7 Easy and Effective Ways of Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

It can be quite a hassle to clean kitchen cabinets. Greasy and dirty kitchen cabinets are hard to clean as the stain doesn’t want to come off very easily.

Over the years, I have used several different solutions to come up with an effective cleaning solution. Well, there is not only one way to clean your kitchen cabinets.

As the cabinets are made from different materials at different houses, the solutions are different as well. I’ve used a few methods, and I picked the top 7 methods to clean kitchen cabinets.

The good news is that; you will not even need to spend a lot of money on purchasing cleaning products to clean your kitchen cabinets.

I will share a few of the most effective and easiest methods. I hope these methods will help you in the long run.

Try mixing coconut oil and baking soda

My kitchen cabinets have been dirty for a long time, and I needed something strong to get rid of the grime.

A friend of mine suggested using coconut oil and baking soda to get rid of the grime. To make this mixture, you will need one tablespoon of coconut oil and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Well, if you need more, just add some more following the same ratio. Take a bowl and add the ingredients.

You can use a sponge to apply the mixture to your cabinets. I feel more comfortable with a piece of cloth. Make sure you are applying the mixture on the corners of the cabinets as well.

Take an old toothbrush and gently rub the areas. You will see that the grime is getting softened, and they are easily coming off.

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It is a few of the first methods of getting rid of grime from kitchen cabinets.

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What about dish soap and warm water?

Another method is to use dish soap and warm water on the kitchen cabinets. Take one cup of warm water. Then, take a teaspoon of dish soap. Make sure that the dish soap is mild.

Take a sponge and place it on the cup. Now rub the mixture against the greasy areas. You will see that the grease from the cabinets is coming off quite easily.

The most effective solution – Baking soda and dish soap

This method is particularly applicable for hard stain or grease. My cabinets had so much grime and grease; I thought it was impossible to clean it with any natural method.

Well, using baking soda and dish soap saved me from this. To make this mixture, you will need one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish soap.

Now, mix warm water with the mixture. The final step is to scrub the cabinets with an old toothbrush. Make sure to go on circular motion.

It will easily remove all the grime and grease from your cabinets.

Always remember not to use any strong dish soap. Using strong products will damage your kitchen cabinets, especially if they are made from wood.

The shortcut method – Citrus cleaner

I use this method to clean my kitchen cabinets when I don’t have much time. It is not always possible to make natural home remedies.

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You need a good amount of time for that. As an alternative, you can use a citrus cleaner. I use this often when I feel lazy to clean my kitchen cabinets.

Before applying the citrus cleaner on the sponge, you should microwave it for 40 seconds. Wet the sponge in lukewarm water and microwave it.

Wear a pair of gloves and apply the citrus cleaner on the sponge. Now, gently rub the kitchen cabinets in a circular motion.

After a few minutes, you will see that the grime and grease have been removed. Take a clean towel and wipe the area well.

It is one of the most effective short cut methods to clean kitchen cabinets.

Vinegar and warm water to clean kitchen cabinets

Well, we all know how vinegar solves every cleaning problem. I use vinegar and warm water to clean my kitchen cabinets regularly.

That means, once you are done deep cleaning your kitchen cabinets, you will need to keep them neat and clean.

I make a mixture of one part of vinegar with one part of warm water. Then, I apply this mixture on the kitchen cabinets with a spray bottle.

When you spray the mixture on the cabinets, it moistures grease and makes it easier to clean. I do it once every week.

If you can use this once every one week, you will never have a greasy and sticky kitchen cabinet. It is a simple solution. Make a habit of using this solution regularly.

Use olive oil and vinegar for a better finish as well as clean cabinets

Another great method to clean the kitchen cabinet is to use olive oil and vinegar. I’ve used it several times as well.

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You will need to add 4 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Make sure you are using white vinegar.

After that, pour the mixture in a spray bottle filled with warm water. Shake the mixture well. After that, spray it on the kitchen cabinets.

Take a piece of microfiber cloth to clean the grease and grime from the kitchen cabinet. If you find olive oil too expensive to clean a kitchen cabinet, you can use the other methods.

The new solution to clean cabinets – Orange oil cleaner

Last but not least, you can use orange oil cleaner to get rid of the grime and grease from your kitchen cabinet.

I especially use orange oil cleaner to shine up my kitchen cabinets. It brings out the life on the wooden structure and looks beautiful.

You can add a few drops of olive oil with the orange oil cleaner to make your cabinet even shinier. Your kitchen cabinets will provide a beautiful scent of orange as well.

I have been using these methods to clean my kitchen cabinets for a while. I love using orange oil cleaner as it leaves a nice scent in my kitchen.

If you are finding a solution for deep cleaning your kitchen cabinets, you will probably want to use baking soda and dish soap.

For regular cleaning, I use vinegar and warm water, which keeps the cabinets clean and grease-free.

It can be quite annoying to cook in a kitchen with cabinets filled with grease. Let me know which method you have liked the most.


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