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Can You Use Magic Eraser on Wood? (Important Facts)

If you clean dirt and tough stains effectively, you might have used magic erasers. These sponges are efficient and easy to use. Use it to clean various surfaces, and you will be amazed. 

Stick with us to know whether you can use them on wood or not –

Can you use magic eraser on wood?

You cannot use a magic eraser on wood. Using it on wood will hamper the quality and appearance of the wood. It will discolor or might stain the surface. Avoid using it on any wooden surface with fine finishing. But, you can use it to clean the scuff stains on wood panels.

You can get rid of tough stains and dirt using a magic eraser on many surfaces. But the various exterior is not ideal for its use. The wooden surface is one such example.

It is wise not to use this melamine foam on wood finishes. It may hamper wood’s polish or finishing. Sometimes, it might even leave out a stain.

Wood floors:

Do not use a magic eraser on wood floors. The wood floor uses sealants to fix it to the ground. You also have to polish it or apply a layer of poly to make it shiny.

It is recommended not to use magic erasers on glossy surfaces. Moreover, using it on wood might destroy the wooden floor and make it rough and pale. 

Wood cabinets:

You cannot use a magic eraser on wood cabinets. But, you can use it to remove tough marks if the wood surface is semi-gloss or non-glossy. Still, you have to use it softly and not scrape much to remove the dirt.

Make the magic eraser wet using water first. It will activate the eraser and make it work with ease. You can easily use it to remove stains from cabinet knobs and handles.

Painted woods:

Painted woods are not a good option to use a magic eraser. Painting any surface makes it glossy. And using this eraser on such surfaces is never recommended.

Magic eraser might scrape the painting from the wood and leave a permanent mark. Avoid using it on painted wood. It increases the possibility of making your wood rough and leaving it with a stain.

Hardwood floors:

It is not ideal to use a magic eraser on it. But you can rub away the scuff marks on hardwood floors using this eraser.

Use the eraser to clean dirt only on the scuff marks. Do not let it touch the hardwood floor. It is efficient for scuff stains.

Wood panels:

Do not use a magic eraser on wood panels. There is a possibility to scrape the finish. You do not want your paneling to look tainted and discolored. So, do not use this eraser on wood panels.

Can you use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on wood furniture?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one kind of cleaner foam that scrapes dirt and grimes off various surfaces. The production of it is out of melamine foam.

It works as light sandpaper and is very effective on many surfaces. But there are some surfaces which you should avoid while using magic erasers. These surfaces include any surface with fine finishing.

You cannot use a magic eraser on wood furniture. It will destroy the finish and upper layer of the wood surface. The polish of the furniture will deem. And it might even leave some permanent marks on your furniture as well.

Is magic eraser safe on wood? Is a magic eraser safe on hardwood floors?

Magic erasers are not safe on wood. These erasers are abrasive and have polishing qualities. They have the quality of cleaning surfaces by scraping off the dirt out of them.

Magic erasers are also not safe to use on hardwood floors.

Woods are a very durable material. You can make furniture out of it that will last long. Woods are also in use for floors and walls in many places.

Melamine foam is the structure of magic erasers. The melamine resin cures to foam and creates a rough surface suitable for cleaning.

When there are stains on wood surfaces, you can think of a magic eraser to remove the stain. But if you use it on wood or hardwood floors, it will destroy the finishing of the wood.

The magic eraser can take off the varnish of the wood floor and make it dull and deem. The polish and finish will have some adverse effects as well.

5 reasons why you cannot use a magic eraser on wood

The wonders and uses of magic erasers are many. They can clean up hard stains on walls, stovetops, and many other places. But you cannot use a magic eraser on wood.

Some reasons for not using a magic eraser on the wood are:

Magic erasers are abrasive:

Abrasiveness is one of the characteristics of magic erasers. They can polish and make many surfaces clean and free of germs. Abrasive cleaners are not suitable for wooden surfaces.

Fine sandpaper structure:

erasers are the sponges of melamine. The melamine resin cures to make a foam structure. It makes them sturdy as glass and rough.

They gain a structure similar to sandpapers. It scrapes off dirt out of many exteriors.

Woods are porous:

The porous nature of wood makes it very durable. When you make anything with wood, you finish it off with a polish or finishing. Surfaces with fine finishing are not suitable for using magic erasers.

Strip finishing:

Magic erasers have open microstructures that soak the loosened dirt and grime. It can cause the finishing or polish of woods to strip off.

Scratch wood surface:

Cleaners like magic erasers can strip the finish of woods. It can also scratch it sometimes. If you are not careful enough to use it on wooden floors or furniture, it can permanently scratch them.

 That is why you should always test the surface where you are using a magic eraser. Try to clean a corner of the surface before cleaning the whole area.

How to fix magic eraser marks on a wood floor?

Using a magic eraser on a wood floor can create marks and scratches on the floor. These erasers are not ideal to use on non-glossy finished surfaces. But there are ways to fix these marks as well.

Steps to fix magic eraser marks on a wood floor are:

Check and determine:

First, check and determine the degree of damage to your wooden floor. If the damage is minimal on the surface level, fixing it is easy. Excessive damage might require the call of an expert.

Scrape and sand:

Scrape off the dirt and reveal the rough surface. Do a soft sanding with sandpaper on the wooden floor.

Apply varnish:

Then, apply varnish on the floor to polish it. Or, apply a layer of new poly on the floor.

Color it:

Moreover, you can also prep the floor for coloring. After the sanding process of the wooden floor, you can color it according to your choice. The level of damage will determine the option best for you.

Call an expert:

Call for a flooring expert for best results and repair.

The best way to make repairs is to identify the problem and then take steps according to the need. So, it is always better to leave it to the experts.

What surfaces are safe for magic erasers?

Magic erasers are effective in cleaning hard stains and dirt. They are easy to use as well. You have to wet the sponge before using it and then wipe the dirt with that foam.

They are safe to use on many surfaces. Some of them are:

  • Electronic appliance buildups
  • Stovetops
  • Non-glossy paint surfaces
  • Baseboards
  • Sneakers or shoes
  • Bathtubs
  • Microwaves
  • Animal drool stains
  • Walls of tile 
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Faucets
  • Plastic lids and containers
  • Cabinet knobs and drawers
  • Dishes of glass for baking, etc.

Making the eraser wet activates the eraser and makes it work effectively. You can also cut the sponges into small pieces for convenience of use. These erasers corrode away as you keep using them. Do not use magic erasers on glossy surfaces.

Do a spot test before using these on any surface.

Final Thoughts

If you do not want a stain on your wooden furniture or floors, do not use a magic eraser on it. Magic eraser is not applicable for wood surfaces. It hampers the polish and finish and might even leave it with a stain. These erasers are best for removing stains off non-glossy surfaces.