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Do Curtains Always Come in Pairs? (Quick Answers)

Curtains play an important role to decorate a house. They are the finishing touch that can’t be skipped if you want your home to be organized and comfortable. 

Whether you want to play with light and shade or just feel the urge to give your home a unique style, you must buy the right curtains.

But before you choose your desired curtains, you may ask how to buy curtains to collect an odd number of curtain pieces. Do they come in single pieces or do you have to buy the pairs?

To help you out with this information here’s our take on this specific topic. You can find an explanation of every query of yours below here!

Do curtains always come in pairs?

Most of the time, curtains are sold in single pieces or panels. Mainly it’s to let the people buy their required pieces of the curtain. Besides, the freedom of styling, affordability, etc. is the reason curtains are not always come in pairs. You have to pair them according to your need.

You cannot complete decorating your house without adding curtains. Curtains when chosen correctly can enhance the beauty of any place.

But while looking for curtains to use in your place you might be a little confused as you will notice curtains don’t come in pairs actually. 

In most shops, readymade curtains are sold in panels, which means single pieces of curtains. At first, you may find this weird but we’d say it’s a nice way to sell curtains. 

Because not everyone needs two or four pieces of curtains. Sometimes people want to buy only one piece to replace their torn or lost one. Or sometimes, buyers need odd numbers of curtains to style them with different designed ones.

Again, a lot of the time people look for one-panel curtains for their small house, small window. Sometimes, people buy single panels to do experiments with their interior.

Also, It’s a trend these days to combine different types of a curtain to bring some unique taste, which too may require a piece of curtains from various designs. 

If curtains always come in pairs, it would create trouble for many people facing similar situations mentioned above. People have to buy more than what they need, which will cut their budget while burning their pockets.

Besides, unwanted pieces of curtains when made in pairs, only increase the number of waste and load the environment. So curtains are not sold in pairs generally. However, some shops keep pairs of curtains along with single panels.

Why are curtains sold as one panel?

The idea of selling curtains as one panel might puzzle you since most of us think curtains come as pairs. But in reality, you’d find most shops selling curtains as one panel.

Here are the reasons why curtains come as one panel:

Different people have different needs:

Not everyone needs two or four pieces of curtains. Sometimes people need odd numbers of curtains.

Some may need one piece to replace it with their torn one or some might want ten pieces to cover a large space.

People who want the same curtain in six pieces can easily buy individually. But If curtains are sold in pairs then the extra ones left are unnecessary for many people.

Buying a single panel is affordable:

Some people aren’t on a big budget but need a curtain to do the window-covering job anyways, so they buy a single panel. 

A one-piece curtain is undoubtedly cheaper than one pair. So it saves a lot of bucks. That’s another reason curtains are sold as a panel.

To decorate differently:

Another reason curtains are sold in a single piece is that people want to try new styles to décor their house.

Traditional curtain style includes curtains of the same design or color in a window. People even used to hang the same curtain all over the house.

But modern home décor suggests going for contrast or combining while adding curtains. So people tend to buy one piece from different patterns and make a set of curtains.

Is a curtain panel one or two curtains?

You have surely seen readymade curtain shops with boards that say “A panel at 10$”. So this thought might have crossed your mind if they meant two pieces of curtains or just a single piece by mentioning “A Panel”.

To make you aware, a curtain panel refers to one single piece of fabric or simply a piece of curtain. Not a pair. Curtains are not sold in pairs most of the time. They come as a panel which is one-piece curtain.

The usual curtain look is to hang two pieces of curtains, that’s actually two panels of curtains. Or you can say a set of two curtains. 

It actually depends on the shop where you’re buying the curtains from. Though most shop sells curtain in a panel, a few might sell as pairs. In such a case, they would mention their selling policy.

Does each window need 2 curtains? Can you use just one curtain panel?

How many pieces of curtains you need to hang on the window depends on a few things.

The window size, the purpose of hanging the curtain, and the measurement of the curtain will decide if you need one or two pieces of curtains.

If the window is large and you want to cover the window space completely, use two curtains.

But you can simply use one curtain panel on your window too if you are not demanding the usual look or a total cover of the window space. 

What does one pair of curtains mean?

A pair means a set of two things. So a pair of curtains mean two-piece of curtains together as a set. 

You’d see curtain shops selling curtains mostly in single pieces. That’s known as a panel. A panel only indicates one piece. So when you’re buying a panel you’ve got two pieces. 

On the other hand, a few shops sell curtains as pairs. That means, they sell two pieces of curtains together. You can’t buy only a piece from the pair. If you buy a pair, you buy two curtains. 

What to do with one curtain panel?

Curtains usually come in one panel or single pieces. If you own a single curtain piece and wondering what to do with it or how to use it, there are plenty of ideas.

For example, you can cover small windows with a single curtain hung straight. To create an elegant look, tie the side or tie the bottom up with fancy ties.

If you own a long sheer curtain in one piece, you can style it like scurf on a glass door or window. This draping makes the ambiance soft and cozy. One curtain can be hung on glass doors to get privacy and natural light at the same time.

Especially on French doors hanging the curtain with diamond, rectangular, or arch build looks dramatically allure. 

Apart from covering windows and doors, the one-panel curtain can be used to décor walls.

How do you pair curtains?

Since curtains are hardly found in pairs, it can get a bit tough for people to pair from the thousand designs and patterns to décor their windows or doors in two pieces’ curtains. 

Here we’ve shared a few curtain pairing ideas to make your job easy and efficient.

Pair solid with solid:

Combining a solid-colored curtain with another solid color is one of the most popular curtain styles. It’s easy to find one colored single curtain and pair. 

To pair two solid colors you can pick both dark colors or both light. Pairing one deep color with a light-colored curtain also looks good if both are the same toned.

Go with prints:

A pair of printed curtains can give your room a peaceful vibe. But when you’re choosing different prints to make a pair, balance their diversity with simple base color and tiny prints. Thus the combination will not look odd.


With a piece of patterned curtain add one solid color curtain an artistic look can be created on your window.

But to flaunt this style you’ve to be careful about choosing the right solid color otherwise it might create a disaster. A quick tip is to choose a color from the patterns so easy matching. 

Layer silk and net:

Silk-net combination curtains can offer you a luxurious environment. The shine of silk curtain layered with a sheer fabric curtain is one of the best pairings to enhance the elegance of any place.

Final Thoughts 

Curtains in general don’t always come in a set of two or pairs. They are mostly found in a panel or one piece. Single curtains are there so that people don’t have to buy more than their need. Also keeping budget, demand, and different styling curtains are sold in single pieces rather than in pairs.