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How to Declutter and Organize Your Entire Home in One Weekend

Decluttering and organizing can be tough and overwhelming. If you feel like your house needs these two, you should make a plan at first.

Fortunately, it is possible to declutter and organize your house in only one weekend. Yes, it is possible. I will show you a few tips and plans that will help you to declutter and organize your house.

Set one weekend to concentrate on your house entirely. You can ask your partner or any other friend to help you with the process. That is how it will be a lot faster and easier.

Declutter and Organize Entire Home in One Weekend

1. Plan everything ahead

It is a must for you to plan everything before jumping into the process. Decluttering and organizing can be tough if you do not plan properly.

Categorize everything in your house. For example, you can divide the rooms and declutter and organize one room at a time.

You can also start with your clothes, then move on to jewelry, and lastly, then books. Planning like this will help you to be stress-free.

2. Make a list of the items you need to go through in every room

It is also necessary to plan for the items. Make a list of all the items in each room. For example, keep your closet, jewelry, bedsheets, handbags, etc. to declutter and organize.

On the other hand, keep silver utensils, kitchen cabinet, dinner sets, pans in your list for the kitchen.

Making a list will help you to be clear with the plan without getting confused in the middle.

3. Make a schedule

After you are done categorizing, you should make a schedule. Keep an ample amount of time for each of these categorize.

For example, keep 3 hours for your bedroom or an entire morning for your bedroom. It is always better to keep extra time in hand if you need just in case.

Also, don’t forget to give yourself some break after finishing up each category.

4. Gather the necessary supplies for organizing and decluttering

After you are done planning and making a schedule, you should gather all the necessary supplies. For example, you will need boxes to keep your items while decluttering.

You should make three boxes, but I will go onto that later. Also, don’t forget to keep small baskets, ribbons, a piece of cloth to clean, a paper shredder, a pen, and paper.

5. Make three boxes – Recycle, Sell & Donate

As I was saying, you will need three boxes to keep the items from decluttering. I will suggest you make three separate boxes. Label the boxes.

Keep one box for the items you will throw away or recycle. You will find a lot of things that are of no use anymore. You can throw a few of them and recycle them as well.

Make another box for keeping the items you want to sell later.  If you feel too overwhelmed to get rid of the dresses you won’t wear anymore, sell them.

Keep the last box for donating items. You will obviously find a lot of things you want to donate.

6. Set a timer for each of the categories

Well, you will need to maintain the timing if you want to declutter and organize your house in one weekend.

For example, if you are planning to spend three hours in your bedroom, keep one hour for the closet as it is the toughest one.

I am just giving an example; you can try and alternate the timing based on your convenience.

7. Don’t forget to label as you go

While organizing, make sure you label all the baskets. Also, if you want to keep a few items to decide later if you are going to throw them away or not, label that box as well.

Labeling helps a lot because you will know where you have kept your items. Also, if you are reorganizing your whole closet, things will go into new places.

You can use a label maker like me. I love my label maker, and I label almost every item with it.

8. Ask a few questions to yourself while decluttering

I always get overwhelmed whenever I decide to declutter my house. Well, if you are confused if you should keep an item or donate it, ask these three questions –

  • When was the last time I have used it?
  • When is the next time I will use it?
  • Will it favor another person more than me?

Answer these three questions, and you will know if you should throw away the item or not. For example, let’s talk about a fancy dress that you wore 4 years ago.

And you will never wear it because you don’t fit anymore. And it will definitely favor a teenager who loves glittery and fancy dresses.

That is when you should donate or sell that item.

9. Get help from your partner or a friend

It is one of those easy and overlooked hacks that you might ignore. But trust me, it helps. When you get help from another person, your decluttering and organizing process will become a lot faster and easier.

For example, while you declutter your closet, ask your husband a favor to fold the clothes for you. Or vice versa. Let him decide if it is too tough for you.

If you want to get help from a friend, as her suggestion while decluttering, you will have a fun time as well as your house will be organized and clutter-free in just one weekend.

These are all the tips and plans related to decluttering and organizing. It might seem like a long process, but it will end soon once you start.

Also, I will suggest you not to give up halfway. Take help from someone else if needed.

I hope these ideas will come in great help to you. Let me know if you have anything else in mind.