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Can You Use Bleach in a Bissell Crosswave? (Answered)

Cleaners that can complete the task of wet and dry cleaning at once are very popular and in demand. Bissell crosswave is one such cleaner. It cleans and rejuvenates many surfaces using only one machine and cleaner.

Can you use bleach in a Bissell crosswave?

You can use bleach in a Bissell crosswave is better not to. You have to dilute it before using it with the appropriate amount of water. Also, avoid using it on porous floors and surfaces. And by using bleach, you forfeit the guarantee of the machine to work as expected.

A Bissell Crosswave works similar to a vacuum. But the feature that makes it unique is its versatility in use. You can use it on various surfaces. It is not limited to use on only specific surfaces.

This cleaner has two separate compartments. One part receives the dirt, and the other ejects the cleaning agent to clean surfaces.

This machine functions with the help of a rolling brush and a suction compartment. And it has an official formula. This formula is suitable for the multi-surface use of this machine.

The use of homemade cleaners and other chemicals in the Bissell crosswave is not good for the machine.

Those might work to clean some surfaces, but you have to be careful. You have to be mindful about the surface you are cleaning and the chemical you are using.

There remains confusion regarding the chemical to use on which surface when using homemade or any other cleaner.

And this can be mitigated by using the official cleaner that the Bissell company recommends. You are safe to use them on any floor you clean.

So, it is safe to use the cleaner that comes with the machine to get the best result without any hassle. Moreover, you can receive the repairing service and warranty services in case of any irregularity in the cleaner.

Still, if you want to use bleach or any other chemical, you have to use it by diluting it. Avoid using it without any caution or proper mixing and dilution. It will shorten the longevity of your machine and make it dysfunctional.

4 reasons why you cannot use bleach in a Bissell crosswave

Bissell crosswave uses a specific cleaner as its cleaning agent. The formula is typical of the manufacturing company. Do not use anything other than that chemical to use in the machine.

You are to receive the repairing or exchange services only if you use the chemical provided.

Some reasons for not using bleach in a Bissell crosswave are:

Not recommended:

It is not safe to use bleach in this machine. The manufacturers do not recommend using bleach or any other product other than the specific cleaning agent they recommend.

It can cause various problems in the machine and make it useless.

Not complimentary for many surfaces:

Bleach can help remove and fight germs. It is more of a disinfectant than a cleaner. Moreover, you cannot use it on various surfaces for cleaning.

Bissell crosswave is a multi-surface cleaner. And the use of bleach can hamper its functionality. You cannot use bleach on wooden surfaces and mattresses.

Invalidate the warranty:

Every electric machine comes with a warranty. Use it according to the instruction manual to get the best results.

Bissell crosswave comes with the instruction to use a specific cleaning agent of the same manufacturer. If you use anything other than that chemical, the warranty loses its effectiveness. Using bleach violates that policy. 

Poor cleaner:

Bleach can destroy many viruses. It can terminate fungi, bacteria, and many other infection-causing viruses.

But it is not that good of a cleaner. While cleaning with a vacuum, you need a better cleaning agent to get maximum cleaning output. But bleach does not do that work.

How do you make a cleaning bleach solution for Bissell Crosswave?

If you are willing to use bleach on surfaces suitable for its use, use it properly.

At first, make a cleaning bleach solution by mixing bleach in a proportionate amount with other things and then use it. And do not use it raw and directly on the surface you are cleaning.

Steps on making a cleaning bleach solution for Bissell Crosswave:

  • Choose the surface you are using the bleach to clean.
  • Take out the bleach and look for the amount of sodium hypochlorite and its concentration.
  • Take enough water to dilute it. Take the water in a bucket other than the tank of the vacuum itself.
  • Then mix the bleach and water to dilute it. The mixing depends upon the strength of the bleach you are using.
  • In general, you have to mix around 5 gallons of water with 1 cup of bleach to dilute it. 
  • The Bissell crosswave holder can carry around a gallon of water. You can take the appropriate amount in the vacuum to clean the floors.

You have to be very careful while using bleach to clean any surface. It is not ideal for carpets and woods. You can use it on vinyl sheet surfaces.

Also, diluting it and using it in the right amount can lead to staining, reacting with any other element or dust present in the cleaning surface. So, it is better to clean the floor with water before using a bleach solution to clean it. 

How to put bleach cleaner in Bissell crosswave?

There is a separate tank in your Bissell crosswave to put cleaner inside. It has the markings in it for the water and cleaner level.

If you are using bleach cleaner, you have to fill the tank with the diluted mixture of bleach.

Steps on how to put bleach cleaner in Bissell cross wave:

  • Empty the receiver tank and clean it with water thoroughly to stop the bleach solution reach with anything else.
  • Dilute the bleach with water in a separate container or bucket. You will need a little bit of bleach on a lot of water.
  • There are marks in the Bissell crosswave cleaner that indicates the amount of cleaner needed to clean surfaces.
  • If you are cleaning a smaller area, fill the tank with the bleach solution up to the small area limit.
  • If you are cleaning a big area, fill the tank up to the marking of the large area limit with the bleach solution.
  • Then close the bottle or tank using the cap.
  • Invert the tank and place it in the cleaning machine. Set it along the ridges of the vacuum machine.
  • Fix it until you hear a ticking noise. It indicates that the tank is in place.

Can you use other cleaners in a Bissell crosswave?

Bissell crosswave cleaners come with a designated cleaner. The formula of that cleaner enables its usage on various surfaces without any issue. You can use that cleaner on any surface without giving it a second thought.

You have to mix the cleaner with water to clean with Bissell crosswave. There are specific marks in the machine for better measurement purposes.

But, if you insist on using a personal preference of cleaner in that machine, you have to do it at your own risk. Using any other cleaner will nullify the warranty of the Bissell crosswave machine.

Moreover, you have to be very careful about the cleaner you are using, its usefulness, adverse effects, etc., while using it in a Bissell cleaner. You have to be proportionate in using cleaners and applying those on cleaning surfaces.

A wide range of knowledge regarding chemicals of other cleaners is necessary if you want to use it in Bissell. You have to use cleaners according to the instruction, proportion, and surface compatibility.

Other cleaners like bleach, vinegar, water, disinfectants, etc., can be used in Bissell crosswave.

What cleaner to use in Bissell crosswave?

The best cleaner to use in Bissell crosswave is their official cleaner. This cleaner ensures the best result. But it is also expensive for regular use. So, people use many other products according to their needs and choice. Some of these cleaners are:


A vinegar solution is not corrosive and is a good substitute for many surfaces.


Bleach solution needs to be diluted with lots of water and is only applicable for some selected floors.


Pine-sol is suitable only for some surfaces. Use it on those surfaces only.

Regular floor cleaners:

You can also use regular floor cleaners in Bissell crosswave.

Castile soap:

This solution is easy to make and not abrasive.

Final Thoughts

Using bleach in a Bissell crosswave is alright only if you mix enough water in it to dilute it. Using it directly will cause erosion and staining. You cannot also use it on many surfaces. But, you can use it on these machines according to your choice and need.