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Can You Use Polycrylic Over Chalk Paint? (Explained)

Chalk paints are not certainly needed to be sealed. Yet, sealing gives better protection.

Chalk paint can be applied to any surface regardless of the materials on which it is used. It is also easier to apply chalk paints and gives an antique vibe. Overall, it causes less hassle to apply.

Following below tips and information regarding chalk paint and if you can use polycrylic over chalk paint or not would provide you an overall view to work.

Can you use polycrylic over chalk paint?

Using polycrylic over chalk paint is a good initiative. Water-based polycrylic would give a better finish over chalk paint. Polycrylic even smells less and gives a matte finish. For chalk paint, a matte finish is more suitable than a glossy finish. Moreover, would give good protection.

Chalk paints are reliable in many cases. You can put it on easily without making any mess. Moreover, it is also cost-effective.

Chalk paints are not certainly required to be sealed by polycrylic. Yet, polycrylic would double the protection of the paint and make it long-lasting. Moreover, polycrylic would give a matte finish.

Waxed chalk paint:

You can use polycrylic over waxed chalk paint. Well, the wax should be removed first. The wax would not take the polycrylic over it.

Once you remove the wax completely, you can apply polycrylic. Moreover, polycrylic can give good protection to the paint and creates less smell.

Wax can help chalk paint more to protect the material. Wax can also protect the paint from vanishing soon. Yet, applying polycrylic is like double protection. Moreover, it makes the paint long-lasting.

White chalk paint:

Polycrylic is also applicable to white chalk paint. Chalk paint is quite reliable and doesn’t require much sanding.

You can paint with chalk paint without sanding too. Polycrylic over white chalk paint can create a bit of a yellowish tint still good for protecting the paint. Moreover, polycrylic gives off less smell.

Black chalk paint:

You can also apply polycrylic over black chalk paint. Polycrylic is a water-based sealer that would work well over black chalk paint. Moreover, polycrylic creates a yellowish tint over time.

The black chalk paint would not be affected even if the polycrylic turned a bit yellow.

Can you use polycrylic to seal chalk paint?

Yes, you can use polycrylic to seal chalk paint. Chalk paint is an easily applicable paint. Yet, it does not give enough protection to the material. Even the chalk paint can get scratched easily and deteriorate.

Only paint is not enough to hold the material surface. You need to seal it to make the paint long-lasting.

Water-based polycrylic:

Water-based polycrylic is suitable for chalk paint. Chalk paint is not as sturdy and tough as other paint. While sealing the chalk paint, one can use polycrylic. Polycrylic is also a water-based sealer.

Applying polycrylic over chalk paint would give the paint a matte finish. The finish would be quite smooth and last longer. You can also avoid repainting often. Polycrylic also creates a yellowish tint yet that is negligible.

Spray polycrylic:

You can also spray polycrylic over chalk paint. Spraying polycrylic can also be done and it is easier.

You need to spray the polycrylic evenly. Otherwise, it will not cover the paint. Proper sealing is required to protect the paint from getting further marks and scratches. A smooth finish would be provided.

Matte polycrylic:

Chalk paints easily go with matte polycrylic. Drying the polycrylic seal, you would find the finish as matte.

Polycrylic does not give a shiny and glossy finish. Instead, it gives a matte finish that can go with chalk paint. You can seal the paint with two to three coats of polycrylic.

Can you use minwax polycrylic over chalk paint?

Yes, you can use Minwax polycrylic over chalk paint. Chalk paints are easier to apply and mostly do not require to be sealed.

Yet sealing would lead to better protection. Minwax polycrylic is one of the most reliable products which comes with less smell and creates a matte finish.

As you can already use polycrylic, choosing the best version of polycrylic should be a priority too. You can undoubtedly use minwax polycrylic as it can protect the paint for a long time.

And you are not required to repaint every now and then. Minwax overall gives strong protection.

How many coats of polycrylic over chalk paint?

At least 2-3 coats of polycrylic are required to seal the chalk paint. Chalk paints can be sealed with polycrylic. Chalk paint can work fine without sealing.

You would need to repaint it even though you put sealer. Yet, the paint can last longer if you put the sealer.

Polycrylic is a water-based sealer that works perfectly over water-based paint. Other than that, it can also work on chalk paint.

Chalk paint is not as reliable as other paint. It does not even last long and requires to be repainted. Applying sealer makes it hold for a bit longer. Applying 2-3 coats is the minimum quantity.

You can either sand in between putting the layers of polycrylic or not. Sanding would give an even surface and would make the application of polycrylic easier.

You can apply more than 3 coats depending on how thick the layer is getting. Only protecting the paint is a priority here.

How long should chalk paint dry before applying polycrylic?

Chalk paint should be dried for at least 24 hours. The chalk paint should be dried completely in order to apply polycrylic. Polycrylic cannot be applied directly to the paint.

The paint needs to be healed first. The application of polycrylic is required to seal the paint. Polycrylic seals the paint and gives a matte finish over it.

The chalk paint takes a long time to dry. You need to wait for 24 hours to apply even the second coat of paint. You can not apply sealer or polycrylic just after applying the paint. The paint should be dried so that it does not get wiped off.

If you apply polycrylic before drying the paint, the paint would get wiped off. It will not be applied properly and no protection can be provided. Only apply polycrylic when the paint is perfectly cured.

2 reasons why you can polycrylic over chalk paint

Polycrylic is good for chalk paint. Well, wax is also easily applicable and good for chalk paint. Most probably, wax gives better protection than polycrylic.

Yet to give the paint an attractive look many prefer polycrylic. Some of the reasons why polycrylic is preferable are given below.

Protect the paint:

The polycrylic covers the paint and gives strong protection. As a result, the chances of repainting become lower. The paint also lasts long.

Apart from that, it also ensures no marks are left on the paint and gives a strong layer over the paint. Prevents water damage and any deterioration of the paint.

Matte finish:

Polycrylic is a water-based sealer that gives a matte finish over chalk paint. Many may not want a glossy and shiny outer appearance. A matte appearance may make it look more comfortable to the eyes.

How to use polycrylic over chalk paint?

Polycrylic can be applied over chalk paint just using the strokes of the brush. Chalk paint can last long if you apply polycrylic.

Well, the chalk paint gives a dusty and powdery vibe. Moreover, polycrylic over chalk paint would give a matte finish. Some of the easy steps on how to apply polycrylic over chalk paint are given below.

Clean the surface:

Clean or wipe off the surface. Make sure dirt is removed. While cleaning does not remove the chalk paint. Apart from that, only apply polycrylic when the paint is dried off.

Apply polycrylic:

Unlike other paints, you certainly do not need to sand chalk paint. If you want to, you can sand the surface a bit. Then, take a brush and apply the polycrylic over the paint. Stir a bit before applying. Do not stir too much as it can create bubbles.

After finishing, dry the sealer. When the sealer is dried, apply another coat and more if needed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, using polycrylic over chalk paint can hold the paint for a longer time. Even though chalk paint needs to be repainted, applying polycrylic would provide better protection. The paint would stay strong for more time. Chalk paint can be protected from marks and scratches by putting polycrylic.