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20+ Car Organization Hacks To Make Your Drive Comfortable

Car is a necessity in my everyday life. From going to the job or going to shop, the car is my constant companion. Keeping it clean from the outside is not so difficult as I can just drive into a car wash.

But keeping it organized from the inside is a challenge. If you consider the inside of your car as a room, then spend some time to organize it as well.

To do that here are some tips to make your every journey comfortable.

20+ Car Organization Hacks You Must Try

1. Use a car trash can

Don’t through the trash here and there in your car. You can use a cereal container like a garbage bin in the car. Put a plastic inside the container, and when you see it full, take it out to for dumping.

2. Store plastic bags in an old tissue box

After the tissues are finished from a tissue box, don’t through it away. Fill it with plastic bags and store them in your car. Because you never know when an unexpected mess might occur.

3. Cupcake liners can be your best friend

I put every little thing into the cup holders, not just only cups. To keep it clean in an easy way and to save it from getting messy with crumbs, food wrappers, and dust particles, use cupcake liners.

Use the silicon ones to catch everything. Because when they get dirty, you can easily take them out and give it a good rinse.

4. Use a shoe organizer to keep essentials

The pockets of a shoe organizer are the perfect fit for storing some snacks, kids’ toys, makeup tools, etc.

You can hang it on the back of your front seat.

5. Install a drop stop

I’ve ordered my drop stop online. It’s a handy tool to save your time from searching for things under your seat.

You won’t have to worry about dropping your keys, phone, coins, snacks, etc. under your seats.

6. Place a seat cover to protect your seats

If you own any pet like cats or dogs and love to travel with it, then invest a few bucks in buying a seat cover.

It can save you a lot of money to fix your scratched seats. Have a tension free happy drive with your pet buddy.

7. Keep your beverage cool or warm

This is a perfect item for family road trips or someone who spends a lot of time driving. You don’t have to blame yourself if you get thirsty often on the road.

I am a person who drinks a lot of liquid. Sometimes I like my liquids to be hot and sometimes chilled. So find one machine that can do both.

8. Use a shower caddy for a different purpose

A small plastic shower caddy is easy to attach and remove. You can place it on your back window to keep a small hand fan, snack bars, kids’ toys, anything you want according to your needs.

But don’t stash anything heavy otherwise, it can fall off.

9. A book storage hack that you can make yourself

Keep your magazines or kids’ books organized and not all jammed in the back of your front seat cover.

Choose some strong fabric, cut it a bit larger than the measurement of your books, iron and sew the fabrics together making some pockets, sew a ribbon at the top and tie it on the headrest of your backseat.

10. Use car hooks to hang your grocery

To save your eggs from getting cracked, use car hooks to hang your bags of veggies, fruits, bread, or other stuff. It will also save your car seats from any spillover.

11. Fit a visor tissue holder

Always have tissue within your arms range. Fit a tissue holder on your sun visor. Now your steering wheel won’t get messy because you had a little snack break but wiped your hands with a tissue.

12. Organize the papers in your glove compartment

Keep a tabbed folder so that you can find any document quickly. Keep your car documents all the time in the car for any emergency.

You can also make your glove compartment useful by keeping any receipts there when you’re on a drive.

13. Make storage on the side of the passenger chair

Easy to set, multifunctional, convenient car seat side organizer is a lifesaver. You can order one online as I did. It stays in place and keeps things close within your reach.

You can blindly put anything there when you’re driving. It allows for the storage of a wide variety of items, including a map, cell phones, snacks, sodas, and lots more.

14. Keep zip bags and umbrellas in your car

It’s never a bad habit to take precautions. Always keep zip bags and umbrellas in the car in case of sudden rain.

You can protect your electrical device, watch, wallet, jewelry from getting wet by putting them in the zip bag.

15. Use a container for your oils and fluids

Don’t keep your oils and necessary car fluids loose; otherwise, they can rollover. Keep all that in a large container in your trunk.

16. Use your trunk storage wisely

You can use a part of your trunk space as a car closet and keep a bag of extra necessities there. You’ll need it if you get your dress accidentally stained. Don’t forget to go through some changes every once in a while.

You can use the other free space for storing your travel suitcase or groceries.

17. Make a catch-all for your sun visor

Take a piece of fabric and sew the ends of some elastics overlapping each other, and your catch-all for the sun visor is ready.

You can put some pens, cards, lipstick, sunshade and other necessary things there.

18. Save your seat from a spillover

Don’t have any cup holders in your car? Not to worry. Use a roll of gaffer tape to hold your cup on the seat beside.

19. Pack your own emergency kit

Organize your emergency supplies cleverly and always be prepared for facing any situation.

I would suggest storing bandaids, antiseptic cream, pain relief medicine, mouth freshener, and a lot more important things so you can always know it’s there when you need it.

I’d suggest keeping this in your trunk closet or even better if in your glove compartment.

20. Use grip strip

If you don’t have a phone holder in your car, simply use a grip strip. It not just only holds your phone but also holds sunglasses, keys, and much more.

It uses a non-toxic miraculous polymer compound that will not make your car sticky or stained. It is resistant to water and sunlight. And in case of dust, you can easily wipe it clean.

21. DIY tab holder

Bored in the car? Make a DIY tab holder with some simple ingredients like cardboard, fabric, and elastic. Place it on the back of your car’s front seat headrest. Make the ride enjoyable for your kids.

22. Make a travel busy binder for kids

On a long drive, keep your kids busy and entertained with a DIY travel activity binder. Print some coloring pages and fun little games and punch those in the wire.

Glue a box of color pencils set inside the opening of the binder to keep your kids happy.

23. Store your changes in a bottle

Keep your loose changes in one place by storing them in an old pill bottle or an empty gum container.

Car rides can be fun if you keep all your necessary things with you and keep them organized. You will find many helpful things to keep your stuff organized.

Whether you are heading out on vacation or going out with your daily routine, make a list of your essentials and organize them in place using these ideas to make your journey comfortable.

Let me know which ones are your favorites.