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10 Decluttering Hacks When You Don’t Have time

You will find hundreds of decluttering ideas, but what about the time that it takes for the process? I am here to help you with 10 amazing decluttering hacks when you don’t have enough time.

We all live a busy life. It is not always possible to invest hours and hours every week to clean and declutter your house.

You need to prioritize your work. I often feel like giving up when there is too much work. Decluttering can be quite fun if you know how to do it properly.

That is why I am here to show you how you can declutter your house quickly so that your weekend doesn’t get ruined.

10 Quick Decluttering Hacks to Save time

1. Start with that messy countertop filled with unnecessary items

I am sure that your countertop is filled with a lot of stuff that you don’t even need. Get rid of the utensils and mugs you never use. Place it in the corner of your cabinet.

What about the toaster or blender? If you don’t use your blender or toaster every other day, keep it away.

When you put things out of your sight, your house will look way more organized and clean. It will take you only 10 minutes.

2. Pick 10 things from your bedroom that you will not need any more

Set the timer to 10 minutes and start. Look around your bedroom and look for any visible item that you will not need anymore.

For example, what about that pillow or cushion that just sit idle on your bed? Get rid of it.

Next, what about that blue nail polish that you never ever used? Get rid of it.

Like that, find 10 things in 10 minutes to declutter from your bedroom.

3. Make two baskets – one for donating, another for keeping

Start with your closet. It was the hardest task for me to donate a few of my dresses even though I never wear them.

Look at your closet and pick one dress at a time. Decide which basket it should go into? Do this, and you will find a lot of items to donate.

That’s how you declutter your closet in just 15 minutes.

4. Take baby steps!

It is the ultimate rule that I follow when it comes to decluttering my house. For example, I always declutter one single cabinet of my kitchen rather than the entire kitchen.

How does this help? It will probably take you 15 minutes, but you will have a satisfying result.

Start the timer and see how much you can do in these 15 minutes. Taking baby steps will keep you less worried, and you will have enough me-time for yourself.

5. Start with decluttering the big items

I always suggest people deal with the bigger items first. The reason is that, when you will start decluttering small stuff like your jewelry, you will literally get lost.

It can be quite overwhelming to do so much work together. That is why start with the books or the DVDs that you don’t read anymore.

6. Don’t make yourself feel guilty if you keep your favorite items

It is totally fine to keep the things that you really love. For example, there might be a piece of jewelry that you never wear but is very close to your heart.

Keep the item, and don’t stress over it. See how much you can declutter in a short period of time.

7. Get some help from your friends or family, if you don’t have time to declutter

There is no alternative to organize and clean house with your family or friends. I always ask for my husband’s help whenever I decide to declutter the house.

It takes way a shorter time, and I love chatting with him while decluttering and cleaning. Ask for help when everything is too overwhelming for you.

8. Make a list of 30 days and keep the weekends as CHEAT day

Keep 15 minutes every day to declutter your house. Challenge yourself to follow it for 30 days. You will see how your house will become clutter-free.

Keep one day for a particular room or area of your house. For example, I started with my kitchen, and it took me 4 days, which equals 60 minutes to declutter my kitchen.

Also, don’t stress over the weekends. Count them as cheat days.

9. Make separate files to store your paperwork

I have almost 30-35 sperate files that I keep to organize my paperwork. If you work at home, you should know how messy it can be.

I will always suggest you organize the papers once you are done working even if you feel tired.

Leaving all the papers unorganized will make you more annoyed the next time you sit to work. Take 5 minutes after your work to organize the papers.

10. Be realistic with the decluttering plan

There is no need to stress over decluttering. It will be fun if you do it with a realistic plan.

These are the 10 decluttering hacks I follow when I don’t have enough time to organize and declutter my house.

If you don’t have enough time, start with a 10 minutes rule. Take 10 minutes every day to declutter a specific area, then move into 15 minutes.

Being realistic will save you a lot of time as well as energy.


I will always suggest you be realistic with any kind of plan. If you plan to declutter your entire house – living room, bedroom, closet, garage, kitchen, laundry room – you will never be successful.

Decluttering will be a fun task when you involve your friends and family. Ask your family members to spend at least 5 minutes each day to organize and declutter your house.

It is totally understandable that everyone is busy with their own work, but 5 to 10 minutes is not a lot of time, I guess.

Take one attempt at a time and let me know how the journey went.