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Can You Use Caulk for Drywall Corners? (Answered)

Caulking is a very basic and popular method to seal any part of the pipeline or any structure. But there are uses of this method. You just have to do your research first and see how to work with caulk. 

Caulk for drywall corners

For a drywall corner, you can use caulk instead of the regular tape or mud. Though it is always advised to use caulk as a temporary measure. It is still a better option than to tape the corners or to use mud. Caulk on the corner of the drywall is more durable and will hold on better.

Installing the inside corners of a drywall can seem difficult. And you will need to be extra careful when it comes to the inside corners of the drywall. There are many ways with which you can get the job done. One of the most effective ways is to use caulk.

You can always go for the easier options like using tape for the inner corners. However it is very less effective and is not always durable. You can use mud as well, which is a very common method. 

But professionals have had their doubts about using mud for the inside corners of a drywall.

Caulk is a good sealer: 

Caulk is a good sealer when it comes to filling a corner and keeping the corners in place. But most of the time, it is used to seal any leakages in the pipelines and structures. This same caulk can be used to install the inside corners of a drywall. 

Easy to use:

Caulk is very easy to use. You do not need to be a professional to use caulk when installing the inside corners of your drywall. A lot of people have been using this method for a long time. 

The instructions are always printed on the back of the tube, which makes it easier for the user to apply.

For the inside corners of a drywall there are generally many ways to attach a drywall corner. If you are looking for the most convenient way, then it is definitely to use a caulk to, literally, seal the corner.

Will caulk stick to drywall?

Caulk is a stick on material. It will attach and work as a glue with the surface. This happens for all types of surfaces. Including the drywall surface. Many people worry about whether the caulk will stick to the drywall surface or not. Which is a common thing to worry about.

When installing dry walls a very common problem occurs with the glue or the element that is to hold the drywall. This is no concern when using caulk. Caulk is a sealer that works perfectly well for the drywall and the inside corners. 

You can use caulk without any worry of it not being a strong hold.

When to use caulk for drywall corners?

Using caulk is not a new trend when installing the inside corners of a drywall. While there are many other options to go for instead of using a sealer like caulk, most people prefer to go for a more convenient way. Which is of course using a caulk for the inside corners.

When it comes to professionals, most people can go for whichever option they have near at hand. But when it comes to doing the work yourself, the best option is perhaps using a sealing caulk. The reason behind this obvious choice is mostly convenience. However the other reasons are shown below –

Caulk takes very little time to set

It does not take much for a caulk to set and hold the two surfaces. When you have little time in your hands to get the drywall installations done, you can always rely on caulk. Caulk will seal and hold the drywall corners very quickly.

Caulk is a very easy way to start: 

For someone who is new at the drywall installation process, caulk is a very easy way to start. The instructions are given on the packets. All you have to do is follow it step by step. There is very little chance of messing up this process.

When you have very little time to finish the drywall installation that is actually the perfect time to use caulk. Also if you feel worried about the instructions then you should go for caulk as well. Caulk sets quickly and is not difficult to use so these situations are good to use caulk.

How to caulk drywall corners?

Drywall installations have gained new popularity in recent times. This installation requires a lot of attention. Not to mention the entire process is considered. However, it is not always the case. Especially for the inside corners of the installation. 

You can caulk the inside corners when you are doing the drywall installation.

Caulking the inside corners of a drywall installation is a very common practice. When you do not have enough time on your hands, you should go for caulking instead of using tape or mud. And in most cases, the caulk sealer is very much easier to use as well. 

The process of caulking a drywall inside the corner may sound difficult but it is not that much of a work. The main instructions are always written on the label or the packet. You just have to follow through them –

  • Tape the angle of the corner: First you will have to tape the angle of the corner with durabond. 
  • Run both the sides with durabond again: When the durabond has dried, you should run both the sides with durabond again. Use a four inch angle knife.
  • Find a groove: Find a groove right in the middle of the angle.
  • Fill the angle with caulk: Fill the angle with caulk. But leave it on one side first.
  • Allow the caulk to run and dry: Allow the caulk to run and dry on one side first.
  • Do the same with the other side: After the one side has dried completely, it should take about half an hour to dry, do the same with the other side as well. 

It should take about an hour for new drywall to be done with the caulking. Afterwards, you can move on to the next installation. 

Caulks are not very difficult to install. All you have to do is read the instructions and follow it along. And in about an hour you will get your first installation done. And after you do a few of the installations you should get the hang of it pretty soon.

Caulk is very easy to use and when you do not have much time on your hands, you should go for these options. All you have to do is apply the caulk sealer in the desired area and wait for it to dry.

Can I use caulk instead of drywall tape?

When installing the inside corners of a drywall, you can go whichever way you want. There are many options to select from. Go for the one that is more convenient for you. And if you happen to lean towards caulking instead of tape, then choose caulk without any hesitation

Many professionals go for caulking instead of using drywall tape if they do not have enough time. And for the new professionals, caulking is a good option. As it does not require any difficult process. You just have to follow along with the instructions written on the label. 

And you can get the job done easily.

While drywall tape is also easy to use. However it takes a little more experience to properly apply the drywall tape compared to the usage of the caulk. Which is why most beginners prefer to go for the caulk. It works the same as the drywall tape. 

You should not worry whether to use caulk instead of drywall tape. Both work almost similarly. Caulk takes less time to dry and is sometimes more durable. So, you can go for caulk instead of drywall tape, especially when you are installing the drywall inside corners.  

Final thoughts

Caulk is a good option to go for when you are installing the inside corners of a drywall. This is a quicker option for the installation. And most of the time, you can do it all by yourself. Which is why most beginners and professionals go for caulking the inside corners of a drywall.