over the wooden surface. Since it is non-soluble, it can repel water and similar materials from wood. 

Baby oil is a good sealer. It can block the wood surface with its mineral particles and prevent it from getting ruined by outer effects. Baby oil polished woods are less prone to cracking and so more durable.

Baby oil can create a protective layer that can prevent scratches, and stains on wood. 

Baby oil coatings on woods act as a shield against algae, fungus, etc. Moreover, baby oil gives the wood a smooth finish that shines. Baby oil also darkens the wood color and makes it bright.  

How to use baby oil on wood?

Baby oil can protect your wooden items for years and make them look new, only if you apply it the right way. There are a few steps that need to be followed strictly to get a smooth glossy piece of wood:

Clean the wood: 

The first step is to clean the wooden piece. Using a dry cloth lightly clean the dust, and grains from the wood. Then using soap and water scrub any stubborn dust residue. After rinsing with water, let it dry. 

Sand the surface: 

Sand the wood surface to make it even and smooth. Sand lightly on every side of the wood so that there is no bumpy texture. 

Stain or paint it: 

This step is optional. Many people love to give an oil finish after the wood is painted. But you can use oil skipping this step too.

Apply baby oil: 

Baby oil needs to be applied lightly. Take a cloth and evenly coat the wood with baby oil. You can apply the oil using your hands too. 

Wait for the oil to get absorbed: 

Give it some time and you’ll notice the wood slowly soaking the oil. It’s better to wait at least 6 to 12 hours till this process is finished.

Finally buff the wood: 

Using a clean cloth lightly remove all the excess oil and then with the same cloth buff the wood. Try doing it in tiny circles. Let it dry a bit and it’s ready!

Final Thoughts

Baby oil is mainly mineral oil with scent. You can use it on woods to give them a glossy finish. Baby oil is moisturizing so it prevents cracks in the wood. It can protect woods from various damages and make it durable. Baby oil enhances the shine and color of wooden items.