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Can You Use Chalk Paint on Laminate Furniture? (Explained)

Painting laminate furniture can be challenging due to its materials since it is made with plastic resins and flat paper. You may find wood in your laminate furniture as well. They all are different, which will not allow you to use all the available paints.

Some paints are there to apply to the laminate furniture. You need to find out the best adhesive paint for your laminate furniture. That’s the only thing you should keep in mind before choosing any chalk paint.

Can you use chalk paint on laminate furniture?

You can use chalk paint on laminate furniture. It will be wise to use quality chalk paint like the Annie solan Clark paint on your laminate furniture. You don’t need to put any other coating or paint on the surface; you can directly apply the Annie chalk paint. But more options are there.

The first option is the Rust-oleum chalk paint that you can use on the laminate furniture. It has carbon black, propylene glycol, Octane, and other ingredients, making it a durable chalk paint for any surface.

If you have laminate furniture, you can use Rust-oleum chalk paint and give it a durable and excellent look.

Here comes another query. Can you use chalk paint on Ikea laminate furniture? You can. Chalk paint is a better option for most surfaces, including Ikea laminate furniture.

The Ikea laminate furniture is a combination of wood and laminate material.

Therefore, the Rust-oleum chalk paint and the Annie solan chalk paint will fit this surface. You can use pretty much all types of chalk paints.

However, you have to follow some tips to paint the laminate furniture properly. We will cover them up, and you can follow them along the way. But the whole thing is you can safely use the chalk paint on the laminate furniture.

Will chalk paint stick to laminate cabinets?

Chalk paint has an adhesive ingredient that helps it stick to laminate cabinets. The latex paint and powder are the best among all the chalk ingredients. They help the chalk paint to stick to the laminate cabinets.

Since the cabinet is also a part of the laminate furniture, chalk paint will give the matte finish and stick to the surface. Here the latex paint, which is used to make chalk paint, plays a vital role through its adhesive ingredients.

It makes the entire chalk paint an excellent adhesive paint. That’s why the chalk paint can easily stick to the laminate cabinets. In a nutshell, the latex paint helps the chalk paint attach to the laminate furniture soon.

So, chalk paint will stick to the laminate cabinets, and there will be no issues because of the latex paint, which makes the chalk paint adhesive.

You need to clean the cabinets properly with wet paper or microfiber cloth. Then it will be ready to apply chalk paint on it.

Do you need to sand laminate before painting with chalk paint?

You don’t need to sand laminate before painting with chalk paint. Chalk paint is made with quality ingredients, including latex paint and powder.

These two make it durable and ready to apply on every surface. You don’t need to sand laminate or use any other coating on it.

However, fine sand can make the work easier when you plan to apply the chalk paint on a piece of old laminate furniture. You can also use the coating or extra paint over the laminate to make the chalk paint durable and get an excellent finish.

Sanding is not a challenging task. It will require you some extra effort and some additional ingredients. In particular, you can use sandpaper for sanding the laminate furniture. It will work better and help to apply the chalk paint quickly.

How to use chalk paint on laminate furniture?

Chalk paint is an excellent choice to apply to laminate furniture. You can directly use it or make slight sand to durable the finish. However, you can apply the chalk paint following our tips. It will be easier and perfect.

Deep Clean Laminate Furniture:

You must clean it properly whenever you paint on something. Otherwise, you will get bubbles on the finishing, or you will not get a smooth finish at the end.

That’s why you should clean the laminate furniture before applying or using chalk paint on it.

You can use flat paper or any other soft fiber cloth and deep clean the laminate furniture. It becomes the first requirement before you start painting.

Slight Sanding:

Although sanding is not recommended before applying chalk paint, you should make slight sand on the furniture. It will help the surface get rid of most debris. Besides, applying chalk paint will be an excellent finish.

In that case, you can buy the sanding paper and smoothly sand the entire laminate furniture without difficulties. It will help the chalk paint stick to the surface.

Coating or other paint:

When you have old laminate furniture that you haven’t used for years and want to chalk paint it, you must use extra paint or a coating.

Your table is already getting old and becoming rough and tough, so it’s better to apply the coat first.

You can follow the easy role here to apply with any paint. There is no particular paint that you should use to make an additional coating. After applying the coat, you should let it dry and prepare it for applying the chalk paint.

Applying Chalk Paint:

Here comes the final step to apply the chalk paint on the laminate furniture. You can directly use the chalk paint with a brush or roller or whatever suits you best. Be sure to paint all over the furniture a couple of times.

After applying or using the chalk paint, you must dry it properly and let the chalk stick to the laminate surfaces. It’s your final task.

Does chalk paint last on laminate furniture?

Chalk paint lasts on laminate furniture for years. It has adhesive ingredients, namely latex paint. That’s the critical ingredient of chalk paint, for which it lasts for years and sticks to the laminate furniture.

Chalk paint consists of different ingredients. Most of them are adhesive and help them last for a long time. If you apply the chalk paint following all the steps we talked about, you can expect to have long-lasting paint on laminate furniture.

You can even use the furniture in daily basis without losing its finishing and great look.

How to distress laminate furniture with chalk paint?

Distressing laminate furniture with chalk paint is a real challenge. You can distress a wood made furniture only by sanding. But when it comes to the laminate furniture, you need to put extra effort and spend an entire week.

Here we come up with the required steps or tips that you should follow. They will lead you to distress laminate furniture within a couple of days.

Apply the chalk paint:

Your first job is to apply the chalk paint all over the laminate furniture after deep cleaning the surface. You should not sand the surface or do anything else. Just clean the furniture and apply the chalk paint.

After that, let it dry properly. You can wait 24 hours. Then go to the next step.

Dings & Dents:

To give a distressed look to your laminate furniture, you must have some dings and dents on the surface.

You can use a hammer or a chisel and lightly tap them on the surface. You should randomly tap the chisel here and there to look natural.


It’s time to sand the furniture without sanding paper. You should only sand the even or finish laminate furniture; if you have unfinished or uneven furniture, you should not sand it.

Wipe with damp Cloth:

You may need to paint the laminate furniture. Before that, you must wipe the surface using a damp cloth. It will remove the dust and wood sparkle and smooth finishing.

Apply paint:

It’s time to apply the required paint over it. You should choose the paint color carefully. Wood color will be great, but anything would do, so make your preference and purchase the paint accordingly.

You should dry the paint and sand it to get the distressed look on your laminate furniture.

What kind of paint do you use on laminate furniture?

You cannot use all the paint on laminate furniture. Some top-recommended paints are there to apply on the laminate furniture. They are:

  • Chalk Paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Acrylic Latex Enamel
  • Rustoleum Chalk Paint

Final Thoughts

Applying chalk paint to the laminate furniture is a quick process. You can follow our tips and apply the paint over laminate furniture. It has adhesive ingredients to stick to the surface firmly. Therefore, you can use chalk paint on laminate furniture and give it a new life and excellent finish.