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25 Things Making Your House Still Look Cluttered: Easy Decluttering Tips That Will Amaze You

We never get to reduce things in our home over time. On the contrary, we keep buying things or get gifts, which fill our home to the point that it gets difficult to choose what should stay and whatnot.

We get used to seeing things the way they do in our homes. Nevertheless, do you ever feel like your home looks cluttered, and you cannot find out why?

Some things are of so little importance that they are hidden in our eyes. However, a fresh pair of eyes will see it differently. Therefore, at the weekend, I called my sister to come to my house and help me with the decluttering process.

You will be amazed by how simple the task is and also get wowed by the result. So, let us begin!

25 Things Making Your House Still Look Cluttered

1. Too many things at the entrance

We visit other people’s houses, and after entering the front door, we all have a first impression. Such as the house is so organized, clean, beautifully decorated, etc.

Remember these positive views in your mind and try to apply the same ideas in case of organizing your home. A messy entrance will make anybody feel like they’ve entered a cupboard.

So only keep few necessary things of yours at the entrance.

2. Too many flower pots

Organized flowerpots are beautiful to see but too many of them stashed together is overwhelming. Sometimes it even gets difficult to manage and starts dying.

You can take help from another person to take some of the plants away as I did with my sister.

3. Donation box waiting to be donated

I’ve gathered all the things that I want to donate like my winter clothing and accessories in a box. But that box stayed in the corner of my room for so long that I actually forgot when I did I put it there. You can clear that space out.

4. Pile of clothes on a chair

We all have that one chair in our room, which we use more as a dumping zone and use less as a chair.

If a guest enters your room, that giant chair will catch his eyes first. So, try to sort that out.

5. Oversized furniture

Smaller space with bigger furniture is the worst-case scenario in home cluttering. If you want to make more space and give the room a neat look, then dispose of your oversized furniture.

If you want to replace your furniture with new slim ones then, see if the old ones can be hauled away.

Or you can simply donate it. Otherwise, find out if the local scrap yard will take large items if the condition of your furniture is poor.

6. Jam packed shelf space

Unnecessary stuff lying on your shelf space and taking away the beauty of the room. You can do something about it.

If you have a cardholder filled with needless visiting cards, then get rid of it. throw away used notebooks, a pile of paid bills, some old books that you won’t read anymore.

7. Old holiday cards and calendars

Nowadays, I mostly look at my cell phone calendar and forget even to change the month of my desk calendar. I’m pretty sure you do this too.

Sometimes we even forget that an entire year has gone by. So, make space in your dustbin for old calendars.

Every year holiday cards make their way into my home, onto my desk, and for some time, it gives me a happy vibe. But to declutter, you can either put it into a box or just throw away and wait for the next one to come.

8. Too many magnets on the refrigerator

Is there too much going on on top of your refrigerator? Some old notes or photographs, maybe you forgot to turn down?

Keep only a few memorable magnets that you love. Place them in order and take off the rest. You can dump them or keep them in a box for later use.

9. Too many wall hangings

Too many pictures or paintings on your wall will make your home look clumsy. Use smaller wall hangings instead of a large one to make your rooms look big.

Decorate your home with a minimum amount of pictures or paintings that look decent.

10. Collection of CD’s you don’t love anymore

I am an old soul, and I used to collect a lot of CD’s, which took a large portion of space in my cabinet. But recently when I tried to play them, some were damaged, and there were some which I don’t love anymore.

You can get rid of these old CD’s taking up your valuable space or make a DIY showpiece out of them as I did.

11. Broken umbrellas

If you are thinking of repairing your old broken umbrellas, then trust me that time will never come. You can throw it away and make space for the new ones.

12. Appliance manuals collection

I had a whole rack overflowing with appliance manuals in my dining space, which didn’t look nice in any way. And when I sat down to sort them out, I found out I threw away some appliances but kept the manuals.

What’s the point in that? Also, if you know how to use your things properly, then why keeping the manuals? So, I would suggest that you minimize your appliance manuals collection.

13. Hanging old chargers or cables

Don’t let your old dead phone charger hang from a socket in your room. That really looks gawky. Discard any old wiring, cables or chargers to declutter your room.

14. Too many plastic bottles or dull knives

Are there too many plastic bottles standing up on your kitchen countertop? Or a collection of dull knives which are of no good?

Don’t hesitate to throw them away because these are the things making your kitchen look jammed.

15. Old paints or craft supplies

Old colors dry up, and craft supplies fade away over time. So, take a garbage bag and shovel all them in it to make room for other important stuff.

16. Broken showpieces

You can either mend your broken showpieces or throw them away to be safe. Any broken part can hurt you, and so it’s better to get rid of it. Also, broken showpieces do not look nice.

17. Games with missing pieces

Big board games can be a fun thing to pass the time with friends and family, but if you have bad luck to lose any important piece, then the whole game is ruined.

Also, a pile of cards is unusable without the full deck of cards. With a heavy heart, just dump the games with missing pieces because they are just taking extra space of yours, and that’s all.

18. Old baby toys

Whether it’s your old toys or your children’s, some old toys get dirtier and creepier over time. It gives your room an unclean look. Dump those dirty toys, and you can give away the good conditioned ones.


19. Accessories which you won’t use anymore

Accessories such as an old hat, belts, or bags hanging from a hook in your room for days, months, or even years gives your room a cluttered view. Don’t hang onto them, which you won’t ever use.

20. Collection of expired makeup products

Do you remember the expiry date on your makeup products, which are cluttering your dressing table? If the answer is no, then check it immediately. Get rid of those expired makeup products.

If you have some extra eye shadow pallets or cosmetics which you are not interested in using, give them away to your close ones and make some free space in your dressing table.

21. Things on your nightstand and dresser which are not useful

Do you have a pen holder with an inkless pen on your nightstand? Or a table clock without a battery because you set your daily alarm on your mobile phone?

Discard all these unnecessary items and keep only those which you use regularly close to you.

22. Stained storage containers

Stained storage containers look bad on your kitchen shelves. If you’ve already bought a new set, then replace it with the old ones and make your kitchen look clean.

23. Worn sheets and mats

Using worn-out sheets and mats gives your home a distressed look. Throw away those and try to use some new matched colorful sheets and mats to give your home a cheerful look.

24. Items out of place

Do not procrastinate to put things back in its ideal space; otherwise, things will pile up over time, and it will make you lazy to sort out the whole bunch again.

25. Borrowed items from friends or family

Lastly, and most importantly, if you have borrowed things for a few days only or just for a party from someone and forgot to return it. Please return it quickly as they might need it back

It won’t even eat up all your home space for a longer period of time.

Before starting to note down what are the things cluttering your home, you should ask yourself three questions-

When is clutter a problem?

Have I used the thing in the last 6 months?

Which things should I declutter?

If you find the answers to these questions, then be sure that your work is fifty percent done already. Let me know if you have any more ideas about home decluttering.