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Can You Use Teflon Tape on Compression Fittings? (Answered)

Teflon tapes are our best friend when it comes to keeping the appliance together. Though the tape can be used with everything, you should learn about it properly before using it.

Can you use Teflon tape on compression fittings?

While it is true that you can apply Teflon tape to a compression setting, the application needs to be different than the regular way. A water tight seal is needed in this case. To get this you have to wrap the Teflon tape around the leading face of the olive. But it is best to go for other options.

Teflon tapes are very handy. These tapes are used a lot because they hold strong. The glue of the Teflon tapes are strong and hold very well. But that does not mean this tape can be used for all purposes. There are some holds that the tape would do good but not like the rest.

Teflon tapes can be used on compression setting but it needs to be with very precision. There is a particular way of applying the tape to compression setting. That way the tape will hold the setting well enough. The type of compression setting matters as well.

Brass compression fittings:

You should  never use Teflon tape with brass compression fittings. The liquid gas of the brass compression can’t be held with Teflon tape only. It is best to go for another option for the brass compression fitting. If you have no other option left make sure the tape has many layers around the fitting.

3/8 compression fittings:

On a 3/8 compression, the Teflon tape will work perfectly. But you will have to apply the tape a bit differently than usual. The tape should wrap around the leading face of the olive. This is the only way the tape will hold the compression.

Compression setting can be hard to hold. You can use Teflon tape to hold the compression but you have to be aware of the application of it. There is a specific way to wrap the Teflon tape around a compression setting that is the most effective.

Is it ok to use Teflon tape on compression fittings?

Teflon tape has a very strong hold. However it is advised to not use the tape to hold compression setting. The tape may not be able to hold the compression setting for too long. As the tape is used to hold thread, it does not work well on compression setting.

The main task of the Teflon tape is to seal the thread. The tape prevents water from working its’ way into the thread. Though you can use the tape for other purposes and various reasons, it is best not to use the Teflon tape for compression or brass compression setting.

Teflon tapes are very handy and popular. But that does not mean you can use the tape around compression setting. It could be used as a lubricant but to wrap it around the compression setting. If you have to, you need to apply the tape differently than the regular use.

Do I need PTFE tape on compression fittings?

PTFE tapes are unnecessary on compression setting. The tape is a great hold and an amazing thread sealer. However the tape is not important for compression fittings. And on top of that, the PTFE tape does not look around the compression fitting as well. You could use it, but that is not advised.

If your compression fitting is new, then there is absolutely no need to use PTFE tape around it. The tape is definitely good for other uses, but that does not mean you can apply it just anywhere. New compression fittings do not need much adjustment, so using the PTFE tape is unnecessary.

IF you must apply the PTFE tape around your compression fitting then you should use a bit of the boss blue or white, to match the compression fitting. The PTFE tapes do not look good around compression fitting and the use of the tape is unnecessary around this fitting.

3 reason why you can use Teflon tape on compression fittings

PTFE or Teflon tapes are very useful and strong tapes. The tapes are a great water sealer. These tapes prevent water from forming around anywhere they are applied. Which is why most home owners have a preference for these tapes. You can use the tapes almost all around the household.

For compression fittings, Teflon tape is a good choice as well. Though it is not necessary to apply the tape around compression fitting, some home owners prefer to apply the PTFE tape around the compression fitting for the extra strength. There are three logical reasons behind this application of the tape-


The PFTE tapes are very flexible and can be used for multiple purposes. The tapes can be stretched and used for long and elevated surfaces. Which is why you can find many home owners using the PTFE tapes on the compression fittings.

Water Proof:

The PTFE and Teflon tapes are a great water holder. The tape saves threads from water forming inside. Which is very helpful to be used around the plumbing fittings. The tape prevents water forming around the fitting and seals the water inside the fitting.

Strong seal:

The seal of the PTFE tapes are very strong. They have good hold around the things wrapped. Which makes them a good choice to use on compression fitting.

Teflon tapes are very handy when it comes to household appliances. Most of the time the tape is used for waterproof purposes as the tape is a strong water sealer.

When can you use Teflon tape on compression fittings?

Teflon tapes are a common household item that is used on almost all appliance. The tape might be small in size but that does not stop it from having a strong hold. The tape is not only a good water seal, but it is also used to hold many fittings.

The tapes are sometimes used on compression fitting as well. Though it is not advised, and not preferred as well, to apply Teflon tape on compression fitting. But if it is necessary and needed then you can choose this option as well. There are certain times when you can use PTFE tape on the compression fitting-

Water tight seal:

Sometimes you might need to apply a water resistant seal to your compression fitting. This is when you can use Teflon tape. The water proof tape will prevent water from forming in the fitting.

Protection against leakage:

Compression fittings are prone to leakages. To prevent any danger or more damages to the fitting you can use PTFE tapes. The tape has strong hold and is usually water resistant. 

Tightening the bolts:

If you notice the joints and bolts coming loose then it will be a good time to seal it with PTFE tape. The Teflon is strong enough to hold the lose joints and bolts together. 

Teflon tapes can be used on almost all of the appliances around the house. Though most professionals advise against using the tape on compression fitting, if it is necessary you can apply the tape on compression fitting as well.

How to apply PTFE Teflon tape to compression fittings?

Teflon tape is a very basic and easy to use tool. It is the most basic tool you will find around your house. You can use the Teflon tape for anything around the house. The tape is very strong and holds well. But it is not like the stationary tapes, so you should keep that in mind.

While you should avoid using Teflon tape on compression fitting, if push comes to shove you and if you have no other option but to use it then you should use it the right way. This is to ensure you get the most effective result from the tape

Step 1:

Find the threaded male end of the fitting and face it towards yourself.

Step 2:

Wrap or stick the initial end of the tape to the male end of the fitting.

Step 3:

Start wrapping the tape in a clockwise direction around the fitting.

Step 4:

Start the wrapping from the bottom and keep working upwards the threads.

Step 5:

Each time you wrap around the fitting, make sure you Cover at least half the width of the tape.

Step 6:

Keep the wrapping process in this manner till you reach the top end of the thread.

Step 7:

Cut the tape and seal the fitting.

There is only a minor difference between the Teflon tape and the regular stationary tapes. Make sure you know the right way to apply the tape. Otherwise the main objective of the tape will not be fulfilled.

Final thoughts

Teflon tapes are very handy and can come in use all around the house hold. The tape can also be used around compression fitting. While it is a bit unnecessary and there are many people who advice against using the tape around compression fitting. But if it is needed then you can use the tape.