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10 Silly Decluttering Mistakes You Must Avoid

Decluttering is a tough and overwhelming task. If you want to hold onto things for a long time, decluttering might seem the world’s hardest job.

I am also like you. I feel overwhelmed and sad whenever I need to let go of any item of my house, whether it is an old dress or the old collection of jewelry that I never wear anymore.

But you should declutter your house to be organized and bring peace of mind. Finally, I changed myself, and I do not hesitate when it comes to decluttering.

Another thing is, if you keep making mistakes, decluttering will become tougher to you, for example. You might not feel that your house has actually been decluttered and organized even after you have donated or thrown away a lot of belongings.

I am here to make you aware of those mistakes. Let’s see the most common decluttering mistakes people make, and you must avoid these.

10 Silly Decluttering Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Not making a plan beforehand 

When it comes to decluttering, you always need a plan. I think planning is a crucial factor that works for successful decluttering.

When you do not plan before decluttering your house, you will be stuck in the midway. It will make you frustrated, as well.

Also, when you don’t plan beforehand, it will take you an ample amount of time to do the job. Everything will be a mess. That is why planning is important when it comes to decluttering.

2. Planning to complete decluttering a house in a single day 

I don’t know how anyone can even think of decluttering their entire house in one day. Well, it is not a feasible plan, and you should always divide the work.

People often become frustrated when they start the decluttering process and can’t finish even one room properly.

My suggestion to you will be to declutter one room at a time. For example, start with a simple one, your living room.

Keep one weekend for that and the next weekend to declutter your kitchen.

3. Decluttering and organizing at the same time

I understand that decluttering and organizing go hand in hand. But you should also know that organizing takes a huge amount of time.

As a result, you cannot declutter while organizing. You can declutter your house first and then keep a few days to organize.

That is how you will throw away or donate the items you don’t use, and you won’t need to find a place to keep them organized.

4. Holding onto unnecessary and old paperwork 

I am sure that there is plenty of paperwork in your house that is absolutely useless. I am sure you will be surprised to see so many old papers if you give a look at them.

No matter how organized you are in terms of keeping paperwork, it doesn’t matter. Extra and useless paperwork always make clutter and kill the extra spaces of your house.

That is why make sure you are letting go off the paperwork while decluttering the house.

5. Being too emotional while decluttering

It is completely okay to be emotional, and I appreciate people who show their emotions. When you need to let go of anything, it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed.

But you need to be practical at the same time. I am not telling you to throw away or donate your favorite doll from your childhood.

I am telling you to be practical. For example, get rid of that red gown of yours that you will never wear again. Donate or gift it to someone who will actually wear it.

6. Keeping the donation box forever and never letting go 

Another common mistake that people make while decluttering is that they keep the donation box forever. For example, I decided to declutter my house, and I took it to boxes.

One box for the items I want to donate and another one for the items I want to throw away. After that, I keep those boxes in my storage room for months.

Then, what is the point of decluttering because it is taking your space anyway? Always get rid of the boxes as soon as possible after you are done decluttering.

7. Giving up on the halfway 

We often give up halfway while decluttering. Because a lot of things go around our mind when we decide

to declutter.

For example, you might feel like it has been enough after decluttering only one room. Or maybe you just don’t want to throw away any of your stuff and convince yourself to live in a cluttered house.

I can understand that throwing away items can be really hard, but you should do it for your own good. So don’t give up halfway.

8. Having a soft corner for the EXPENSIVE items 

Well, it is definitely not a good thing. If you feel like keeping jewelry that you never wear just because you bought it with 500 dollars, it is not worth it.

You cannot think about the price of the items when it comes to decluttering. If you feel that a particular item is too precious to throw away, there is always an option to sell the item or donate to someone who needs it.

I will encourage you to always donate items because there are hundreds of people around you who are in need.

9. Keeping things for “JUST IN CASE” 

No, you will never need your old red dress just in case. It is another common mistake that people make while decluttering.

For example, if you want to hold on to a painting tool after you just bought a house and finished painting, that is completely fine. Because you might need it later, so keep it just in case.

But don’t convince yourself just in case to keep the old red gown that you will never wear.

10. Trying to be a perfectionist and decluttering alone

Well, these are two mistakes together that will make decluttering hard. You should never expect to be 100% perfect when it comes to decluttering.

If you try to be a perfectionist, you might disappoint yourself at the end of the day.

Also, when you decide to declutter your house, take help from your partner or a friend. That is how decluttering will become a lot of fun, as well as easy.

These are the ten most common mistakes that people tend to make while decluttering. When I first decided to declutter my house, I almost decided to give up. Then my mom helped me, and it was way faster and easier.