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Country-Style 4-Bedroom 2-Story Farmhouse with Upstairs Den and Bonus Room (Floor Plan)


  • 3,456 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Imagine living where the rustic charm of the countryside and the refined elegance of city life come together in perfect harmony.

Picture yourself in a stunning 3,456 square foot home that spreads its comfort and style across two stories, blending the coziness of a sprawling farmhouse with the sophistication of a modern living space.

Now, who could resist the allure of such a place, complete with an upstairs den and an extra room just for the fun of it?

Let’s embark on a journey through this delightful abode, but mind your step and leave the mud at the door!

Let’s start with the porches—yes, not one, not two, but three welcoming spaces where relaxation meets the great outdoors.

Imagine lounging on the front porch, iced tea in hand, embodying the grace of a Southern Belle or the charm of a Southern Beau.

And then there’s the back of the house, where elegance takes a playful turn.

The vaulted rear porch and the sprawling deck, complete with an outdoor kitchen, are tailor-made for those glorious summer barbecues.

Picture yourself there, amid laughter and the clinking of glasses, asking someone to pass the barbecue sauce as you revel in the bliss of your outdoor haven.

Step inside, and you’re greeted by a vaulted family room that’s nothing short of majestic.

This isn’t just any room; it’s the heart of your home, a place of warmth with a cozy fireplace, stylish built-ins, and classic French doors that beckon you to enjoy the beautiful weather on the porch.

This room is destined to be the setting of many memorable moments, its charm captured in countless photos, sparking envy in the hearts of your social media friends.

But the marvels don’t end there.

The family room flows seamlessly into a kitchen that’s a dream come true for any culinary enthusiast.

With its large island and a walk-in pantry so big it might just need its own address, this kitchen is where your MasterChef dreams become reality.

The barn doors stand as a chic portal, leading from your lavish dining room to the welcoming foyer.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you discover the butler’s pantry.

Yes, a butler’s pantry that elevates meal serving and grocery unloading to an art form, making life in this home as smooth as silk.

As we wander further, the ingenious design of the main floor unveils a split-bedroom layout.

On one wing, two bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bathroom, a testament to privacy and companionship.

Meanwhile, the master suite occupies the entire other side, offering a sanctuary that epitomizes luxury living.

The French doors in the master bedroom are not just an exit to the backyard; they’re an invitation to a world of endless possibilities.

Ever dreamed of a secret passage from your wardrobe to the laundry room?

This home turns that fantasy into reality, offering a clever shortcut that makes chores a breeze.

And the surprises continue upstairs, where a fourth bedroom, a study, and a rec room await, along with extra space above the garage begging to be transformed into whatever your heart desires.

A dance studio?

A yoga retreat?

The choice is yours, limited only by your imagination.

So, there you have it—a home that perfectly marries the soulful tranquility of the countryside with the luxurious comfort of modern living.

This isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle, a daily retreat that reminds you, even though life may have its ups and downs, your home can be your sanctuary, your slice of perfection.

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