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Can You Use Magic Eraser on Walls? (Quick Answers)

Magic erasers are one of the most loved tools these days. They have become a part of our daily cleaning session because of their effectiveness against various kinds of spots, marks, and stains.

From Magic erasers really do justice to its name. But since every product is made for some specific reason, a lot of people hesitate if they can use magic erasers on their stained walls.

Can you use magic eraser on walls? 

Magic erasers can be used on walls to remove stains and scuff whether it’s crayon marks or fingerprints. They are even safe to apply on painted walls without ruining their quality. However, a magic eraser shouldn’t be used on walls having a glossy finish or flat paint.

We all have to deal with stubborn stains, spots, grimes, and buildups on many surfaces around our house. Some of these are so tough to remove that we get tired of trying different methods. But thanks to the magic eraser for making cleaning super easy.

Magic eraser is mainly melamine resin as sponge having an effective cleaning agent. it’s used to remove stains from different surfaces without much effort. Specially it’s highly functional against scuffs and marks on walls. But can you use a magic eraser on any wall? Let’s know!

White walls:

Magic eraser works great on white walls unless the walls have shiny paint on them. It can remove any stubborn stains without harsh rubbing from walls that are painted. When used on white walls, a lightly damped magic eraser can lift up stains quickly.

However, magic erasers can leave a stain on the surface, when aren’t used properly. But on white walls, they are less noticeable.

Flat painted walls: 

Flat painted walls are painted with matte paint that gives no shine. Since a magic eraser when applied can dull the shiny paints, it’s more usable for flat-painted walls. So you can clean flat painted walls with a magic eraser without ruining their appearance.

Clean walls: 

Magic eraser is used to remove stains, scuffs, and grime from walls that are dirty. But it can’t be used on clean walls since it will only remove the layer of paint from a clean wall.

Do magic erasers take off wall paint? 

Magic Erasers, when applied on the walls, take off a layer from the walls. Since magic erasers are basically resin formed with melamine, they appear as a hard surface to be used. If the user is not being careful while using it on the wall, it might take off the paint from the wall

Magic Erasers do work effectively to get rid of stains from wall paint. But as it takes off a layer because of its abrasive nature, when used on a white wall, the change is not so noticeable. But if the walls are not matte, the user needs to be diligent and gentle while applying.

However, it is always recommended to perform a spot test beforehand as the outcome might vary according to the paint types on the wall. One needs to be gentle and quick depending on the wall paint type.

Three reasons why you can use a magic eraser on walls

Magic erasers are now must-haves at homes. Because of their swift and effective action against stubborn marks and stains people have become a fan of this tool.

Magic eraser is usable for walls too. If you’re still wondering whether a magic eraser is good for walls or not, here are three reasons why you can use it on walls:

It’s effective against any marks: 

Magic eraser is popular for its superpower to remove almost every stain, especially from walls. It’s a simple-looking sponge, but in actual it’s a solid form of melamine, an organic base full of nitrogen. Being an abrasive, magic eraser works like sandpaper on unclean walls.

From crayon or pencil marks to scuffs, no matter how stubborn the spot is, with a few buffs of this magic tool, your wall will look new.

It’s good for a flat-painted wall: 

Magic eraser is a safer choice among them when you need to clean a flat-painted wall.

Flat-painted or matte walls are usually the toughest to clean since most cleaners ruin the layer of the paint and the wall as well. But these hard-to-clean walls can be easily cleaned with a magic eraser without ruining the paint.

It’s non-toxic: 

Using a magic eraser for cleaning your walls doesn’t make the environment toxic. Magic eraser doesn’t contain anything that can cause health issues to you, your family, or your pet. The ingredients are decent and very common in most cleaning products.

What does a magic eraser help to clean on walls? Which magic eraser is best for walls?

Magic Eraser does a fine job of cleaning the walls. It can easily get rid of marks, layers of dust, and grime. Moreover, stains are easy to clean with this. 

It can be used to remove scuffs, color pencil marks, and crayon marks too. Besides, it is effective to remove old sticker residuals from your walls.

There are a number of magic erasers in the market that people have grown to love. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, TriNova Magic cleaning Eraser sponge, etc. are some of the most popular brands.

Mr. Clean is undoubtedly the most famous because of the wide range of benefits it offers. It can get rid of almost all types of marks from the wall. It can be easily used dozens of times and is definitely worth the money.

How to use a magic eraser on walls?

Magic eraser is certainly the best tool for cleaning your walls. But you won’t get the best result unless you apply this magic appropriately.

Here we’ve explained how to use a magic eraser on your walls in a few easy steps:

Choose your magic eraser:

There are many magic erasers from different brands in the market. Select one that you’ve heard good reviews, suits your budget, and is available around your area.

Know if your wall is tolerant to magic erasers:

Magic erasers can’t be used on glossy-shiny paints. But it works nicely on walls that are painted matte or flat-painted. So observe your wall paint as well as the quality of the wall before using a magic eraser.

Wet the sponge:

Magic eraser works most effectively when it is wet. So wet the sponge with clean water and squeeze out the extra water to make it damp.

Do a spot test:

Magic erasers can damage many surfaces depending on the surface’s paint and primer. So use the sponge on a small area, preferably in the corner of the wall. So that if the wall reacts in the negative you don’t proceed with your magic tool.

Apply if passes the patch test:

Spot the stained area. Firmly swipe the magic eraser sponge on the stains and scuffs. Dab often with a light hand. Scrub a bit if the stain is too stubborn.

After a few strokes, you’ll see the stains and marks are removed!

How do you fix magic eraser marks on walls?

Magic erasers can leave white residue on some surfaces like on your wall. Because it literally takes off a layer from the wall. But the spots can be fixed sometimes with some tricks.

Wash the marks with detergent:

Detergent can be very useful against marks. If you’ve got some ashy or blackish marks from the magic eraser, apply a little detergent over that wait for a minute, and then wipe with a damp towel. This trick works often.

Apply avocado oil:

Lightly apply avocado oil of any brand over the mark if it’s a dull-looking one. Then wipe it away with a soft paper towel. The walls will look better.

Try buffing a dry magic eraser:

It’s an odd trick but works fine sometimes. Use a dry magic sponge and lightly swipe on the spot. If the streak isn’t very dark, it will go away.

Apply white chalk:

If the wall is painted white or similarly any light color, you can try applying chalk over the magic eraser mark. It can cover the dark or ashy marks if applied in good coverage.

Match the paint:

If the mark is covering a small area you can paint that small place over. So that it looks seamlessly new.

Repaint the wall:

If the marks of the magic eraser are covering a large area in the wall, there is no way but to paint it again to make it look like before.

Final Thoughts:

You can apply a magic eraser to wipe out spots or scuffs from the wall. Magic eraser is mainly a melamine-resin abrasive that can clean crayon marks, dirt even grimes from the wall even if it’s flat-painted. But it might not work well on glossy-painted walls.