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Can You Use Floor Tile as Backsplash? (Explained)

Nowadays, people want to experiment by using different types of materials when it comes to decorating their homes. That is why, when you consider using a backsplash in your kitchen, you may want to try using floor tile instead of using backsplash. 

In today’s article, we will discuss if you can use floor tile instead of backsplash.

Can you use floor tile as backsplash? 

Floor tiles can be used as backsplash on the walls. Although the edges can be noticed easily, they will still go with the walls of your kitchen and make it look more decorative. The floor tiles will create a different type of designs and patterns on the wall when you use them instead of backsplash. 

Nowadays, people want to try using different types of materials to decorate their houses. That is why, if you want to use floor tiles instead of backsplash to bring a different vibe to the kitchen walls. 

It will enhance the beauty and make it look more attractive. In addition to that, the floor tiles are durable and strengthened, so they will also provide you with stronger protection on the walls. 

There are different types of styles available in the market, such as vinyl floor tile, luxury vinyl tile peel and stick floor, etc. Most of the tiles are compatible and can be used instead of backsplash. 

Below is a brief discussion on a few types of tiles that can be used instead of backsplash: 

Vinyl floor tiles: 

Using the vinyl floor tile is an easy solution to use instead of a backsplash. It will make the walls more attractive and modern. Choosing the vinyl tile will also help to reduce the overall tiling cost and help to keep the project cost-efficient and convenient.

Luxury vinyl tiles: 

Luxury vinyl tile will help to provide you with a texture, color, or accent on your kitchen walls. Because the luxury vinyl tile has a wide range of styles and options. 

It also comes with great durability that helps to prevent moisture and heat from accumulating on the surface.

Ceramic floor tiles: 

Ceramic floor tiles can be used as a backsplash in your kitchen. These tiles are commonly used and considered a popular option because they are quite economical and resilient. 

However, the styles are available in different sizes, which makes them more convenient to use.

Peel and stick floor tiles: 

Peel and stick floor tiles can be used as a backsplash in your kitchen, but you need to maintain the tile properly to make them long-lasting.

Porcelain floor tiles: 

Porcelain tiles are considered a great option for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a while that is less porous, scratch-resistant, and hard-wearing, you can go for the porcelain floor tiles to use as backsplash.

Can you use large floor tiles for backsplash?  

Using large floor tiles for backsplash can be a great option to decorate the walls. It is also considered a cheap and cost-effective option. Because larger tiles will require fewer grout lines. 

This will eventually require less time, scrubbing them to clean. As a result, it will also be convenient when used as a backsplash. You can simply wipe them quickly and clean them within a short time. 

Using large floor tiles as kitchen backsplash will also help you to save money. These tiles significantly increase the attractiveness of your kitchen walls and make them look more modern. 

The tiles are available in different shapes, designs, and textures, which will give the walls a smooth and sleek finish. Cutting the tiles in specific sizes can cause you a little bit of a problem and the edges can be noticed easily. 

So, you need to be careful when installing larger tiles as backsplash.

Is there a difference between floor and backsplash wall tile?  

The floor tile and backsplash wall tiles have been differentiated by their characteristics and versatility. Floor tile is more hard-wearing and thicker. Due to the thickness of floor tiles, it will be able to withstand the weight of foot traffic, appliances, furniture, etc.

The floor tiles are made to reduce the risk of slips and have added texture to them. Which makes them safe and recommended for underfoot applications. On the other hand, the wall backsplash tiles are thinner, smoother, and considered more delicate. 

As a result, they can be broken easily. In addition to that, the backsplash wall tiles are much sleeker when they are wet. 

That is why they are recommended to use for wall applications. It is possible to use floor tile as backsplash but not the backsplash as the floor tile.

3 reasons why you can use floor tiles as backsplash  

The common reason why floor tiles are used as backsplash is because of their characteristics and versatility. In addition to that, the hotels are cheap and convenient when it comes to using them instead of backsplash. 

The floor tiles are available in different types of designs and textures which allows you to choose them from many different options. 

Although there are some drawbacks to using floor tiles as a backsplash, most homeowners choose to use four tiles because of the different vibe in the kitchen. 

However, the floor tiles are quite durable and strong, which makes them long-lasting. Below is a brief discussion on a few reasons why you can use floor tiles as a backsplash:


One of the common reasons why you can use floor tile as backsplash is because they are economically cost-efficient. This helps to reduce the overall cost of tiling your kitchen or bathroom walls using a backsplash. If you use floor tiles.


Floor tiles are thick and durable, which makes them hard-wearing on the walls. In addition to that, this will eventually make them long-lasting as well.

Designs and texture: 

Floor tiles are available in different colors, shades, textures, and designs. Due to the versatility, most people choose to use floor tiles instead of backsplash. 

As a result, by using floor tiles you can provide your kitchen walls with different designs and colors, which will make them modern and attractive.

What kind of tile is best for a backsplash?  

When you consider using floor tiles instead of backsplash, there are multiple types of tiles to choose from options. 

But it is recommended to use such a type of tile that will be cheap, economically convenient, has different designs and textures, and will be long lasting. So ceramic tile can be considered an ideal choice to use as a backsplash

It is also commonly preferred by most homeowners because of its economically lower price tag. 

However, many people want to bring a twist to the decoration of the walls by using ceramic floor tiles because the floor tile comes in many shapes, designs, and textures. 

So, using ceramic floor tile as a backsplash will make your kitchen wall look more modern and attractive. In addition to that, the ceramic floor tile is hard-wearing and durable. 

So, it will extend the lifespan of tiles on the walls and make them more durable to prevent breakage from impacts.

How to install floor tiles as a backsplash?  

Floor tiles are considered an ideal and convenient option to use as backsplash. This will not only enhance the beauty of the kitchen or bathroom walls but will also make it look more attractive and modern. 

So, most homeowners prefer to use floor tiles as a backsplash because of their versatile characteristics. Installing the floor tiles suspect splash is very simple. 

If you have minimum effort and expertise in it, it will take a very short time and less hassle to install floor tiles as backsplash. You can simply follow the steps below to install floor tiles as a backsplash: 

Measure the area: 

The most important part of tiling the wall or surface is to measure the area. Simply calculate the height and weight of the wall and multiply them to get the size of the wall. 

You have measured the area, now it’s time for the most important part, cutting the tiles according to the corner of the walls.

Got the tiles and place them: 

Once you have measured the area, now it’s time to cut the tiles carefully and place them on the walls using mortar. 

Make sure to place them evenly so that they seat smoothly on the wall. Make sure to cut the ages carefully so that they can sit properly.

Grout the gaps: 

Once you have completed tiling the wall, it’s time to apply grouts and scrub the wall. Larger tile means less requirement for grout and scrubbing. This will help you to save time.

Final thoughts 

Floor tiles can be used as backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom walls as they are cheap and convenient. The floor tiles are also available in different types of designs, patterns, shapes, textures, and colors which will make them versatile. Using them will bring a different look to the walls.